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Ronald logged 360 miles.

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  1. RUN
    alright 5.4 km 00:41 12:13 pace

    blah, I was sore from doing the garden yesterday but wanted to run anyway :s

    Gonna try interval wednesday

    • Menno G.
      Menno G.

      doing the garden is the most terrible workout conceivable. Great you could do this run anyway.

      over 6 years ago Like

  2. RUN
    blah 5.6 km 00:45 12:55 pace

    cramp and stuff. Awesome weather though so im happy.

  3. RUN
    SWIFTERBANT YO 5 km 00:43 13:50 pace

    pfft walked mostly.. I shouldnt have skipped lunch, didnt have any energy at all

    • Menno G.
      Menno G.

      Never mind, you were out. Skip lunch in the weekend :-)

      over 6 years ago Like

    • Rob P.
      Rob P.

      There meals a day keep the doctor away! Oh wait, apples, right...

      over 6 years ago Like

    • Willem

      Having no energy is a mental thing. I run perfectly fine 20K after a 14 hour fast (not that you should though)

      over 6 years ago Like

  4. RUN
    good swifterbant jonguh 5.8 km 00:43 11:55 pace

    start attempt 9000 :p

  5. RUN
    good 5.6 km 00:40 11:29 pace

    pfft hot

  6. RUN
    great 5.5 km 00:40 11:42 pace

    its a start

  7. RUN
    alright 6.1 km 00:40 10:33 pace

    Interval again, 5 min warmup, 400 meter fast and 1 min walk. I am slowly going faster as I am now doing the 400 meter much faster then my normal pace. I guess I need to change it up a bit and make ... read more

  8. RUN
    tired 5 km 00:37 11:54 pace

    My legs feel dead, I really need more sleep then two hours

    • Ronald V.
      Ronald V.

      haha, thanks Menno :)

      almost 7 years ago Like

    • Rob P.
      Rob P.

      With two hours sleep not only my legs are dead, also the rest of my body!

      almost 7 years ago Like

    • Ronald V.
      Ronald V.

      I did a job interview with just 2 hours sleep, I hope I left a good impression but I am doubting it :P

      almost 7 years ago Like

    • Menno G.
      Menno G. You're Funny
      You're Funny:


      almost 7 years ago

  9. RUN
    good 8 km 00:56 11:15 pace

    I kinda got lost in thought on this one, I didnt really check my pace or anything

  10. RUN
    good 5.6 km 00:35 10:03 pace

    interval again

  11. RUN
    good swifterbant 8 km 00:56 11:15 pace

    went ok, need to pick up the pace at some point :)

  12. RUN
    good swifterbant 6.5 km 00:47 11:38 pace

    tried some interval by running 400m in a faster pace then my usual jog and 1 minute of rest inbetween. This was quite exhausting but felt great. My heartrate got quite high which it hasnt been in a... read more

  13. RUN
    good swifterbant 9 km 01:10 12:31 pace

    first hot day this year

  14. RUN
    good 8.6 km 01:03 11:47 pace

    I caught myself drumming to the music while I was running... I dont think it looked charming. oh well

    • Menno G.
      Menno G.

      A nice one. Must have looked great. Where are you running drummer man?

      almost 7 years ago Like

    • Ronald V.
      Ronald V.

      Swifterbant now, since I moved there :) still trying to find a nice route there

      almost 7 years ago Like

    • Mr Ralph
      Mr Ralph

      That's awesome.

      almost 7 years ago Like

    • Menno G.
      Menno G.

      I see. Running there is either very short or a half marathon. But along the dyke must be fine? Or windy?

      almost 7 years ago Like

  15. RUN
    good Swifterbant 4.8 km 00:34 11:23 pace

    I need to make more time for this...

  16. RUN
    alright 5 km 00:37 11:54 pace

    after a week of skiing back to running again :)