Friends (10)

  • Sarah S.

    Sarah S.

    New York, NY,

  • Zale T.

    Zale T.

    Toronto, ON, Running Goals: Qualify for Boston (3:30 time 4:45/km pace) Now - i am a bike commuter... whats a goal? To run cars off the road?

  • Angelo R.

    Angelo R.

    San Diego, CA, Completed the Las Vegas Rock & Roll Marathon Time 4:22, first full 26.2.. Completed 2-more full 26.2, 2011 and 2013, 2-tough mudders, 1-spara1-atlas mud races..

  • Gordie B.

    Gordie B.

    Brooklyn, NY, Sub-3:00 Marathon (3:06.50 PR). Sub-1:26 Half (1:27.45 PR). Sub-38 min 10K (38:51 PR), sub-18 min 5K (18:29 PR), sub-5 min mile (5:24 PR).

  • James P.

    James P.

    US, Heal from the hernia surgeries. Run as many 5k through half-marathons as possible and finish my first full marathon.

  • Dana J.

    Dana J.

    Gainesville, VA, Life... just to get back into shape after having twins..... 5 years ago! .. YIKES!!

  • Chelsea H.
  • Iman W.

    Iman W.

    Brooklyn, NY, 1:27 half marathon 3:15 full marathon (NYC)

  • Hanna


    Brooklyn, NY, Keeping in shape, rehabbing my knees, and eventually getting back out there to run distance again!

  • Christon H.

    Christon H.

    Greensboro, NC, get back into the marathon shape I was in for my last one in October of 2009, and go sub-4 hours...also break half PR of 2:03 that I ran in Feb 2009.