1040 total / 0 in 2014

Run a sub 4 marathon. Finish the Lakeland 50 Ultra July 2012

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  • Emma B.

    Emma B.

    Wolverhampton, GB, run, run as fast as you can!!

  • Gwyn J.

    Gwyn J.

    Wolverhampton, GB, Sub 4 marathon (done April 2014). Sub 1.45 half marathon (done Sept 2011). Sub 45 10k (done Dec 2011). Complete an Ultra (done July 2012). Enjoy running!

  • Paul B.

    Paul B.

    Wolverhampton, GB, A marathon a month from March 2015 'til Feb 2016.

  • Kees S.

    Kees S.

    Wolverhampton, GB, Run the London Marathon 10 times (9th one coming up in April 2015) PB on 7th 3:27:19

  • Roy W G.

    Roy W G.

    Tettenhall Wood, GB, 200 marathons/Ultras 169 completed 31 to go, favourite ultra event was London to Brighton I did 14 times. my PB for half marathon 1:19 and marathon 2:50.

  • Michelle H.

    Michelle H.

    West Midlands, GB,

  • Paul R.

    Paul R.

    Wolverhampton, GB, This years Key goal is to complete The London Marathon Apocalypse 50 mile ultra Lakeland Marathon The UTLD 50 mile ultra and the Hardmoors 60 mile ultra

  • Mat R.

    Mat R.

    Wolverhampton, GB, A sub 79 minute half marathon. A sub 3 hour marathon

  • Owen Cooper

    Owen Cooper

    Wolverhampton, GB, Goals for 2014 3 mile under 23min Marathon in under 4 hours.

  • Dave L.

    Dave L.

    Stoke On Trent, GB, Just to get into good enough shape so that i can run races at the standard that i feel is good enough to compete with other athletics at club and county level.

  • Samantha M.

    Samantha M.

    Stoke On Trent, GB, To lose get a flat stomach for the end of this year and to beat my personal bests this year and to run more races

  • Frank M.

    Frank M.

    Stoke On Trent, GB, Potter's Arf in 1:30 - not going to happen now due to injury! Killer mile sub 10:20 To do a few Ultras 10K in 43

  • Ad G.

    Ad G.

    Birmingham, GB, 2014: Sub:1:17 HM, Sub: 34 10k Sub 17 5K Yep, that would be a massive improvement but one has to set challenging goals! Run over 3,500 miles too.

  • Mark W.

    Mark W.

    Tividale, GB, Conti Lightning Run 12 Hour Lakeland 50

  • Andy M.
  • Andrew H.
  • James T.

    James T.

    Wolverhampton, GB, Sub 1:20 1/2 Marathon Sub 36 10K

  • Carrie C.

    Carrie C.

    Wolverhampton, GB,