Friends (797)

  • Timothy G.

    Timothy G.

    Martinsville, VA, Run a 25K trail race in January 2014 April 2014 Mustang Half Marathon April 2014 Blue Ridge Half Marathon

  • Christian B.

    Christian B.

    Vancouver, BC, 1:30 half marathon, 1000km year

  • Runningmom6


    HI, Simple - Run at least a mile a day, practice yoga at least 15 minutes a day. The bigger goal - break a 4'00" marathon!

  • Marisa


    MN, Recover from injury and stay healthy.

  • Kayla H.

    Kayla H.

    Smyrna, TN, 2014 running goals: 1:50 (or sub) 1/2 marathon Sub 23 5k (check! 22:45 in March)

  • Jon D.

    Jon D.

    Fargo, ND, PR's 5k - 18:14 / 10k - 37:51 / Half Mary - 1:26:47 / Marathon - 3:06:37 Goals - 17:59 - 5K / 37:15 10k / 1:25 Half / Sub 3:00:00 marathon by the end of 2014

  • Kristen J.

    Kristen J.

    Kingston, ON, Wannabe Runner ... Working up to my first 5K

  • Michelle


    Waterloo, ON,

  • Ronald K.

    Ronald K.

    Thousand Oaks, CA, Lower my weight, increase running (do a half marathon) and start the process to be a triathlete

  • Doug W.

    Doug W.

    Alvin, TX, To become more fit daily, be a great friend, love life, & to give back!

  • Eileen Joy E.

    Eileen Joy E.

    CA, I'd like a sub 2 for a half, and 4:15 for a the end of the year.

  • Amy W.

    Amy W.

    Rancho Cucamonga, CA, Half-Marathon (under 1:50). And to run a Full Marathon under 3:59......

  • Cat


    Jackson, MI, Paralegal / law student with a running problem. Have run several marathons and 50 mile races, next goals are 100K and someday a triathlon.

  • M W.

    M W.

    Montclair, NJ, Make a respectable comeback after having a baby! Eeeek! LOL

  • Edward S.

    Edward S.

    Chicago, IL, No running/biking injuries and FINALLY doing RAGBRAI.

  • Jay Y.

    Jay Y.

    Atlanta, GA, Chicago - New York - Great Wall - Boston

  • Christine G.

    Christine G.

    Cleveland, OH, Atlanta 1/2, Omaha 1/2, Niagara Falls 1/2, Philadelphia Full Marathon, Perfect 10 Miler, Cherry Blossom 10 Miler

  • Tammie K.

    Tammie K.

    Omaha, NE,

  • Stephanie F.

    Stephanie F.

    San Antonio, TX,

  • Chris H.

    Chris H.

    Brockville, ON, Want to lose 120 pounds and Ride across Canada to raise money for a good cause, Become an IRONMAN, and Slay the dragon of life. But most importantly #KEEPTRIING

  • Ara


    Salt Lake City, UT, My ultimate goal is to become an Ironman.

  • Felix V.

    Felix V.

    Summerville, SC,

  • Lanier M.

    Lanier M.

    Alexandria, VA, Lower the fat %, Run a half or a full in every state, Climb more, Complete a TRI, Get personal trainer certifications, Be an inspiration & be inspired by others

  • Joel P.

    Joel P.

    Middleton, WI, After 20-some marathons and ultras, I want to spend more time on trails, running and biking.

  • Eric S.

    Eric S.

    St. Louis, MO, Finish before sunrise in Leadville.