Friends (35)

  • Gina M.

    Gina M.

    MS, Run a faster 5k. I ran my 6th half marathon in April 2013. I finished my first marathon on March 4,'12 , ran my 2nd on Feb. 24,'13. #3 - 2/2/14. #4 on 1/25/15!

  • PaulaBz B.

    PaulaBz B.

    Ohio ,

  • Amanda -.

    Amanda -.

    Auburn, IN, Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle

  • Nicole Z.

    Nicole Z.

    Narragansett, RI,

  • Misty W.

    Misty W.

    Colorado Springs, CO, Weight Loss

  • Angela C.

    Angela C.

    Homestead, FL, Better myself. Teach my kids the importance of living well. Motivate others to see that anything is possible.

  • Jill M.

    Jill M.

    Fenton, MO, Lose 20 lbs (all around my middle), strengthen my core, <:27 5K, <2:00 Half; Run 2-3 Marys a year; stop heel striking!

  • Tara H.

    Tara H.

    Arthur, NE, 2013 - HALF FANATICS!!! Sub 25 5K 1000 miles

  • Carin S.

    Carin S.

    Denton, TX, 2015: In recovery and healing phase from hip injury during 2014 race training

  • Run Jilly B.

    Run Jilly B.

    Richmond, VA, First marathon, goal accomplished in 2014. Now back to some shorter distances and strength/yoga to make my legs happier.

  • Kim E.

    Kim E.

    Maryville, TN, 2013 goals - sub 2 hr half, 2nd full and run faster/better!

  • Lisa


    Fort Collins, CO, Recently moved to Ft. Collins, CO and am exploring great places to run and people to run with. Running Colorado Fall Classic Marathon and a 50K?

  • Shannon C.

    Shannon C.

    Mission Viejo, CA, Build strength, stamina and the mental discipline to do it all! Training for 70.3 IM Galveston is 2013!

  • Lisa M.

    Lisa M.

    Los Angeles, CA, Training for Boston 2015

  • Lisa M.

    Lisa M.

    Wichita, KS, Run a Sub 2 Half and a Sub 25:00 5k. Run my first Full (hopefully under 4 hours)

  • Sara S.

    Sara S.

    US, To complete my first Olympic distance triathlon in September!

  • Jolene C.

    Jolene C.

    Burlington, NC, To get a BQ when the time is right. Most importantly to breathe in each day and embrace each mile I am given.

  • Pam C.

    Pam C.

    Fairfax, VA, 2014: NFEC California 50k

  • Michelle M.
  • Charlene S.

    Charlene S.

    Yellowknife, NT, 2014 Build Speed < 2 hr half in August 4 hrs minimum of training a week

  • Christy B.

    Christy B.

    Edmonds, WA, Boise 70.3!

  • Tonya K.

    Tonya K.

    Akron, OH, Goals for 2013: Run 13 half marathons, plus one full, and biking the Hancock Horizontal Hundred.

  • Sue F.

    Sue F.

    Arlington Heights, IL,

  • Julie C.

    Julie C.

    Stow, OH, 2:15 (or better) half.

  • Jason K.

    Jason K.

    San Diego, CA,