Friends (24)

  • Peggy C.

    Peggy C.

    Keller, TX, show the fat cells who's boss! Keep increasing mileage, each month doing more than the last.

  • Lou R.

    Lou R.

    Peterborough, ON, To build up my feet and body so that I can run barefoot on any terrain I encounter for as long and as far as I need to go without injury.

  • Patrick S.

    Patrick S.

    Manhattan Beach, CA, Just some dumb sandal wearing beach bum running across the country one marathon at a time. More info here:

  • Stacey L.

    Stacey L.

    , slow runner trying to get faster

  • Trisha R.

    Trisha R.

    San Diego, CA, To be a better runner today than I was yesterday.

  • John


    Fort Lauderdale, FL, Super Human

  • Ninie G.

    Ninie G.

    Indonesia, ID,

  • Daniel A D.

    Daniel A D.

    Lyon, FR, Courses sur route et trails urbains, pieds nus / All urban and road races, always bare feet.

  • Katie B.
  • Christian P.

    Christian P.

    Maple Grove, MN, A 50 mile race and a 500lb deadlift

  • Vanessa R.

    Vanessa R.

    San Diego, CA, Author, journalist, ultrarunner. Do what you love and the rest will follow.

  • Krista C.

    Krista C.

    Rocklin, CA, Ran my first 100k in May of 2012. Planning SOMETHING bigger. I'm ready to try a 100 miler. I'm officially registered to run the Pine To Palm 100 next September.

  • Angie Bee H.

    Angie Bee H.

    Des Moines, IA, Barefoot running happy and coaching others to do the same.

  • Shacky


    San Diego, CA, 50 miler. Open to suggestions

  • Buzzy


    Montpellier, FR, Marathon du Mont Blanc

  • Yeni N.

    Yeni N.

    Jakarta, ID, try to keep fit by doing regularly excercise

  • Kirsten L.

    Kirsten L.

    Rocklin, CA, Swim . Bike . Run (Love Barefoot running & Trail Running & Triathlons). Goal to keep doing till I'm in my 90s. 2012 goal an Olympic Triathlon & 1/2 marathon

  • Larry G.

    Larry G.

    NC, Half Marathon in 1:40 barefoot

  • Paula P.

    Paula P.

    St Augustine, FL,

  • Cassie H.

    Cassie H.

    Elgin, IL, To run 1 mile every day for a year. To comfortably run a half marathon distance by May.

  • Cristina S.

    Cristina S.

    St Catharines, ON, 2nd marathon in october, then stick with 1/2 marathon race until spring 2012 comes and my goal to do Ultramarathons next year 31.1miles and 62 miles:-)

  • Hsu-Jen H.

    Hsu-Jen H.

    Savannah, GA,

  • Kate K.

    Kate K.

    , Run Free. Run Smiley

  • Peace Karen

    Peace Karen

    Cary, NC,