8089 total / 710 in 2016

2015 completed 1284 miles running and 78 swimming!. For 2016 - at least one marathon and hopefully first ultra!

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  • 17 miles
  • 03:30 time
  • 2073 calories
  • 4 workouts
  • This Week time period


  1. RUN
    good running from the bugs 8.5 mi 01:16 08:56 pace

    Still recovering from race, legs still a bit heavy. Warm and very humid; bugs out in force -- must be summer! Rest time between running is interesting keeping the bugs away. Then when I take my shi... read more

  2. FIT
    great Jason's standard core plus extra 00:25

    Front, side, and reverse planks; bridge, bicycle, donkey kicks. Also 2 x 20 dips, 30 seconds of squats and one foot toe touches (35 per side)

  3. RUN
    good humid miles 7.5 mi 01:03 08:24 pace

    Cool but very humid. Sluggish, but that was expected after Sunday's race and yesterday's swim. Wanted to get the miles in to move the legs. Tried to take it easy on the first half, maybe ... read more

  4. swim
    good indoor scy 2600 yd 00:46 31:08 pace

    Felt a bit sluggish after Sunday's 10k, but surprisingly good. Body position was good and felt the extra speed from it. Last 400 with pull buoy was amazingly strong, considering. Marathon tra... read more

    • Jacquelyn

      Hope the sluggishness is temporary! Rail Trail marathon sounds great, hopefully the injury gods are nicer to you this time around!

      3 days ago Like1 person

    • Rob P.
      Rob P.

      Thanks. Just got to stay smart. I can worry too much about potential injury from misplaced foot during trail race but not consider consequences of attempting a hard interval set just days after being sick. Symptoms of addiction ? .... Probably. But I'm learning from my mistakes.

      3 days ago Like

    • Elizabeth Z.
      Elizabeth Z.

      Good luck w the marathon training!!

      3 days ago Like1 person

    • Glenn S.

      Nice swim Rob. Sluggish is temporary. I will watch your training progress for the marathon.

      3 days ago Like

  5. RUN
    great Mt Hebron trail 10K 6.3 mi 00:53 08:24 pace

    Nice trail race - hills were concentrated in a couple place (last mile uphill with last 1/2 mile pretty tough) with long stretches of flat. Couple of stream crossings and muddy spots. Wore an old p... read more

  6. RUN
    great Greenbelt Park 3 mi 00:28 09:20 pace

    Short and easy run with daughter #3 (who used to swim a lot). She's on break from school and taken up running. I tagged along to get my legs moving the day before my race. Tried really hard to... read more

  7. FIT
    great Jason's standard core 00:25

    Front, side, and reverse planks; bridge, bicycle, donkey kicks. Also 2 x 20 dips and one foot toe touches (35 per side)

  8. swim
    great limited intervals 2250 yd 00:44 34:25 pace

    Tried to keep it easy, nice to get in the water. Worked to keep it positive despite 1) dropping 1/2 banana on floor 2) getting on the beltway in the wrong direction so burned 15 minutes getting bac... read more

  9. RUN
    great Paint Branch Trail 4.5 mi 00:35 07:46 pace

    Really needed the stress relief. Same trail I usually run weekdays but started from a different place and really didn't look at my watch much. Didn't think I was going that fast (tried to... read more

  10. RUN
    great Greenbelt park 5.8 mi 00:51 08:47 pace

    One loop around perimeter trail. Cool morning, low humidity - not going to be many more mornings this nice during this summer. Think this is the fastest I've ever done this loop. Wearing VFF, ... read more

  11. swim
    great Sandy Point State Park 800 yd 00:15:00 33:00 pace

    Short swim after watching the start. Water temp was wonderful!

  12. Shared Photo

    Met Glenn prior to the start of his first Bay Swim! He is so ready

  13. FIT
    good Jason's standard core routine 00:22

    Front, side, and reverse planks; bridge, bicycle, donkey kicks. Also dips, squats, one foot toe touches

  14. RUN
    great intervals in low humidity 8.5 mi 01:17 09:03 pace

    Wow! I knew this would be good weather-wise, but turned out to be a fantastic run! Cool (about 50) with low humidity, almost ideal conditions (low 40's is ideal for me). May not feel that cool... read more

    • Vern M.
      Vern M.

      You had me at "low humidity!" Getting vicarious running thrills from this post! :)

      16 days ago Like1 person

    • Jacquelyn

      Ah, very jealous! I was sad to miss out on it this morning. Glad you got to take advantage and had such an awesome run!! You were flying that last interval!

      15 days ago Like1 person

    • Rob P.
      Rob P.

      @Jacquelyn - Gotta keep away from the bugs
      @Vern - don't get many days like this in the summer months

      15 days ago Like

  15. FIT
    great Jason's standard core 00:22

    Front, side, and reverse planks; bridge, bicycle, donkey kicks. Also dips, squats, one foot toe touches

  16. RUN
    good four in VFF 4.5 mi 00:39 08:39 pace

    Warm and humid, but dew point a bit under 70. Looking forward to run at end of week - humidity should be much lower. Adding a bit more distance to running in VFF.

    1.25 mi out - 11:51
    2 miles ( 7:4... read more

    • Glenn S.

      Excellent w/o Rob. Humidity/Dew Point are a pain.

      18 days ago Like

    • Jacquelyn

      Can never decide which I hate more, humidity or heat/sunshine. Combined is obviously the worst!

      16 days ago Like1 person

    • Rob P.
      Rob P.

      Jacquelyn - I think the heat / sun is worse - really fries the brain and drains the energy.. At least with humidity I have learned that pushing the limits of the body in those conditions is beneficial in the long term and I will reap the benefits as soon as humidity drops (how ever many months away that is)

      16 days ago Like

  17. swim
    good swim intervals 2900 yd 00:56 33:59 pace

    Great to get in the water the day after a run. Felt soooo nice. Arms were starting to feel fatigued by the time I got to the 4 x 50s. Happy Monday!

    300 w/u
    200 kick w/ fins
    3 x 100 hypoxic

    5 x (2... read more

  18. RUN
    good Valley Trail @ Rock Creek 10.5 mi 01:47 10:11 pace

    hot and humid, BUT it didn't matter. Found a jewel in DC - Valley Trail along Rock Creek. Parked in regular place at Medowbrook Park thinking I would do my normal run along Beach Drive, which ... read more

  19. RUN
    alright sweat set 8.5 mi 01:22 09:38 pace

    very warm and very humid - felt like I was moving in slow motion. Had to cut the pace down and even break last 2 mi interval into 2 x 1 mi. Took my shirt off for last intervals, but bugs were out a... read more

  20. FIT
    good Jason's standard core 00:20

    Front, side, and reverse planks; bridge, bicycle, donkey kicks. Also dips, squats, one foot toe touches