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Adopt more core, balance and stretching into my weekly routine.

Friends (61)

  • Hashi2


    IL, Running happy & healthy.

  • Amanda


    , Half at the Hamptons 2019

  • Paul S.

    Paul S.

    Adelaide Sa, AU, Getting back to where i was before my broken hip

  • Tammy H.

    Tammy H.

    Myrtle Beach, SC, Run!

  • Carol B.

    Carol B.

    Rochester, NY, To run pain-free, to inspire my daughters, to be healthy and fit. And to stretch out of my comfort zone once in a while too!

  • J-Lo


    Lowell, MA, Training for an 50 mile ultra marathon at the end of May 2017

  • Shelley M.

    Shelley M.

    Austin, TX, Get back into training hard and seeing the payoffs! Vancouver 2014 - full marathon, too =)

  • Mark D.

    Mark D.

    Sydney Nsw, AU, Long Term: Stay fit and healthy for my family, and have lots of fun along the way [ In progress! ]; Mid-Term: Complete a marathon (GC 2015) [Done!].

  • Melinda B.

    Melinda B.

    Perth, AU, 1000km in 2015. Running without pain.

  • Adina L.

    Adina L.

    Sydney, AU, <1> Fortnightly Parkruns <2> 3x weekly gym sessions <3> 35kg squat x5 <4> 50kg deadlift x5 <5> 20sec handstand (no wall) ---- All by end July 2015

  • Kent V.

    Kent V.

    Sydney Nsw, AU,

  • Suzanne D.

    Suzanne D.

    Sydney Nsw, AU, Just to get running again!

  • Daniel W.

    Daniel W.

    Sydney Nsw, AU,

  • Andrew


    Canberra Act, AU, Currently, want to get over knee troubles. * HALF MARATHON in 2011 May 22 - Done :) 1 hr 55 * Notch a second Half Marathon * City2Surf

  • Chris E.

    Chris E.

    Canberra Act, AU,

  • Alicyn H.

    Alicyn H.

    Arlington, VA, To be happy, healthy, and enjoy life!

  • Cecilia A.

    Cecilia A.

    Melbourne, AU, Sub-25 Westerfolds parkrun, sub-24 flat 5km, sub-50 10km.

  • Meghan R.

    Meghan R.

    Baltimore, MD, I am a marathoner with a sub 30 5k, and a 2:16 half marathon. Time to work on my 10k time!

  • Andrew C.

    Andrew C.

    stanhope gardens Nsw, AU, Recover from injury permanently;

  • Sven242


    Sydney, AU, The North Face 100

  • Nathan James W.

    Nathan James W.

    New South Wales, Australia, I achieved last years goals so I aim to do that again this year. This year I will mix it up. 5k - sub 23min, 10km - sub 50min, 1/2 - sub 2hr, TRI - Finish

  • Nancy E

    Nancy E

    Belchertown, MA, Half Marathon PR: (1:28 or better) 50 marathons (I have run 31) #2 50 miler -- VT50 in Sept?

  • Mike B.

    Mike B.

    Victoria, BC, To run every day for the rest of my life

  • Kim F.

    Kim F.

    Boston, MA, Patriot 70.3 6.14.14 & Timberman 70.3 8.17.14 and still filling in the rest!

  • Naomi W.

    Naomi W.

    Australia, Half Ironman in 2014