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1st 10k- undetermined; 1st Half- "Country Music1/2 Marathon" 4-30-11; One 5k a month; sub-60 10k; sub-27:00 5k; 100 push-ups; Inspire my family.

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Cleo logged 507 miles.

Last workout almost 8 years ago. Help get them back on track!

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  1. RUN
    alright 1st 10 miler 10 mi 01:47 10:44 pace

    Starting to get into some distance in my Half training: First 10 miler.

    Ran with a friend through downtown Greenville up the Swamp Rabbit Trail. Beautiful geography/scenery. Am more of a "... read more

    • Wayne P.
      Wayne P.

      Great 10! Welcome Back!

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    • Runs4brains

      Hey Cleo. Don't fret about posting/commenting. Sure it's nice and we like following your progress, but the important thing is the actual training which u seem to be doing regardless. Congrats on a lovely 10! The nutrition thing is a tough nut. I find the whole business too confusing, hence my pizza & beer diet.

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    • Dixie B.
      Dixie B.

      Good luck on your training, it sounds like you've got it all planned perfectly. Great run... I was wondering where you've been. It does get hard to do it all. I hope the hip feels better quick.

      over 7 years ago Like

  2. RUN
    alright 8 on Woodruff 8 mi 01:26 10:48 pace

    Keeping my mind "engaged" during these long runs going to be challenging. Quads tight and hip flexor and left shins ached. Hillwork on Saturday took the air out of my lungs and left me wi... read more

    • Runs4brains

      If you're not a fan of music while running, I find audio books are a great alternative. Really helps pass the time and is a bit safer than a pounding beat that blocks out traffic noises.

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    • Rick H.
      Rick H. You're an Inspiration
      You're an Inspiration:

      Your still rock'n it babe. You have the eye of the tiger and nothing can get in your way. You are the bomb!!!!

      almost 8 years ago

  3. RUN
    tired Coachman hills @ 10k race pace 8.04 km 00:50 10:03 pace

    Went into the run a bit fatigued. Probably a combination of Thursday's intervals and dropping ball on diet. Legs in general were TIRED: esp. knees and shins which had periods of soreness.

  4. Arguably the most accomplished endurance runner ever, Dean Karnazes started his 3,000+ run across America yesterday (25th) to raise money for "Action for Healthy Kids" and inspire our nat... read more

    • George S.
      George S.

      Dean Karnazes our Greek HERO Cleo!

      almost 8 years ago Like1 person

    • Cassie C.
      Cassie C.

      Arguably being the keyword. In any case, I'm signed up to "run with Dean" when he gets Ohio. I read his ultramarathon man book many moons ago. It was the first time I had ever heard of an ultramarathon. Looking forward to it! I've heard he's a really nice guy.

      almost 8 years ago Like1 person

    • Joy H.
      Joy H.

      I registered yesterday for the Springfield OH Run w/ Dean on 4-21. Can't wait to meet Dean-it's gonna be fun. Lucky for me that his Ohio run is so close to my house!

      almost 8 years ago Like1 person

    • Runs4brains

      He is a MACHINE! I recorded & watched Regis & Kelly for the 1st time EVER just to see the race start. I'm stunned with the daily mileage he's expected to cover. Superhuman. BTW, I had no idea Kelly was that hot! She obviously puts in SERIOUS time @ the gym. I wonder if she's a runner too?

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  5. RUN
    good Interval Training 3 mi

    6x400's on Woodruff Rd. at 7:30 p.m. Goal, again, was to keep splits around 2:00. Keeping a particular speed still challenging, although can tell the more miles I log, the better I get at it... read more

  6. RUN
    tired Recovery Run 2 mi 00:21 10:21 pace

    Very fatigued: most certainly from yesterday's 8-miler. But hey, that's what a dyed-in-the-wool recovery run will do to ya!

  7. RUN
    good NC mountain run! 8 mi 01:27 10:54 pace

    Was soooooooo excited to be in a different area to run this 8 miler. Was on a 2-night "retreat" with a very good friend at her father's mountain home in North Carolina when my sched... read more

  8. RUN
    tired GI, GI, GI! 6.43 km 00:43 10:38 pace

    One of the most horrible runs EVER! I almost stopped and walked. Yes, that bad! And talk about irony, took a Nutrition Workshop from 9-2 earlier today the GCC (Greenville Cycling Center) held at... read more

    • Gina B.
      Gina B.

      live & learn. the miles are logged... good job cleo :)

      almost 8 years ago Like2 people

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    • Becky M
      Becky M

      ugg-G.I Distress- I hear you on that one. You take the bad with the good and the next will surely be good. The course you took sounded quite interesting!

      almost 8 years ago Like

    • Gaby
      Gaby Feel Better
      Feel Better:

      Aw, sorry to hear that.. You did great anyway!!

      almost 8 years ago

  9. RUN
    good Double Tempo 4.17 mi

    First time running "tempo". And first time to break such a sweat since last summer! Can definitely see where these types of runs push back that lactate threshold and increase endurance!... read more

  10. RUN
    alright Aches & Pains 11.26 km 01:13 10:27 pace

    Originally planned to run this week's long run with a few girlfriends (two of which are running Nashville's Half as well), but by the time I got Sam to soccer (of course, late), the girls... read more

  11. Shared Photo

    Yesterday, February 12, 2011.
    Running timeline: 1 year, 8 months
    *Weight: 132 lbs*

    • Esther J.
      Esther J.

      Wow, you look amazing for having three kids!

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    • Runs4brains

      just one word.... HAWT!
      You're so tiny! I wanna put u in my pocket. :-D

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    • Lisa A.
      Lisa A.

      Trying to get caught up on all things computer. . .this homeschooling life takes all my time :) but I think it's worth it.

      Holy Moly! Your Gorgeous!

      As I look back on all the pictures I see how beautiful you were as new mother and a seasoned mother ... I see beauty then and now...BUT! a thinner and best of all a healthier you :)

      Run Forrest Run!!!!

      Love . . .Me

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  12. Shared Photo

    This picture was taken last year, June 13, 2010 (third & last child on my lap). I had been running a year, and just started racing 5k's the month before (May)
    *Weight: 165 lbs*

    • Katie B.
      Katie B.

      Cleo you rock! I can't believe that you lost so much. This really inspires me! Thanks, as I have about 30-ish more I am still trying to shed.

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    • Cleo

      (con't from post above) Not to wax philisophical, but "accomplishment" bouncing off the walls of an empty room is a lonely sound indeed. ;) In layman's terms, success that doesn't embrace everything and everyone around it, subsequently "inspiring" that "everything" and "everyone", falls flat, empty and dead. My heart sings to read that it encouraged some of you! Am so glad posting the fat pics generated such a postive return, and the publicity wasn't in vain. :)
      MANY warm hugs to ALL of you!!!!

      almost 8 years ago Like1 person

    • Runs4brains

      It's easy to see you were running regularly at this point. Definitely down weight-wise plus you're sooo tan compared to the that alabaster skin angel in your arms :)

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  13. Shared Photo

    Ran across this snapshot in my Shutterfly account and felt it time for some "before running" and "after running" pictures...
    This is me, one week after my first child was born, ... read more

    • Lisa E.
      Lisa E.

      All I can see is one cute wee bubba. I want one!!!

      almost 8 years ago Like2 people

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    • Cleo

      Being gifted the title of "Mother" has been, next to "Wife", the most beautiful, priceless gift I've ever been given and I thank God for the opportunity to embrace both of those roles. :)

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    • Runs4brains

      I don't think you look unhappy. I just see a very tired new mommy. Totally understandable. I must say though the before & after pics are so dramatic! I'm so happy you've "found" yourself again :)
      Terrific stuff!

      almost 8 years ago Like

  14. RUN
    great Tried Chai 5 mi 00:49 09:48 pace

    Spectacular run! Fatigue at a minimum coupled with fastest time in a distance past 5k: had I kept it up another mile, would have met that 2011 sub-60 goal! Wonder if I underestimated myself and d... read more

    • Jaydub

      Well done, it certainly looks like that sub-20 10k is well within your grasp! Persevere with the Chi Running, I'm sure you'll find aspects of it that will make a big difference with your running.

      almost 8 years ago Like

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    • Aristeidis
      Aristeidis Nice Job
      Nice Job:

      Nice pace Cleo!!!

      almost 8 years ago

    • Tony B.
      Tony B.

      Great run, Cleo! I've been focusing on relaxing my upper body better of late, too. It's amazing what a difference it makes. Those 2011 goals of yours don't stand a chance at the rate you're going!

      almost 8 years ago Like

  15. RUN
    good Speedtraining 2.75 mi

    First interval training for months. Felt fairly well. Might have been a more positive experience had it not been for a 27 degree temp and the necessity to run at 11 p.m.! {With 3 small children a... read more

  16. Evenin' dm friends!
    Have another good friend whose taken dm on board! Take a moment and welcome her at
    THANKS! :)

  17. RUN
    great Experimenting with the "Recov... 2 mi 00:19 09:25 pace

    First time trying a "recovery run". According to some research out there, the term "recovery run" is actually a misnomer. Kinda like Iceland and Greenland. Iceland is actuall... read more

    • Heather

      Good points. I've been wondering about the benefit of running on tired legs lately. My last few runs on tired legs have been faster than on rested legs.

      almost 8 years ago Like

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    • Ace C.
      Ace C.

      Nice way to recover Cleo, I think?

      almost 8 years ago Like1 person

    • Augie S.
      Augie S. Great Performance
      Great Performance:

      I like your idea of a nice easy run.

      almost 8 years ago

  18. RUN
    great 1st OFFICIAL day of Half trai... 7 mi 01:15 10:44 pace

    Only clocked 7 on the Garmin, which is the distance I originally planned. However, ended up running 8.5. Madalyn (4 year old daughter) accidentally locked my keys in my car and had to run to Chick-... read more

  19. dm family... got a moment to help me welcome two GREAT athlete-friends to dm?
    THANKS! :)


  20. Shared Photo

    Was an honor to run today's "A Hero's 5k" race for this man, and every soldier & veteran (includes my lil' Sis!) that's ever fought, is currently fighting, or will... read more