6293 total / 283 in 2015

892 miles running in 2014 and 64 swimming. At least one marathon in 2015. Attempt to build mileage for an ultra.

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  • 9 miles
  • 01:53 time
  • 1215 calories
  • 2 workouts
  • This Week time period


  1. RUN
    good TM intervals 8 mi 01:11 08:52 pace

    Surprisingly well for TM. Gave myself a bit more recovery time than normal (extra :30) and made sure to take the first couple easy. Back at Greenbelt LA Fitness after "renovation". Not su... read more

  2. swim
    alright indoor scy 2200 yd 00:42 33:36 pace

    still fatigued after Sunday's run, cut it back a bit

    300 w/u
    200 kick w/ fins
    2 x 150 hypoxic

    4 x (200 swim / 50 easy) on 4:30
    6 x 50 on :50
    100 easy

  3. RUN
    good beltsville 22 mi 03:16 08:54 pace

    Conditions less than ideal - snow and sleet. But I needed to get this run in somehow so took the opportunity. Covered in a layer of ice by the time I was done, shoes soaked. Temps about 28F when I ... read more

    • Patrick B.
      Patrick B.

      Now that's dedication to your training plan. Nicely done. Now I just need to get that work ethic instilled in my High School lacrosse athletes. :) Gotta love those long runs...

      3 days ago Like

  4. swim
    good indoor scy 2650 yd 00:57 37:51 pace

    Nice to get back in the water after too long ...

    300 w/u
    200 kick w/ fins
    2 x 150 breathe every 5

    5 x (200 swim / 50 easy) on 4:30
    150 kick
    6 x 50 on :50

    150 easy

  5. RUN
    good TM tempo 7.5 mi 01:00 08:00 pace

    Ready to be done with the snow ...

    1 mi warm up - 3:32
    6 miles tempo (7:32 / 7:21 / 7:19 / 7:16 / 8:20 / 7:16)
    0.5 mi cool down - 7:00

    Got overheated on 5th mile, had to slow down. ready for the ... read more

    • Tracy G. Great Performance
      Great Performance:

      Nice block of 6 miles.

      6 days ago

  6. RUN
    alright Stamford, CT 8.5 mi 01:20 09:24 pace

    Felt good to get and run with my brother after driving. Lots of slush. At least there were a couple hills.

  7. RUN
    good TM 8 mi 01:11 08:52 pace

    Actually feel like I loosened up a bit and got in a grove. I think I have some mental block keeping me from being comfortable on the 'mill

    1.4 warm up - 13:26
    6 x 1 mile intervals on 9:00 (7:... read more

  8. With so many people having to submit to the treadmill, here's an interesting story I saw on Lifehacker (with link to Runners World story) -- Is a treadmill workout really equivalent to running... read more

  9. RUN
    alright treadmill 7 mi 00:57 08:08 pace

    wanted to go longer, but too warm inside on a treadmill. Also left quad & hammie are a bit tender and wanting some comfort.

    1 mile warm up - 9:00
    5 miles tempo (7:30 / 7:24 / 7:19 / 7:14 / 7:1... read more

  10. swim
    good indoor scy 2000 yd 00:39 34:19 pace

    Taking it easy on the swimming as I focus on the running leading up to the taper.

    300 w/u
    200 kick w/ fins
    500 broken

    6 x 100 on 1:50 (most at 1:22, 1:23)
    50 easy
    300 swim
    50 easy

  11. FIT
    good 01:00

    Not as many people in the class this morning - it was 8 outside at 8 with snow & ice on the roads. very windy.

  12. RUN
    good C&O canal Carderock 22 mi 03:09 08:35 pace

    22 miler #2 - better than the first two weeks ago (by 10 minutes), negative split by 2 minutes. Again started at Carderock going north-west; wind not too bad, not much ice on the path. Beautiful b... read more

  13. swim
    great indoor scy 2400 yd 00:45 33:00 pace

    short and sweet. Making the swims shorter to save energy for the run. Got the last two 200's at 2:48, last with pull buoy.

    300 w/u
    200 kick w/ fins
    2 x 150 hypoxic

    5 x (200 swim / 50 easy) o... read more

  14. RUN
    good PBT to UMD 10.5 mi 01:34 08:57 pace

    So nice to be back doing intervals outside instead of on the dreadmill!!! A bit icy this morning, especially on the bridges over stream. That definitely slowed me down a bit (guessing 3 -4 sec for ... read more

    • Patty E.
      Patty E.

      Yay for being outside! Nice job!

      23 days ago Like2 people

    • Rob P.
      Rob P.

      Just looked back in training history - been a whole MONTH since I've been able to do these 2 mile intervals outside.

      22 days ago Like

  15. swim
    great indoor scy 2500 yd 00:59 41:32 pace

    More rest between intervals than normal so it took longer than expected. But distance is what I was aiming for. Able to consistently get my 100's in at 1:25 now. Thinking I should cut the swim... read more

  16. FIT
    great 01:00

    channeling my inner George Harrision

  17. RUN
    alright Greenbelt Park 6.6 mi 01:04 09:41 pace

    Second run of the day. Possibly didn't drink enough water.

    1 mile warm up loop and run to trail head - 13:09
    5.3 mile loop - 50:32 - struggled last mile. Legs did not want to go up hills

  18. RUN
    great RI / TT / PBT / NEBT 10 mi 01:17 07:40 pace

    Back after a couple days off to rest. Might have done too much - second run really wore out my quads & hammies. But this first run was good. Didn't realize just how good until I entered th... read more

    • Patty E.
      Patty E. You're an Inspiration
      You're an Inspiration:

      Dang Rob awesome pace! I'm hoping to get near that pace at my race next week. Great job!

      26 days ago

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    • Patty E.
      Patty E.

      Son of b*tch! My teammates have run this race before and they were some laughing when they said I would be "good" for the last leg! I knew it! Yep my HAT training will prepare me for this. Can't decide to go for it, speed wise or be conservative. I have a 26 mile training run the next day. Decisions, decisions!

      24 days ago Like

    • Rob P.
      Rob P.

      What ever you decide you will need to rest your legs after those two days!

      24 days ago Like

  19. RUN
    alright TM 7 mi 00:58 08:17 pace

    Still sluggish from weekend workouts, dialed it back a bit. Very warm on the 'mill, think I lost at least a pound in sweat. Not enough gumption to run in 20 degree temps with probable spots of... read more

  20. swim
    great indoor scy 3000 yd 01:00 35:11 pace

    A bit fatigued when started, but better than expected. A bit more than last Sunday. Feel like I'm starting to get my speed & endurance back. Body position is good.

    300 w/u
    200 kick w/ fi... read more

    • Patty E.
      Patty E.

      Wow, nice swim. Glad it got better as you went. Looks like a strong swim to me!

      about 1 month ago Like