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Continue loving to exercise, particularly running. Getting into better shape. PRs: Houston HM=10/11 1:59:05. Houston full 1/12 = 4:02:47! 5K 3/12=22:54 =)

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  • Percy D.

    Percy D.

    Grand Rapids, MI, ride my bike to work every day to run more but not counting miles just time.

  • Mike T.

    Mike T.

    Grapevine, TX, Run til I die.

  • Trent V.

    Trent V.

    Los Angeles, CA, To keep running races for as long as it's fun. I hope to get at least as many full marathons under my belt as possible - including the Boston Marathon!

  • Shreyas N K.

    Shreyas N K.

    Karnataka, India, 1. Qualify for Boston before I turn 30 2. Run 100 KM in less than 12 hours 3. Finish the full Ironman

  • Rebecca S.

    Rebecca S.

    Houston, TX, To be fit, strong and healthy! Enjoy and embrace it when things have to switch to a new direction!

  • Brett E C.

    Brett E C.

    , Ran my 2nd Half this April knocked 25 min. off my first time. Running in several events in the coming months. Run Wild 5K, Hottest Half in August 12, 2012

  • Mark


    San Antonio, TX, Run Gump Run

  • Darin P.

    Darin P.

    Parker, CO, Get top 10 in my age group at a 5K this year.

  • Style Jewelry

    Style Jewelry

    Chillicothe, OH, To make friends, share my fitness achievements & promote

  • Jeffrey J M.

    Jeffrey J M.

    La Crosse, WI, My goal is to use my 100 marathon that I completed in 100 days as a platform to motivate and inspire others and let my feet heal!!!!

  • Julia T.

    Julia T.

    Houston, TX,

  • Jonathan L.

    Jonathan L.

    San Antonio, TX, 2012 San Antonio Rock N Roll Half Marathon

  • Tammy


    Vidor, TX, my health

  • Everard S.

    Everard S.

    TX, Rehab after meniscus surgery, get back down to "racing" weight and get back to my 2010 fitness level. Start racing again this season.

  • Grace A.

    Grace A.

    Honolulu, HI, New 5k PR -- 28:54 on September 25, 2011 (Cane Haul 5k) Finished my first HM (Hapalua Half Marathon) Vibrams! -- March 2012 Working on being a speed demon

  • Monica C.

    Monica C.

    Volente, TX, Current PR is 4:09. I want to break 4 hours!! Next marathon is Oklahoma City on 4/27/14.

  • Barefoot Priya

    Barefoot Priya

    Hong Kong, HK, Physician with a passion for adventure. Mantra-Set my soul on fire,RUN&TREK WITH JOY FOR LIFE, power on simple plant based food &send rural kids to Isha school.

  • Gauri J.

    Gauri J.

    India, IN, Injury free running... after that anything is possible ;)

  • John W.

    John W.

    Elizabeth City, NC, Goal is simple! Learn to love running again!

  • Victoria F.

    Victoria F.

    Oklahoma City, OK, To be healthy, happy, get fit and become a better runner!

  • Brian E.

    Brian E.

    Carrollton, TX, To run a very long way, many times, and coach others to do the same (see link above).

  • John F.

    John F.

    Houston, TX, Kemah Oly Triathon, Bay to Breakers 12k, 70.3 Ironman Boulder, Ironman Lake Tahoe

  • Kristina


    Beaumont, TX, To get in shape and be able to run long distance.

  • Andy E.

    Andy E.

    Nottingham, GB, Run a Marathon In Under 3:00. Run Half Marathon Sub 1:30 Run 10K Sub 39 - 39:41 PB Run 5K Sub 19 - 19:24PB

  • Melissa G.

    Melissa G.

    Houston, TX, Complete a 25:00 5k program, run a sub-2:00 half in 2012 and a 4:00 marathon in 2013!