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Karen logged 3381 miles.

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  1. walk
    good Gardening 4.25 mi 03:00

    8694 steps - Gardening and weeding - picking the peas - Wow! They are sooooo good. Transplanting tomatoes at our daughters and carrying water for those. Laundry on the line almost blew away with an... read more

  2. walk
    good Gardening 3.75 mi 04:00

    7840 steps - As always, weeding and watering, but began picking the peas.

  3. walk
    good Garden 5 mi 06:00

    10553 steps - Super big day in the garden and a couple of runs to the garden shop for materials.

  4. walk
    good Garden 4 mi 02:00 30:00 pace

    8000 steps - Lots of weeding around the beans and transplanted some flower sets. My husband ran the tiller through the bigger areas. It's amazing how fast the grass seeds sprout and take over.... read more

  5. walk
    good Garden 3.5 mi 04:00

    6454 steps - Hot out, but as the afternoon went along, a cloud cover came in and a nice breeze. Weeding the raspberries and around the asparagus bed. A gopher has been into one rhubarb plant. I did... read more

  6. walk
    good Gardening 2.5 mi 02:30

    5044 steps - gardening workout - weeding the onions and strawberries. Warm out today but still lovely in the garden.

  7. walk
    good Visiting Cemetery 3 mi 03:00

    6166 steps - To church in the morning, out for birthday lunches, home to collect flowers and take to the cemeteries. Lots of people out taking flowers. Weather extraordinaire.

  8. walk
    good Garden, Shopping, Unpacking 5 mi 06:00

    10634 steps - Busy day spent in the garden early. Then off to the hardware store for some more hoses and a spray nozzle. Back for lunch and then unpacking boxes with my daughter and going through t... read more

  9. walk
    good Garden 3 mi 02:00

    6139 steps - Just walked out to the garden to check things out a little and sucked into staying to do some weeding, pick a few strawberries and look for peas on the pea vines.

  10. walk
    good Garden 4.5 mi 06:00

    9716 steps - Sorting out and taking out trash. Continued garden work. The weather has been lovely.

  11. walk
    good Garden again 3.5 mi 05:00

    7210 steps - More weeding up by pasture fence - asparagus bed - still working on that from last year. Thunderstorm in the late afternoon. Calves were curious if I had anything good to eat. They dec... read more

  12. walk
    good Gardening 4.5 mi 05:00

    8853 steps - Several hours out in the garden - removed weeds near blackberries and planted some beans. Push mower near pasture fence.

  13. walk
    good Neighborhood short walk 1 mi 00:25 25:00 pace

    2426 steps - Adjustment and errands and then a little gardening.

  14. walk
    good 3 mi 02:00

    6065 steps - Watering and transplanting rest of greenhouse starts - weeding.

  15. walk
    good Garden 3.5 mi 05:00

    7153 steps - Gardening - planting bed prep and plant seeds and plant starts.

  16. walk
    good More Gardening 2.5 mi 04:00

    5291 steps - More planting prep and transplanted herbs, tomatoes, and peppers. Some beautiful weather and up in the 80's for temperatures. Couldn't put some things in for so long and then... read more

  17. walk
    good Extreme Gardening 2.5 mi 05:00

    5307 steps - doesn't show in the steps but major prep for some planting and weeded some of the early greens and peas. Planted 3 rows of beans and watered the seeds in the 1st bed that were pla... read more

  18. walk
    good Gardening 3.5 mi 03:00

    7071 steps - preparing beds and transplanting errant strawberries and potatoes. Warm out this afternoon, but some lovely garden produce from the early plants like lettuces and spinach.

  19. walk
    good Planting out Cabbages 3.25 mi 04:00

    6700 steps - Prepared beds and planting out cabbages (this phrase always makes be think of Beatrix Potter's Peter Rabbit. Also planted seeds for carrots and beets. The snow is very much dimini... read more

  20. walk
    good Garden Walk 4 mi 03:00

    8075 steps - Garden work and farm errands - front flower beds and watering.