888 total / 0 in 2019

125 miles in October and to stay injury free!!

Wall of Motivation (36)

  1. Rachel M.
      Nice Job

    Glad ur ankle is doing better! on a workout

  2. George M.
      Nice Job

    Rock star. You did 3.6 miles in 51 minutes with walk/run intervals? Wow. That... read more

  3. Alan M.
      Nice Job

    Nice run Sarah! you'll get stronger and faster on a workout

  4. Alan M.

    Go Sarah! good on you on a workout

  5. Alan M.
      Nice Job

    Great easy one Sarah! I'm hopeless at pacing myself like that. i start off wi... read more

  6. Alan M.

    Nice Cruise on a workout

  7. Christine O.
      Get Better

    I hope it gets better soon. on a workout

  8. Christine O.
      Nice Job

    Over an hour on the treadmill deserves a prize. on a workout

  9. Alan M.
      Nice Job

    Nice work Sarah on a workout

  10. Ryan
      Good Luck

    Holy crap, you are cutting it close - but you can do it! Just do a 10-12 mil... read more

  11. Ryan
      Great Performance

    Thats some nice distance there! :) on a workout

  12. Christine O.
      Nice Job

    Great pace for your longest run, keep up the good work! on a workout

  13. Jan-Johan B.
      Great Performance

    This is awesome!! Remember where you came from and what's there for you now!!... read more

  14. Jan-Johan B.
      You're an Inspiration

    Cool chick!! on a workout

  15. Jan-Johan B.
      Nice Job

    First one down! on a workout

  16. Ram
      Nice Job

    good run Sarah! on a workout

  17. Ryan
      Great Performance

    Holy crap - thats like 3 minutes off previous paces. That's awesome! Good f... read more

  18. Ram
      Nice Job

    good hill workout Sarah! on a workout

  19. Abby P.
      Great Performance

    both in one day??? Youre awesome!!!! on a workout

  20. Sheeks
      You're an Inspiration

    u sure are such an inspiration!

  21. Jan-Johan B.
      Great Performance

    And I would like to add that this morning you are topping the leaderboard of ... read more

  22. Scott M.
      Nice Job

    wait for it...wait for it...ROCKSTAR!! Well done Sarah on a workout

  23. Jan-Johan B.
      You're Funny

    Funny stuff! on a workout

  24. Paul M.
      Feel Better

    That'd do it! ;-D on a workout

  25. Jonathan W.
      Feel Better

    wow! running after partying too much? hardfreakingcorps! on a workout

  26. Jan-Johan B.
      Nice Job

    Intercity Sarah! The way your going it's a good thing the world isn't flat an... read more

  27. Jan-Johan B.
      Nice Job

    Good thing you had to run the errands, Lord knows where you would have been b... read more

  28. Supes W.
      Great Performance

    Nice one! on a workout

  29. Gimmeo2
      You're an Inspiration


  30. Ram
      Nice Job

    wow! great job Sarah! on a workout

  31. Scott M.
      Nice Job

    Well done on a workout

  32. Charlie S.

    Keep it up! on a workout

  33. Supes W.
      Nice Job

    Stick to the program Sarah. Fab job! on a workout

  34. Jan-Johan B.
      Good Luck

    Cool! Take it easy the first months. You'll get there in time! on a workout

  35. Jan-Johan B.
      Nice Job

    Good one! Just started running? on a workout

  36. Raghu G.
      Good Luck

    You're a Winner. Keep those miles coming!