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Run til my feet fall off...or I die...whichever comes first... "Just Do It"!

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  • 15 miles
  • 03:28 time
  • 2011 calories
  • 3 workouts
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  1. RUN
    great Slow Power Walk 3.72 mi 00:58 15:29 pace

    Mixed it up today: Drove halfway to work, & walked the other half. A slower power walk. Still pretty good pace considering I was walking to/from work and I was carrying stuff. And, I was WAY o... read more

  2. RUN
    great Morning Run 5 mi 00:57 11:19 pace

    Just keeping the legs turning...OMG 1 more week!! (:o

  3. walk
    great Power Walk 6.25 mi 01:34 14:57 pace

    Power walk after work :)

  4. VELO
    great CycLOUvia 19 mi

    Great day of fun riding with my nephew!! Although a bit of a frustrating took well over an hour to drive what should have been a 10 min
    ride. :-/
    But we got there - and had a super gre... read more

  5. walk
    great POWER WALK 4.49 mi 01:02 13:50 pace

    Power walk after work. I'm extremely happy with my pace!! This includes all the times I had to stop at lights and for other random traffic :)))

    Hope y'all had a great Thursday <3 ;)

  6. RUN
    great Morning Run 7.39 mi 01:24 11:21 pace

    Got up this morning... Pee'd... Wasted quite a bit of time... Got dressed for my run.

    So, WHY exactly is it that I always have to pee again not 2 miles into every damn run??? WHY? Anyway, I d... read more

  7. walk
    great Power Walk 3 mi 00:45 15:00 pace

    Didn't wear my watch, so who knows what my actual mileage was... Most likely more than 3 miles. Cos I KNOW I was doing at least a 14min pace or better.

    Happy Day folks ;))

  8. FIT
    great Strength Work 01:00

    Spent time in the weight room. May have overdone it on the shoulders. :-/

    • Nohemi P.
      Nohemi P.

      LOL! You? Over did it? YOU?!! Ha ha! I think that's your middle name you badass lady! Great job!

      10 days ago Like1 person

    • Leslie
      Leslie You're an Inspiration
      You're an Inspiration:

      Wish I could say the same about strength training. Nice work!!

      9 days ago

    • Melissa R J.
      Melissa R J.

      LOL!! You all crack me up!!! Thanks so much Nohemi and Leslie!! :)))

      8 days ago Like

  9. walk
    great Long Race Pace Walk 16.07 mi 04:03 15:06 pace

    Wanted to walk a "theoretical loop" of my race course. I'm very happy with my walking pace. I have more confidence now in my ability to walk a full loop at a decent pace. There... read more

  10. VELO
    great Leisurely Ride with Nephew 6.56 mi 00:42 9.3mph pace

    Just a fun ride with my nephew. :))

  11. walk
    great WALKED 6.1 mi 01:28 14:25 pace

    Walked after work...cos I slept in. I sensed my body's need for extra rest...

    Translated: I was a lazy butt this morning... Lol

  12. RUN
    great WALK 3.32 mi 01:00 18:04 pace

    WALK: short little something after work...

  13. RUN
    great WALKED 6.11 mi 01:37 15:52 pace

    Can't believe how GOOD I'm feeling!! Anyway I used the last 5 miles to redeem my horribly slothful 19min 1st mile pace...

    HappyWednesday Lovelies :)))

  14. RUN
    great WALKED 2.53 mi 01:02 24:30 pace

    I almost feel TOO good after my race... Not sure what's up.

  15. RUN
    great Knoxville Marathon 3/30/14 26.2 mi 05:08 11:45 pace

    Knoxville Marathon recap:

    All in all, it was a really great race! I highly recommend it! Don't get me wrong - it was CHALLENGING!! But overall a really great race! It was truly the next best ... read more

    • Sue R.
      Sue R. Congrats

      WOW OH WOW!!!! You sure rocked it my friend!!!
      Great recap! there is nothing that can ever stop you!! You are an inspiration to all of us!!! <3

      17 days ago

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    • Nohemi P.
      Nohemi P. Great Performance
      Great Performance:

      I commented on Facebook about this but I will say it again! You totally rock Melissa! What a great experience and awesome time! I'm glad you had a good time and a good experience. Rock on girl!! You are awesome! :-)

      14 days ago

    • Melissa R J.
      Melissa R J.

      Aww Nohemi :))) Girl you ALWAYS make me ((Smile)) Thank you so much Sweetie!! ;)

      14 days ago Like

  16. RUN
    great WALK 4.6 mi 01:20 17:20 pace

    Just a short morning walk before work. Tennessee bound after work!! :))) (Umm, that would be a #headsup for all the @foursquare check-ins I'll be posting, lol)

  17. FIT
    great Bike Commute to work 6.38 mi 00:31 04:55 pace

    So the whole time I was running it was fine. I start riding my bike and the freezing rain starts... :-/

    You know, it kinda hurts to get pummeled by ice pellets when you're riding a bike...... read more

  18. RUN
    great Morning Run 6 mi 01:16 12:43 pace

    A bit chilly at 30F, but I was ok, I dressed for it. It's just that I wasn't generating enough heat because I had to practice my run/walk method. I actually had a plan for this run. I g... read more

    • Reid W.
      Reid W.

      Way to fit that run in with your errands!! And so ridiculously early in the morning. You are one dedicated trooper!

      22 days ago Like

    • Melissa R J.
      Melissa R J.

      Lol so sweet Reid! Thank you!! Have a beautiful day :)))

      22 days ago Like

    • Nohemi P.
      Nohemi P.

      Very nice Melissa! Looks like your method is working and incorporating in an errand that so cool!!! You're awesome!

      22 days ago Like

  19. RUN
    great Downtown New Albany 6.57 mi 01:26 13:05 pace

    Practiced my race strategy for 3 min/walk 2 min... which is what I will do on every run from now until race day. Knoxville Marathon this weekend. This will be a major mental battle beca... read more

  20. FIT
    good Bike Commute back Home 6.2 mi 00:33 05:19 pace

    My FIRST day back to bike commuting and I've already been yelled at and told to get on the sidewalk where I belong...

    So, NewsFlash Mr Butthole: It's illegal to ride on the sidewalks!!!... read more

    • Ken W.

      hehe, yeah I hate it when bikes come at me on the sidewalks, haha. :) Nice ride! There are unfriendly drivers everywhere I go, glad I'm not alone! Nice job Melissa and welcome back to bike commuting!!!!

      24 days ago Like

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    • Tim C.
      Tim C.

      Can't wait to get back on the bike. Stay safe out there.

      23 days ago Like

    • Melissa R J.
      Melissa R J.

      Thanks Tim!! You also! I think the cold weather has made drivers more impatient.. :(((

      23 days ago Like