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  1. FIT
    great Tuesday 12/17 The last attack... 00:40

    same mix as last thursday. I'm getting the hang of the moves to where it is a full cardio workout!

  2. FIT
    good 12/16 pump 01:10

    After a not so productive day at work it was good to get to class tonight.

    started on the arc trainer for 15mins

    warm up - 20
    squats- 45
    chest 30
    back 30
    triceps 25
    biceps started with 9lb dumbbe... read more

  3. FIT
    "It's all coming back to me now" 01:00

    Boy am I sore!!
    Definitely cut back on wt

    warmup- 20
    squats- 40
    chest- 30
    back-30 dropped down to 25
    triceps- dips, kickbacks
    biceps- 15
    lunges- no wts
    shoulders- 2.5 each hand and 10 on bar for o... read more

  4. FIT
    Body attack 01:00

    I was looking forward to this class all day. Then when I got there, the instructor was late bc of traffic but the front desk didn't say anything so we started doing this total body conditioni... read more

  5. FIT
    Chest 00:50

    cable crossovers
    underhand crossovers
    bench press

    4 sets of 20

  6. FIT
    Back 00:50

    low cable rows
    wide grip lat pull down
    V grip pull down

    4sets 20

  7. FIT
    good Back 00:45

    I slept funny sunday night and my neck felt weird so I just stayed at the gym and did back with my friend instead of going to class.

    Low cable rows each arm 4sets x 10 started at 50-60... read more

  8. FIT
    great abs and arms 01:00

    I don't normally workout on sunday's but it's been a few off days so I'm trying to get back into it. I met my friend Brian

    I did triceps and biceps 4sets 10 reps/ went up 5 or... read more

  9. FIT
    Makin' room for Christmas tre... 01:00

    Scoot over Thanksgiving turkey and fixin's Time to make room for Christmas Treats!! Now that the calender says it is christmas time, I didn't want to just sit around today when I have tur... read more

  10. FIT
    good Making room for Turkey and al... 01:00

    Body attack was CARDIO CARDIO CARDIO!
    plyo, agility, moves. A lot of hard work, but I stuck with it

    then I stretched and did some legs- leg exten, curl and press

  11. FIT
    Chest and Triceps 01:00

    cable cross overs
    DB press
    pec dec
    tricep press down
    tricep over head extension

  12. FIT
  13. FIT
    back and some legs 01:00

    50 assisted pullups
    low row machine and low row cable
    lat pull down
    rear flys

    leg extension

  14. FIT
    good day # :O ? the reason I don't... 01:20

    who knows what day out of 21 this was! maybe 5 or 6

    Body pump was older tonight
    warm up - 20
    squats- 50
    chest- 35
    back- 35
    tri's - push ups and kickbacks
    bi's - 20
    lunges- started wit... read more

  15. FIT
    great day 4 body attack 01:00

    First time doing the newest body attack

  16. FIT
    good Day 3 Back and Legs 01:15

    gym was slow so I did back with my friend and then after work I stayed and did legs

    pushups- 120- (He did pullups)
    4sets of 10-12
    low cable rows at (45, 55,55,60) each arm
    Upright row a... read more

  17. FIT
    Day 2 Pump 01:00

    warm up

  18. FIT
    good Day 1 of 21 00:45

    It takes 21 days to start or break a habit. I'm trying to get back into a good workout habit and I found a 21 day plan last night.

    20mins cardio intervals
    1 min walk
    1 min sprint

    Upper body ... read more

    • Terry C.
      Terry C. Great Performance
      Great Performance:

      Sounds great!

      about 1 year ago

  19. FIT
    great Pump/ Attack Express Train 01:00

    Took some time after the half off from classes so it was good to be back! It was good to see Melissa and all her energy!

    30mins of Pump (newest release - strength/power)
    Squats- 45lb
    Chest- 30lb p... read more

    • Terry C.
      Terry C.

      I like the sound of this class! Glad you're back at it!

      about 1 year ago Like

  20. RUN
    great Raleigh Half Marathon Route 13.2 mi 03:12 14:31 pace

    chip time 3:09:24
    pace 14:27
    gun time 3:14:39

    RUN 11/03/13 07:06 AM Raleigh City of Oak Half Marathon

    Today I COMPLETED my first half marathon!! I am so very proud of myself for... read more

    • Bill P.
      Bill P. Congrats

      Fantastic! As the distances get longer, it becomes more about determination! You got it done!

      about 1 year ago

    • Terry C.
      Terry C. Congrats

      AWESOMEJOB!!! You did great, so proud of you!

      about 1 year ago

    • Anjanette W.
      Anjanette W. Great Performance
      Great Performance:


      about 1 year ago