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--Re-Qualify for the 70.3 World Championship at the NOLA 70.3 on 4/13 --majorly get back into shape --not to get hurt

Wall of Motivation (43)

  1. James S.
      Nice Job

    Good ride. on a workout

  2. Skip P.

    Absolutely amazing! on a workout

  3. Barbara W.
      Great Performance

    Way to go, Sara! Nice talking to you afterwards. on a workout

  4. Duane N.
      Great Performance

    Congrats, that is a great pace! on a workout

  5. Chase H.
      Great Performance

    I see you did it exactly as instructed. you're doing great kiddo. on a workout

  6. Russ S.
      Great Performance

    Great half Sara! on a workout

  7. Hilary
      Great Performance

    I'm totally pushing my longer run to Sunday/Monday because I am a total weath... read more

  8. Burt K.
      Great Performance

    geesh....that's super strong workouts the last couple of days! on a workout

  9. Zachary M.
      Nice Job

    Great run! It's nice being able to compare workouts with runners more wise th... read more

  10. Barbara W.
      Nice Job

    Nice ride!! on a workout

  11. Drew T.
      Great Performance

    Bumps, humps and lumps. I remember being entertained by those signs last year... read more

  12. Joe P.
      Good Luck

    Are you doing a marathon? is this your second?? Doin work! on a workout

  13. Scott J.
      Great Performance

    Great job getting yourself out the door for the run! Then you had a great run... read more

  14. Scott J.
      Nice Job

    Really nice afternoon Sara! Sounds like you had a lot of fun. Well done! on a workout

  15. Scott J.
      Nice Job

    Excellent ride Sara! Really nice pace too. I had a similar ride today, and I ... read more

  16. Scott J.
      Nice Job

    Excellent ride Sara! Looks like a very fast and tough ride. Great job. on a workout

  17.   You're an Inspiration

    That sounds great :) on a workout

  18. Scott J.
      Nice Job

    Great job Sara. Sounds like the perfect run. You had great weather, great com... read more

  19. Scott J.

    I wondered what they would do if the swim was canceled. Great job with the el... read more

  20. Scott J.
      Nice Job

    Excellent ride Sara. Nice tapering for Saturday! on a workout

  21. Russ S.
      You're Badass

    Simply awesome! on a workout

  22. Scott J.

    Absolutely fantastic competition Sara! What a fantastic time and great finish... read more

  23. Scott J.
      Good Luck

    Nice job today. Good luck tomorrow! I hope you have a fantastic race! on a workout

  24. Brittany K.
      You're an Inspiration

    That was fun! Can't wait to do it again! Btw, you and me both about oncoming... read more

  25.   Great Performance

    Excellent Sara. When is the event and what is it? on a workout

  26.   Nice Job

    Fast in spite of your problems. I'm not sure how you tri people cope with the... read more

  27. Kevin W.
      Great Performance

    WOW! thats some ride Sara... Awesome pace! on a workout

  28. Keith K.
      Great Performance

    WTG!!! on a workout

  29. James S.

    You did great. Those things are not uncommon for a first half. I did my first... read more

  30. Russ S.

    Sweet! Love the diet too. on a workout

  31. Jason W.
      Nice Job

    awesome job sara! that's a really solid workout! on a workout

  32. Rodney S.
      Nice Job

    The best workouts are the ones u dont want to do! Great job on getting it done! on a workout

  33. Andy M.
      You're an Inspiration

    Sara, best of luck to you. I fully expect to see your name near the top of th... read more

  34. Roxie B.
      You're an Inspiration

    Nice job Sara! I hope I get to run with you one day! on a workout

  35. Felix M.
      Great Performance

    I hate intervals too but they help! on a workout

  36. Joe P.
      You're an Inspiration

    Wow, That is one early run!! Great job Sara! Love seeing the dedication! By t... read more

  37. Joe P.
      Great Performance

    Stellar! Keep up the great work. on a workout

  38. James S.
      Nice Job

    Yeah, don't beat yourself up, those are great splits. Getting a little slower... read more

  39. Hilary
      I'll Beat You :)

    Let the smack talk begin... on a workout

  40. Richard L.
      Nice Job

    Great Ride this morning and at 19 mph!!! I can only avg 16-17. Awesome mi... read more

  41. Ted K.
      You're an Inspiration

    You are doing GREAT Sara, very admirable!! on a workout

  42. Rodney S.
      Nice Job

    Thats awesome! Great job Sara! on a workout

  43. Clara J.
      Nice Job

    Hurray, but sorry abt. headache. I am going to try and call you tomorrow afte... read more