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sanity augmentation, good humor, bp maintenance, 100 mile weeks, with min 5,280 ft climbing.

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  1. walk
    good Sun City Plus 6 mi 01:11 11:50 pace

    Went walking alone for a couple of laps around the ranch, then a friend emailed and asked me to go with her. That turned out to be an excursion into Sun City, so quite a bit of walking all in all. ... read more

    • 26x25

      Nice recent PR Roy. Looks like your friend is a great motivator too

      over 2 years ago Like1 person

    • Roy P.
      Roy P.

      She walks 8-12 miles a day to help alleviate pain in her back, so yes, she is. Nice to have someone pleasant to share the exercise with too.

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  2. walk
    good Lapping the Ranch 2X+ 2.75 mi 00:45 16:21 pace

    Not much ankle pain last night, so I took a bit of a detour past "her" house, thus the extra .15 tacked on. Weather is getting nice for walking in the evenings now. Fall has fallen!

  3. walk
    alright Zig-Zagging around the ranch 2 mi 00:30 15:00 pace

    Walk went OK until my back started to tighter up. A lot of joint pain after I got home. This getting old stuff is for the birds! ;)

  4. MIA because I am trying to get a remodeling project done before company arrives. Seriously over-did it yesterday and am feeling it today. I think another hour of this and I need to just got to bed ... read more

  5. walk
    good I'm out walking, after Midnig... 2.6 mi 00:50 19:13 pace

    Tired from doing some construction work yesterday, and my ankles really hurt tonight. Still do. Hoping the podiatrist can do something to help me there. That would be awesome!

  6. walk
    great 4X The Ranch Ring 5.5 mi 01:45 19:05 pace

    Well, my posts have been resolutely anti-heroic since rejoining the fray the last 4 months, but last night I actually DID do something heroic - at least for me. This is a PB since moving here to th... read more

    • 26x25
      26x25 Congrats

      Great stuff Roy. I like PB's

      over 2 years ago

  7. walk
    alright Paths less traveled - it's a ... 2.75 mi 01:00 21:49 pace

    I've been burning the candle at both ends trying to get something written I want to publish, and I could sure feel it on my walk last night. Kind of crashed and burned today, and WOW did I nee... read more

  8. The Pilot fire is worse today, having tripled in size overnight. Ash falling on the lawn here. Pretty sure I will be OK, but the air-quality is very poor here today, so very happy I sucked it up an... read more

    • 26x25

      Hope you are OK with that fire Roy

      over 2 years ago Like1 person

    • Roy P.
      Roy P.

      It got within about 8 miles, and might have burned to the river, but those giant air-tankers were called in when it burned all the way to Hesperia and they knocked it on its butt. The other end of the fire burned uphill pretty much to the top of the mountain afaict. Pretty intense seeing it light up the night sky like that though.

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  9. walk
    good 1+2 Laps around the Ranch 4 mi 01:00 15:00 pace

    It cooled down nicely tonight, and since I got distracted and didn't go last night, this was a real blessing. We have a forest fire raging 12-15 miles from here, but the smoke wasn't bad... read more

  10. walk
    good 3 mi Mosey 2.75 mi 00:50 18:10 pace

    I went. Finally cooled down enough. Oh, and my heart beat a bit too. :)

  11. walk
    good Around the ranch - in the MOR... 1.3 mi 00:24 18:27 pace

    I started talking to one of my distant neighbors on my walk as she was watering her rather sad looking grass. We ended up talking for about an hour about how to save her big-time on her AC bill and... read more

    • 26x25

      Nice walk and you have a new friend too. That garden will be superb soon. Everyone is a winner on this one

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  12. walk
    alright Once around The Ranch 1.3 mi 00:25 19:13 pace

    Wend just before sunset, and it was still right at 90 degrees. Too hot, and too dry. Not again.

  13. walk
    good Twice-A-Round Tuesday 2.6 mi 00:50 19:13 pace

    Slow start as my feet were hurting. I was just reading about Eric Clapton's battle with peripheral neuropathy, and those symptoms sound disturbingly familiar. I guess I get no ketchup with my ... read more

  14. So 84 people were run over, crushed and mangled by a truck in France. In the US that's about 1 quarter's (3 months) worth of cycling fatalities by automobiles killed by drivers who just d... read more

  15. walk
    Twice around the Ranch 2.6 mi 00:44 16:55 pace

    Went pretty well tonight. Warm night and my ankles were holding up pretty good. Peaceful out there at night, Just me and the security guards, who I know all of now on a 1st name basis.

    • 26x25

      Nice walking Roy

      over 2 years ago Like1 person

    • Roy P.
      Roy P.

      Thanks for the shout. I should have mentioned that there was a nice waxing moon out and the sky was exceptionally clear, so the star gazing up here in thin air was spectacular last night.

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  16. walk
    good Jess Ranch - Round Midnight 1.5 mi 00:22 14:39 pace

    Went well. Not much ankle pain last night, which helped a lot.

  17. walk
    good Ring around the (Jess) Ranch 1.5 mi 00:25 16:40 pace

    I was looking for the HOA President's house last night after the Security Guard told me where he lives, to tacked on .2 for roaming around at midnight. Trying to get some blue-haired old ladie... read more