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break 20:00 on a 5k; 3:15 marathon; bucket list race: UTMB 100, WS100.

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  1. RUN
    Vista Point Red x2 5 mi 00:54 10:52 pace

    Kept the HR low, mostly < 140, but a bit under 145 here and there. Felt like I needed an easy day as the HR has been running hot the past few days. Peregrine so a bit of drop, still seeing how... read more

  2. VELO
    Mtn bike on paved roads 7 mi 00:30 13.9mph pace

    While R1 was at horse riding lessons... Snuck in 30 min while still watching 30 minutes of horses...

  3. RUN
    Clark Poe Fartlek (HOT!!) 6 mi 00:57 09:27 pace

    Playing around in the heat... Did run one 5 minute chunk in ~ 6:30 pace, but also walked some of the climbs... Very hot. Lunch runs no fun this time of year.

  4. RUN
    great Barefoot sprints 1 mi 00:07:13 07:14 pace

    8x100m or so with appropriate jogs and/or walks in between. While R-man played soccer...

  5. VELO
    Shake out ride 10.15 mi 00:50 12.2mph pace

    hoping to loosen up the R ankle as well as shake out the legs..

  6. RUN
    great ATT long 18.16 mi 03:00 09:54 pace

    Cut it too close with the gate keeper. Gate closes at 8:30. Got to the car at 8:29. Jumped in and drove out the gate as the ranger was pulling in. While the pace probably doesn't show me ... read more

    • Martin T.
      Martin T.

      Nice one

      about 4 years ago Like

    • Sean B.
      Sean B.

      Hey, I was originally thinking I'd come out Saturday for the long run at Uhwarrie, but I won't be able to make it. Been gone too much and need to get some house stuff done. Plus the R ankle is really bugging me now...

      about 4 years ago Like

    • Heather S.
      Heather S.

      Bummer about the ankle. Nice long run, though!

      about 4 years ago Like

  7. VELO
    great ATT mtn bike 27.24 mi 02:00 13.6mph pace

    Tried it MAFish -- 130 - 145 BPM for the most part. Maybe that HR isn't MAF on a bike?

  8. RUN
    Treadmill 5.7 mi 00:56 09:49 pace

    Lethargic. Guess that's normal after coming back from the mtns. Kept it very easy by HR, less than 135 mostly, but one short "burst" to sub 8:00 pace for a few minutes towards the ... read more

  9. RUN
    great Calloway peak via Grandfather... 7 mi 01:52 15:57 pace

    Same run as: ... read more

  10. RUN
    great Hilly run 3.14 mi 00:36 11:34 pace

    Legs feeling it a bit from yesterday. On the climbs I'd build to HR 160, hold that a minute, then rest. But 160 hurt more than it should. :-/

    • Heather S.
      Heather S.

      After what you did yesterday, I'm surprised you could WALK.

      about 4 years ago Like

    • Sean B.
      Sean B.

      Really not that sore, just didn't have the same pop I'd expect... But I've not run the hills here as much as in the past, and it always takes several runs to get acclimated...

      about 4 years ago Like

    • Heather S.
      Heather S.

      Shoot me a description of the best short run(s) there (from house) when you get a chance, ok? I may have to make do with short, before-everyone-else-gets-up runs to keep me sane.

      about 4 years ago Like

  11. VELO
    great Water tower to house 0.7 mi 00:02:47 15.1mph pace

    Does it count if you don't have to pedal?

  12. VELO
    great Bottom to top 3.83 mi 00:46 4.9mph pace

    Ouch. Strava says 1600' of climb in < 4 miles. All paved until the last 0.1 - 0.2, but I made it without having to get off...

  13. VELO
    great House to bottom 3.12 mi 00:08:27 22.1mph pace

    1500' of drop. I obeyed the speed limit. Mostly.

  14. RUN
    great Boone fork trail run 3.58 mi 00:50 13:57 pace

    A bit harder than expected, but maybe I'm out of trail running shape. Ran clock wise while K, R, & R went counter. Once I met them, we hiked back counter.

    • Heather S.
      Heather S.

      Is this close? I'm thinking I might try to find either some things we can split off (me run, everybody else hike) or some short, intense trail runs that I can do to keep from getting too stir crazy without being gone too long. I prefer long, slow, and steady, but I can't really do that with this crew. Recommendations appreciated.

      about 4 years ago Like

    • Sean B.
      Sean B.

      It's up Holloway Mtn road to the Blue Ridge, mile 296 or so? Maybe 15-20 min. We had split with me running one way, the crew hiking the other, and were going to make a call once we met up on what to do. The crew decided to forge on and finish the full 5.

      about 4 years ago Like

    • Heather S.
      Heather S.

      thanks. if....anytime before the end of the think of any other places where this strategy might work, I'd love it if you'd toss them my way.

      about 4 years ago Like

  15. VELO
    good Creeper Trail 37 mi 05:30 6.7mph pace

    First creeper excursion -- kids did great!

    • Martin T.
      Martin T.

      Come up and run Uwharrie 20 mile trail on the 26th with me. Just 20 miles

      about 4 years ago Like

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    • Heather S.
      Heather S.

      That is super impressive for all involved. I'm really hoping to do this with my crew. Trying to decide whether to take my bike or rent one. Would have to rent a half-wheeler for Katie, but that's cool. /hopeful/

      about 4 years ago Like

    • Stu S.
      Stu S. Nice Job
      Nice Job:

      very nice

      about 4 years ago