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New year, new goals. BQ is done. Now, run 2:55 marathon, sub 1:23 half-marathon, sub 18:00 5K

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  • Jeff G.

    Jeff G.

    Snoqualmie, WA, Run a sub 20 minute 5K. Done Fall City Days 2011. 19:09 Complete a Century Bike Ride. Finish any tri in top 5 of my age group or top 100 overall. Done

  • Dan R.

    Dan R.

    West Sacramento,

  • Ade O.

    Ade O.

    Atlanta, GA, Inspire others

  • Angela T.

    Angela T.

    Fort Lauderdale, FL,

  • Stephanie P.

    Stephanie P.

    Sacramento, CA, BQ

  • Jenny J.

    Jenny J.

    St Louis, MO, Quit aging. Evergreen Lake 51m in Sept., SOOP-UH fast 5k & half.

  • Jeremy F.

    Jeremy F.

    Lumberton, TX, To lose weight, stay healthy and to PR. Mar: 4:21:50 (3/10/12) 1/2 Mar: 1:50:34 30k: 3:10:22 25k: 2:35:11 10k: 46:52 5k: 23:42 2mi: 15:20 1mi: 6:49

  • Jeff C.

    Jeff C.

    Portland, OR,

  • Jenny R.

    Jenny R.

    San Francisco, CA, Rebuilding. Like the Bionic Woman. And healing the elbow, hip and shoulder.

  • Ashley A.

    Ashley A.

    Bloomington, IL, 1:25 half and 3:10 marathon

  • Meg R.

    Meg R.

    Ringgold, TX, To have fun and be happy :)

  • Stephanie P.

    Stephanie P.

    Roseville, CA, New goals for 2014/2015! Trail Running.... I want to be an Ultra Runner!!!

  • Patrick S.

    Patrick S.

    Manhattan Beach, CA, Just some dumb sandal wearing beach bum running across the country one marathon at a time. More info here:

  • Frank D.

    Frank D.

    Pleasanton, CA,

  • Greg W.

    Greg W.

    Elkin, NC,

  • Jennifer M.

    Jennifer M.

    Folsom, CA, I'm an Independent DIAMOND Team Beachbody Coach looking to help and inspire people to reach their fitness goals.

  • Erin V.

    Erin V.

    Roseville, CA, Marathons

  • Tammy E.

    Tammy E.

    Roseville, CA, Completed my first FULL marathon in 2013!!!! Try (again! pr is 2:02) for a sub 2 hour half in 2014!

  • Chris S.

    Chris S.

    Houston, TX, Goals for 2014 - Get healthy!

  • Jeremy G.

    Jeremy G.

    Minneapolis, MN, ----- Run a 50k Trail Race ---- ----- Improve on PR Times --- 25k Trail - 2:16:11 - 8:47/mi 5k Road - 23:46 - 7:33/mi

  • John B.

    John B.

    Davis, CA, 1:25 Half, > 18:30 5k, >5:15 Mile PR @ Boston '14(Done!!!) Stay Healthy and Inspire Others

  • Jocelyn


    Hamburg, MI, Run happy!

  • Chuck R.

    Chuck R.

    Leesburg, VA, Enjoy my fitness journey,make new friends through fitness and encourage others to get fit!

  • Craig


    San Francisco, CA, Get back to my ole DailyMile self....Keep It Simple and Realistic....

  • Nathan V.

    Nathan V.

    Abbotsford, BC, Trying for Kona, again! going after IRONMAN CDA 2014 for progress and other stuff