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Shannon logged 31 miles.

Last workout about 7 years ago. Help get them back on track!

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  1. RUN
    blah 1.91 mi 00:31 16:17 pace

    Had a hard time catching my breath because of the cold weather, but my time still isn't too bad. I'll have to start going in the afternoon on cold days.

  2. RUN
    good Casselberry, FL 1.86 mi 00:29 15:49 pace

    I knocked a full two minutes off of my time from last week! Very excited!

  3. RUN
    alright Casselberry, Fl 1.84 mi 00:18 09:42 pace

    My first time running in a month. I felt terrible, but that's what i get for putting it off so long. I could only do a few minutes before I started getting dizzy. Repeat on Thursday.

    • Jenn H.
      Jenn H. Nice Job
      Nice Job:

      Glad to see you are back! :)

      about 7 years ago

  4. RUN
    alright Caloosa Park 3.8 mi 01:06 17:16 pace

    Very windy out today! It kept blowing me around and made running in certain directions almost impossible. Tuesday I start new intervals: 45s:2m. It's time to start building stamina. Didn'... read more

  5. RUN
    good 1.79 mi 00:30 16:51 pace

    I forgot to log my run on Thursday. It was slow going, but not bad considering I missed last Thursday's short run and my long run. Stupid rain.

  6. Irritated with the weather. Tried to go running Saturday, but I couldn't even get into the park because of the flooding at the entrance. Couldn't go yesterday because it was so yucky, and... read more

  7. RUN
    good 2.16 mi 00:37 16:56 pace

    It was hotter today than Tuesday. My pace was slower than I'd like, but I felt great the whole time, so no complaints from me.

  8. walk
    good 1.94 mi 00:30 15:33 pace

    I slowed down my walks to day which made my running better. I need new shoes, though, my knees are killing me. All in all, great run!

  9. walk
    great Caloosa Park 4 mi 01:05 16:17 pace

    Nice and cool out, manage to do over a mile of run/walk intervals before walking the rest. I changed my intervals to 30/2:30 and that helped a lot. I've decided not to focus on my speed right ... read more

    • Shannon F.
      Shannon F.

      I love Caloosa. It goes around a little lake and through some trees. I only go on my long run days, so on my short runs I just go around the neighborhood (pretty boring). I'm on the lookout for a park with a longer distance path though. The one at Caloosa is only a mile and by the third time around it I was so bored that I did the fourth mile backwards. I may have to just keep doing that for a while.

      about 7 years ago Like

    • Jenn H.
      Jenn H. Nice Job
      Nice Job:

      Good job! How do you like Caloosa Park? I've been looking for somewhere to do my weekend runs that isn't staring at apartments.

      about 7 years ago

  10. walk
    good 1.61 mi 00:25 15:47 pace

    My calves were pretty sore, but running is (finally!!) starting to get a little easier. 45 seconds doesn't feel so long now, and it doesn't take as long for me to recover from the run. It... read more

  11. walk
    blah Caloosa Park 2 mi 00:34 17:03 pace

    Today sucked. I was in a bad mood so I wasn't motivated. I was supposed to go 3 miles, but I stopped at 2. And I only ran about half a mile because it was hurting. I keep telling myself that I... read more

    • Julie P.
      Julie P.

      You're right 2 miles is better than no miles. Sorry it didn't go well. It will get better.

      over 7 years ago Like

    • Kate P.
      Kate P.

      Just count it up as one bad day . . .which means the next is bound to be better!

      over 7 years ago Like

  12. walk
    alright 1.03 mi

    Finally found my rythmm, but it's very slow and today was a hot one. I couldn't finish my full 30 minutes because it was so hot, plus it took me ten minutes to get the right interval timi... read more

    • Kate P.
      Kate P.

      The heat is a killer; good for you for hanging in there!

      over 7 years ago Like

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    • Julie P.
      Julie P. Nice Job
      Nice Job:

      Oops hit the wrong motivation. I meant to say nice job.

      over 7 years ago

    • Shannon D.
      Shannon D. Nice Job
      Nice Job:

      Are you running a ratio? I run a 1:1 and it is getting better for me as well. Have had a shin issue for the last month but my time is improving everytime out. Hang in there it gets better and you ratio will start to feel normal in no time :)

      over 7 years ago

  13. walk
    good 1.89 mi

    No running this time. Since I had to put my long run off until yesterday I decided to just walk today. My next run is Thursday.

  14. walk
    good Boynton Lakes Park 2 mi 00:31 15:34 pace

    My feet hurt. My legs hurt. My back hurts. It was hot and there were bugs. It wasn't fun, but I know it's going to get better.

  15. Didn't run yesterday, the weather was too yucky. It's not supposed to be much better today, but I am determined to go out!

    • Julie P.
      Julie P.

      I didn't run yesterday for the same reason. Since the weather isn't much better today I'm going to hit the treadmill.

      over 7 years ago Like

    • Shannon F.
      Shannon F.

      I will soon be investing in membership at either a gym or the YMCA for that reason.

      over 7 years ago Like

    • Jenn H.
      Jenn H.

      I am so thankful my apartment complex has a gym that I can literally see out my window. I would never have been able to even attempt running in the summer without it.

      over 7 years ago Like

    • Mark D.
      Mark D.

      Welcome to DM! Good-luck with your goal! you are on the right track!

      over 7 years ago Like

  16. walk
    blah 1 mi 00:23 22:33 pace

    Went to a park today where the running path is made up of mulch instead of pavement or cement. Not very fun. I might try a different park on Saturday.

  17. walk
    good 1.7 mi 00:30 17:44 pace

    Averaged 17:46 min/mi. Few more days and I'll have that down to 14 min/mi.