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My goals are to regain my health, my body and be able to call myself a barefoot runner. Ultimately losing 120-140 lbs.

Rosmery Hernandez-casey i'm having difficulty...

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I'm having difficulty breathing during the jogging parts. Online search for info on correct breathing techniques has left me more confused than before. Some articles say breathe through your nose only, some same both nose AND mouth, some say just mouth. The ratios are also confusing. Some suggest 2:1 others 2:2... some even say exhale longer than inhale. AHH!! What works? What doesn't? Is it different for everyone? Or is there a "correct" way? What do you guys do? Thanks!

  • Rosmery H.
    Rosmery H.

    P.S. I should mention I just got over a long, terrible bout with pneumonia and pleurisy. I have allergy enduced asthma, as well.

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  • David T.
    David T.

    I don't know anything about techniques but keep up the good work.

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  • Alan T.
    Alan T.

    Don't make it more complicated than it has to be. For now, just breathe. Don't worry about ratios. Later on, if you want to, you can experiment with nose/mouth breathing (which I do on a regular basis) and/or ratios (which I've never bothered with). I've recently been experimenting with Breath Right nasal dilator strips (, which may help with your asthma. Elite marathoner Paula Radcliffe also has asthma, and uses Breathe Right strips.

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  • Jeffrey C.
    Jeffrey C.

    I experiment with different techniques. You'll learn, adapt as you go. It's such a personal thing...not sure about one "correct" method. When I run I only have one breathing mantra - avoid panting, try to take smooth, even breaths, even if they're short.

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  • Rosmery H.
    Rosmery H.

    Thanks guys. I guess I just have to find out what works for me, huh? :-) I'll just try not to die. :D Thanks for the help! I'm just trying to learn this stuff.

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  • Michele S.
    Michele S.

    As long as you keep breathing, you're doing good ;) If you get side-stitches or anything like that, let me know (I have a trick that works). Otherwise, just keep on going - you're doing great!!

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