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  1. FIT
    good 26.2 mi 03:45 08:35 pace

    Fundraising miles, mostly elliptical after yesterday's 11 running miles. I am still in a sensitive place with my doctor's orders and re-entering training miles a little at a time regardin... read more

  2. RUN
    8 mi 01:12 09:01 pace

    At HOME on the treadmill!!! The belt needs to be lubed or something, but the power board was repaired FINALLY. I am SO happy to have this option, as it is critical to my training with an often-trav... read more

  3. RUN
    good You treadmill with Liam 3.1 mi 00:27 08:38 pace

    Yay!!! Finally got my neurologist's permission to do a short easy run! WoooHoooo! That felt good.

  4. RUN
    good Secret treadmill run 3 mi 00:31 10:24 pace

    12:49, 22:25 (9:35), 31:14 (8:51)

    • Jen R.
      Jen R.


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    • Shannon H.
      Shannon H.

      Things with the neck and head CT scan are still up in the air. Shhhhh...

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    • Jen R.
      Jen R.

      Oh jeeze, I hope things are ok. I was just talking to someone last night about essential oils helping with RA. I know you don't have RA, but have you explored oils at all? I know for migraines they also help.

      5 days ago Like1 person

  5. FIT
    good 14 mi 02:06 08:58 pace

    Non running miles to satisfy the neurologist. Is it Tues yet? If I get the all clear on Wednesday afternoon, I am hitting my treadmill hard!

    • Pam O.
      Pam O.

      Great non running miles! I hope you get that all clear!

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  6. RUN
    tired 1 mi

    Super slow, nasty, head pounding streak saving mile inside mg house tonight after being confined to my bed from 6:15 pm on with a migraine. Gross.

    • Cari H.
      Cari H.

      feel better

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    • Pam O.
      Pam O.

      I hope you feel better soon!

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    • Shannon H.
      Shannon H.

      doctor visit for what I thought was a migraine...lead to a CT scan, which lead to a visit to neurology...
      NOT a migraine. My Anklosing Spondylitis (a spinal arhthritis condition) is apparently in flare all up the C-Spine, causing what feels like a migraine. It also got my iris involved ("iritis"), causing that migraine feeling as well. Good times.
      First day back at work on meds that have yet to kick in...lights are low and voices quiet in my 3rd grade class today!

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    • Cari H.
      Cari H.

      Feel better

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  7. FIT
    alright 13 mi 01:50 08:28 pace

    weekend miles on the lipty instead of out on the roads. Once I shake whatever is keeping me in this fog I will get my road miles back up. I am hoping and praying the fog lifts SOON. Chiropractor to... read more

    • Pam O.
      Pam O.

      Great work on the Lipty! Hope the chiropractor helps.

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  8. RUN
    1.11 mi 00:10:43 09:39 pace

    Another indoor set of laps with my watch on. I was a foggy-headed mess this morning and actually went back to bed a little after 6:30 until around 8, which is rare. I am fighting off somethin... read more

  9. RUN
    1.04 mi 00:11:23 10:56 pace

    Streak-saving indoor run on a day packed with activities for the kids and a swell headache/upset stomach to go with it.
    NOT the 12 on my plan for the weekend, but also not feeling well at al... read more

  10. RUN
    1.32 mi 00:13:46 10:25 pace

    .25 in 3:45, 12:46
    1.0 in 9:01
    Cool down .07 in 1 minute

  11. RUN
    good 1 mi 00:12:00 12:00 pace

    Warm up/cool down

  12. RUN
    alright 3.1 mi 00:27 08:39 pace

    RSD 21
    9:09, 17:58 (8:49), 26:07 (8:05)

  13. RUN
    good 5 mi 00:46 09:07 pace

    9:36, 18:54 (9:18), 28:01 (9:07), 37:05 (9:04), 45:35

  14. RUN
    good 1 mi 01:00

    RSD19 was more than a mile, but I left my Garmin home. I was moving fast for a few chunks of time of at least 15 minutes each. It was a combo of hill repeats while the kids were sledding and when t... read more

  15. RUN
    good 9.35 mi 01:24 09:01 pace

    RSD 18 part 2
    After a quick stop, I couldn't get my existing run to resume and reset at 0.
    This was the rest of the run.
    8:39, 9:03, 9:09, 9:05, 8:57, 9:09, 8:54, 9:21, 9:06, 3:00

  16. RUN
    good 4.75 mi 00:44 09:13 pace

    Quick stop at the shell station and thought the first part of the run was lost from my Garmin. Luckily it auto-saved in the history.
    9:35, 9:10, 9:14, 9:06, 6:42

  17. RUN
    alright 1.1 mi 00:10:00 09:05 pace

    I mile in laps before hitting the cross training dvd and elliptical. 14 pushed to tomorrow at 6:45 OUTSIDE with local running crew.

    • Cari H.
      Cari H.

      long run with others sounds good - weather better tomorrow too!

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  18. RUN
    blah 1 mi

    Ugh. Treadmill is being fixed on Thursday. It cannot come soon enough.