6670 total / 600 in 2017

Make it through the Great Ocean Road marathon enjoying the scenery and smashing the hills.

Wall of Motivation (230)

  1. Darren C.
      Nice Job

    Cold this morning. But turning into a beautiful day. on a workout

  2. Lauren V.
      Great Performance

    nice job!! The weather is one thing I wish I could control lol! Running a mar... read more

  3. Cathryn T.
      Good Luck

    Great work! I just read your blog for today. Very very exciting. Keep that st... read more

  4. Darren C.
      Nice Job

    It's all "downhill" from here :) on a workout

  5. Cathryn T.
      Great Performance

    Super impressive!!!! on a workout

  6. Darren C.
      Nice Job

    Always great to follow a sucky run with a positive one. Nice! Do you listen t... read more

  7. Darren C.
      Nice Job

    Fantastic long run Roz! 3 1/2 hours ... wow!!! on a workout

  8. Darren C.
      You're an Inspiration

    Great run Roz, and dedication getting out there so early! on a workout

  9. Cathryn T.
      Great Performance

    Excellent! Glad things are improving for you. on a workout

  10. Cathryn T.
      Feel Better

    Sorry to hear you are still having issues. Well done to you for getting out a... read more

  11. Cathryn T.
      Nice Job

    Nice one getting out there in the cold and dark! on a workout

  12.   You Rock

    Great tempo when you're feeling blah on a workout

  13.   Nice Job

    Isn't it funny how "around the block" means 3km to us now, but before we were... read more

  14. Cathryn T.
      Nice Job

    Well done. Sounds glorious, and great to get out after a "dusty" evening ;-) on a workout

  15.   Get Better

    Well done listening to your body. on a workout

  16.   Hi-five

    Nice work Rosalinda on a workout

  17.   Nice Job

    Well done! on a workout

  18. Shane K.

    Great to hear you made it. What a day for it! Must have been absolutely magic... read more

  19. Shane K.
      Good Luck

    Good luck, you've done all the hard work. Run with a smile! on a workout

  20. Darren C.
      Get Better

    You've banked most of the training kms in your legs already, so don't worry t... read more

  21.   Great Performance

    Great work Rosalinda on a workout

  22. Sara E.
      Nice Job

    Nice work - feels great to work hard and nail your goal. on a workout

  23. Shane K.

    A great way to start your birthday. And bacon and eggs sound pretty good too!... read more

  24. Sara E.
      Feel Better

    Feel better on a workout

  25. Cathryn T.
      Get Better

    Ugh, how frustrating! Good for you for stopping, and good luck with the physio! on a workout

  26. Michelle D.
      Nice Job

    WTG! on a workout

  27.   You Rock

    Anyone can run well on a good day, but it's how you handle the down periods t... read more

  28.   Nice Job

    Well done getting it done on a workout

  29.   Congrats

    Well done on a workout

  30.   Nice Job

    Yeah the heat always surprises me too. Good work getting that far. on a workout

  31. Benjamin T.
      Get Better

    Good to hear that your doing better, your hip will be better in no time. on a workout

  32.   Get Better

    Good work coming back from injury on a workout

  33. Josh N.
      Great Performance

    amazing! well done!!! on a workout

  34.   Great Performance

    Woohoo that's so awesome Rosalinda! on a workout

  35. Melinda B.
      Nice Job

    20km on just fluid? Great work! What race are you tapering for? on a workout

  36.   Nice Job

    Best part of a plan - not having to think. Just do. Way to suck it up and get... read more

  37. Darren C.
      You're an Inspiration

    Simply majestic Roz! You nailed it! When is the big day? on a workout

  38. Darren C.
      Nice Job

    That's a great HR actually for such a long run, and especially with the wind.... read more

  39. Tomaz L.
      Nice Job

    That is some run Roz! Hat off to you, hope you recover OK from it. on a workout

  40. Lauren V.
      Great Performance

    great work!!! on a workout

  41. David M.
      Nice Job

    Great stuff on a workout

  42. David M.
      Nice Job

    Happy Birthday. A nice way to celebrate. on a workout

  43. Alison P.
      You're an Inspiration

    You are a super star! on a workout

  44. David M.
      Nice Job

    Nice workout on a workout

  45. Nathan D.
      Nice Job

    Super cool! This is the first time I've known someone who snuck a run while t... read more

  46. Alison P.
      Great Performance

    Sounds like a perfect experience for your first triathlon. Absolutely fantast... read more

  47. Darren C.
      You're an Inspiration

    So awesome Roz! Congratulations on your first tri! I stand in awe :) on a workout

  48. Alison P.
      Nice Job

    Love the title!! on a workout

  49. Carrie
      Nice Job

    Nice and speedy! on a workout

  50. Simon W.

    Congrats Rosalinda on a great half, despite the awful wind! Nice work on moti... read more