Friends (206)

  • Freddie B.

    Freddie B.

    Suwanee, GA, Publix Half Marathon - check Chatt. Half IM (Relay)- check Chatt. IM - Sept. '18 - check Louisville IM - Oct. '18 - check

  • Pierre M.

    Pierre M.

    ON, CA, Get these legs healed up, get back to running, and then think once again about triathlons...

  • Robin B.

    Robin B.

    Toronto, ON, Hoping to do JFK 50 Miler in 2019

  • Allen


    Toronto, ON, Always trying to explore physical, mental, emotional & spiritual boundaries. A carbon-based biped who enjoys movement through time and space.

  • Kate


    Toronto, ON,

  • Jack L.

    Jack L.

    Toronto, ON, Marathon Maniacs. MM#5377 Up next: Hamilton 11/5, San Antonio 12/3, DC 3/10, Virginia Beach 3/18, Flying Pig 5/6 and run 200 marathons in life.

  • Mark B.

    Mark B.

    Ajax, ON, Improve swimming technique

  • Martin O.

    Martin O.

    Taylor, TX, Austin Marathon

  • Ilona M.

    Ilona M.

    Caledonia, IL, Run, jog, walk, hike, cycle, swim, stretch, lift or crawl 30 mins/day. Hide and seek ♥s. Be kind. Forgive. Thank!! Pray. Be. Laugh. Go. Be. One/Won.

  • Barb G.

    Barb G.

    Ottawa, ON,

  • Sheryl S.

    Sheryl S.

    Toronto, ON, To run happy!

  • Gord F.

    Gord F.

    Toronto, ON, Lose weight; get healthy; free my mind; look good in a black t-shirt.

  • Spence D.

    Spence D.

    Hamilton, ON, To strive towards Truth,Love and awareness and to experience the Joy of the journey in all my racing

  • David M.

    David M.

    Toronto, ON, recovering from twisting my ankle, really want to get back to riding, mis it so much

  • Donnette W.

    Donnette W.

    Chesley, ON, Workout everyday - cycle and weights 3 x per week. Enter 5 hour grease monkey mountain biking race at Brant Track

  • Barbara


    Toronto, ON,

  • Mike


    Toronto, ON, Rehabbing from back surgery......

  • Robin L.

    Robin L.

    Greater Sudbury, ON,

  • Richard V.

    Richard V.

    Oakville, ON, To be a lifelong runner

  • Caroline


    St Thomas, ON, Just be me. That's my goal. Find the inner strength I'm striving for so I can have outer strength to start pounding out kms. Simple....sort of :)

  • Roxane B.

    Roxane B.

    Milton, ON,

  • William R.

    William R.

    Toronto, ON, To recover and get healthy again.

  • Cameron F.

    Cameron F.

    Oakville, ON,

  • Craig D.

    Craig D.

    Perth Wa, AU, 100km marathon

  • Heather H.

    Heather H.

    Toronto, ON, Fame and glory. But if nothing else, to hit hard, run fast, go far and inspire others.