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Run a few more 5ks,10ks, a half and a might marathon. Test P90x.

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  • Fawn S.

    Fawn S.

    TX, Have fun and be healthy.

  • Garry R.

    Garry R.

    Midland, TX, find my running mojo...

  • Meg R.

    Meg R.

    Ringgold, TX, To have fun and be happy :)

  • Lorri


    Pasadena, TX, To get back in shape and do at least one half marathon this winter

  • Kelly


    San Diego, CA, I did it. 6 half marathons in 2011 (: now the goal is to beat my PR and run under 2:07. Time to start training harder.

  • Hope H.

    Hope H.

    Melissa, TX, Be ACTIVE! Run a 5k in 35 mins. Try a tri. Run 1/2 marathon and then a FULL Marathon !

  • Jim


    US, Run a 5k - ✓ , Run a 10k - ✓ , Run a Half Marathon - ✓ , Run a Marathon - ✓ , Run an Ultra Marathon - ✓, Repeat!

  • Denise E.

    Denise E.

    Texas, My Health!

  • Bob


    Lenexa, KS,

  • Jennifer S.
  • Kristen W.

    Kristen W.

    Austin, TX,

  • Ali C.

    Ali C.

    The Colony, TX, To maintain fitness while working 60-70 hour weeks.

  • J T.

    J T.

    Los Angeles, CA, PR Half Marathon time.

  • Troy F.

    Troy F.

    Mc Kinney, TX, Get Faster! - Barefoot! - Run 2nd Marathon - Tri? - Ultra?

  • Heather F.

    Heather F.

    Mc Kinney, TX, Making a comeback... Again.

  • Sarah B.

    Sarah B.

    Oklahoma City, OK, Slowed down after a broken back last year, but slowly getting back into it. Staying in shape, running off stress & quality time with my husband.

  • Knightyknight


    Lake Charles, LA, To get back into shape, and have fun doing it!

  • Kirsten M.

    Kirsten M.

    Caloundra, AU, 2014 Marathon des Sables

  • Vickie S.

    Vickie S.

    Tyler, TX, Complete my first full marathon this year! (I must! I must! I must!)

  • Lauren


    New York, NY, After completing my first 5K 6/16/10, I am HOOKED! Workout regimen: running/biking/Kettle Bell/weight training 5-6x/wk.

  • Chris D.

    Chris D.

    Dallas, TX, Crossfit ,Triathlons, Cycling, Running....Pretty much anything fitness related I'm game for. #TheJourneyTV

  • Corina C.

    Corina C.

    Arlington, TX, in 2011: Marathon Maniacs - DONE / Ultra-marathon - DONE / Sub-5:00 marathon / Have as much fun running with as many different people as I can!! - ALWAYS!

  • Sarah C.

    Sarah C.

    Grapevine, TX, to stay forever young to keep up with my boys! (and lose 10 more pounds in the process.)

  • David P.

    David P.

    Austin, TX, Just run...a lot.

  • Kelly


    , be a runner for life