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To beat Cynthia but that will never happen cause she is so awesome and i love her so much

Wall of Motivation (17)

  1. Tiffany H.
      Nice Job

    Bummer you are sick- but good race anyways! on a workout

  2. Cynthia
      Great Performance

    Good job! That's an awesome pace! on a workout

  3. Tiffany H.
      Nice Job

    sounds like a good run. hope the ankle feels better soon! on a workout

  4. Cynthia
      Great Performance

    Great pace hun you rocked it! on a workout

  5. Cynthia
      Nice Job

    Good job! on a workout

  6. Cynthia
      Great Performance

    Awesome job on your long run hun! You rock! on a workout

  7. Cynthia
      Great Performance

    Good job! Can't believe you ran in 3 degree weather crazy! :) on a workout

  8. Cynthia
      Nice Job

    Good job hun! on a workout

  9. Cynthia
      Nice Job

    Your kicking some major cardio butt today! on a workout

  10. Cynthia
      Great Performance

    Your a rockstar! on a workout

  11. Cynthia
      Nice Job

    You kept up just fine in fact I felt like i was trying to keep up with you! on a workout

  12. Cynthia
      Post a workout!

    This is going to be the week! Half Marthon & Marathons watch out here comes G... read more

  13. Cynthia
      Feel Better

    You are awesome to try running even though you were still sick. on a workout

  14. Cynthia
      Nice Job

    Great job hun! on a workout

  15. Cynthia
      Great Performance

    Awesome! on a workout

  16. Cynthia
      You're an Inspiration

    Like U2 blaring through my headphones, you inspire me.

  17. Cynthia
      Nice Job

    Good job baby! on a workout