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Loads of Sportives set for 2013 March - 100k May - 100k June - 80m July - 81m Aug - 120m - Cycle around Lake Geneva! oh - as always - to lose more weight!

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  • Mike R.

    Mike R.

    Lindsborg, KS, Break the 200 lb barrier by NYE.

  • Bennie C.

    Bennie C.

    Dallas, TX, Ride 2000 miles this year. And ride in at least one metric century (62 miles)

  • 26x25


    Great Malvern, GB, Fitness and Fun. Shrops Highland and Wild Wales Challenges. Some nice long rides I hope.

  • George R.

    George R.

    The Woodlands, TX, To cycle a minimum of 10 miles daily!

  • David P.

    David P.

    Radebeul, DE, 1) Prepare for running halfmarathon 2019, 2) Prepare for cycling race Krusnoton 2019 or Krakonosuv cyklomarathon 2019. 3) Get in a shape after surgery

  • Arun T.

    Arun T.

    Pune, India, 2016 Goal: 12000+ Km cycling, Fourth SR, Making lots of new friends . . .

  • Phil S.

    Phil S.

    Orange, MA, Lost 50 lbs in 2010, ran multi 5ks, 10ks since. 1st 1/2 in 2013, 1st marathon 2014! Goal is to keep going and stay in shape and just to have fun!

  • Richard W.

    Richard W.

    Austin, TX, 2017: 5000 miles (~100/week avg) / 120 commutes / Have fun & enjoy the open road! /

  • Michelle H.

    Michelle H.

    South Shields, GB, To be happy with my performance at the European Duathlon Championships in October.

  • Richard C.

    Richard C.

    Traverse City, MI, Enjoy myself in all I do. Build base in winter months. Ride the following: N24HC, Holland Hundred and ODRAM next summer.

  • Vikramsinh J.

    Vikramsinh J.

    College Station, TX,

  • Nilay G.

    Nilay G.

    Chicago, IL,

  • Tiff W.

    Tiff W.

    Olympia, WA,

  • Janet S.

    Janet S.


  • Ray G.

    Ray G.

    Mission, TX, I have two goals, 1) do a century ride, 2) to lose the weight. Metric Century: Done

  • Bicycle Bob

    Bicycle Bob

    Findlay, OH, Training for my 11th Hancock Horizontal Hundred 2013.

  • Andre C.

    Andre C.

    North Pole, AK, Stay in some sort of shape through the winter!

  • Penny N Eric H.

    Penny N Eric H.

    Edmonds, WA, To be healthy and fit. To walk-jog pain-free. To stretch out of my comfort zone. To stay inspired, to be more active.

  • Margaret C.

    Margaret C.

    Pyrmont, AU, 2016 - Revised: 135 miles walking, Bike 100 miles, Swim 15k, Elliptical 50 miles in the year. One race in year, walking..

  • Jimmy M.

    Jimmy M.

    NJ, 2016 Lake Placid Ironman

  • Kerry W.

    Kerry W.

    Chandler, AZ, 2000 miles in 2015 - all sports.

  • Craig G.

    Craig G.

    Cottonwood Heights, UT,

  • Joe R.

    Joe R.

    Omaha, NE, Simplifying the goals for 2015: 1) Core (3 good workouts per week) 2) Strength (3 good workouts per week) 3) Cardio (3 good rides per week)

  • Jasmine Reese I.

    Jasmine Reese I.

    Columbia, MO, I cycled across the country. Now all that's left is to lose my remaining troublesome weight. I also hope to cycle South Korea and Spain 2014!

  • Clinton S.

    Clinton S.

    Howell, MI, I'm a runner turning cyclist. Running is in my heart, but biking will keep me active and in less pain (I hope).