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  • 53 miles
  • 07:31 time
  • 4121 calories
  • 6 workouts
  • This Week time period


  1. RUN
    great Morning run (8000m pace-run, ... 12.1 km 01:07 08:54 pace

    Morning run (8000m pace-run)@MST. Temp.+9C.
    2km WU,
    4:14, 4:13, 4:11, 4:12, 4:12, 4:12, 4:13, 4:12
    CD, and strength workout in the field.
    Finally, decent point work done....orz

  2. RUN
    great Afternoon run (build-up on 8k... 10.6 km 00:50 07:35 pace

    Afternoon run (build-up on 8k loop).
    The track was busy, so did a 8k build-up on road.

  3. RUN
    good Morning run@MST 7.5 km

    Morning run@MST.
    Came to track and was going to do some speed workout (started 4:17, 4:20.../km), but didn't feel good, so turned to some quick 200m dash.

  4. RUN
    great 2017 Commute Run No.30 25.37 km 02:19 08:49 pace

    2017 Commute Run No.30. Temp.@Start: +14C.
    Thought I would be tired.., but my legs are light!

  5. RUN
    Afternoon jog 8.8 km 00:50 09:08 pace

    Afternoon jog@MST.
    Easy day = easy jog. No faster than 5:15/km.
    Focus on the posture and the moment of the impact..

  6. RUN
    great 2017 Commute Run No.29 21.72 km 02:25 10:44 pace

    2017 Commute Run No.29. Temp@start: +12C.
    Left home@5:15am.
    2hrs (18~19km) LSD,
    1000m @3:55min/k @MST,
    Jog to the office.

  7. RUN
    Weekend Long Run 33km 33.74 km 02:49 08:03 pace

    Weekend Long Run 33km.
    Started @6:30 under the drizzle.
    Encountered a Black bear on Coast Meridian!!
    He was trying to cross the street, but decided not to because of the traffic.
    I had to stop and ... read more

  8. RUN
    great Afternoon run (Short Build-up... 8.26 km 00:42 08:10 pace

    Afternoon run (Short Build-up)@MST.
    Short build-up like the other day.
    Wasn't going to, but naturally started to feel better and sped up.
    6:37, 5:38, 5:13, 4:44, 4:16, 4:03, 3:49!
    It's... read more

  9. RUN
    great Morning run (10000m pace-run)... 13.58 km 01:08 08:03 pace

    Morning run (10000m pace-run)@MST.
    2nd point work this week!
    I really liked the refreshing feeling after the speed-work the other day.
    About 2km WU,
    4:23, 4:23, 4:23, 4:21, 4:23, 4:23, 4:24, 4:23, ... read more

  10. RUN
    great 2017 Commute Run No.28 23.27 km 02:09 08:55 pace

    2017 Commute Run No.28. Temp@start: +12C.
    Couldn't wake up as early as I wanted...
    But my legs are still light, so picked up the pace OK.
    Started dry, but expected it would start raining in th... read more

  11. RUN
    Afternoon run(short build-up)... 8.79 km 00:46 08:25 pace

    Afternoon run(short build-up)@MST.
    Good one.
    Started very slow and tired from all day desk work, but after a few laps started to feel better and naturally built up to 4min./km just.
    Felt so easy th... read more

  12. RUN
    great Morning Run (8000m pace-run)@MST 12.35 km 01:03 08:12 pace

    Morning Run (8000m pace-run)@MST.
    So reluctant to do this kind of run...but have to start doing it!
    About 2.3km of WU,
    4:23, 4:20, 4:21, 4:21, 4:19, 4:19, 4:19, 4:17.
    CD and some movement workout.... read more

  13. RUN
    2017 Commute Run NO.27 (150mi... 22.01 km 02:30 10:58 pace

    2017 Commute Run NO.27 (150min.LSD). Temp@start: +12C.
    Don't know how many times I thought I would drop out and take a skytrain...!
    I wasn't feeling well since yesterday's Afternoon ... read more

  14. RUN
    Afternoon jog@MST 7.6 km

    Afternoon jog@MST.

  15. RUN
    great 2017 Commute Run No.26 (120mi... 22.5 km 02:24 10:15 pace

    2017 Commute Run No.26 (120min. LSD & quick build-up at MST)
    Temp.@Start: +14C. Left home@5:12am.
    Again, thought I would be deadly tired on the next morning of 35km and 2hrs serious Indoor badm... read more

  16. RUN
    great Weekend Long Run 35km 35.32 km 03:03 08:20 pace

    Weekend Long Run 35km. Temp@start: +11C.
    Started at 6:25am.
    Kept under 5min/km after the long uphill and downhill (about 10km), naturally built-up to 4:34min/km.
    Getting easier to run 35km.

  17. RUN
    great 2017 Commute Run No.25 (20km ... 23.5 km 02:32 10:24 pace

    2017 Commute Run No.25 (20km LSD + 1000m, etc.). Temp@start: +11C.
    Kept LSD pace to the track near the office, and did 1000m@3:53min.
    400m x 2 (1:32, 1:27), Cooldown.

  18. RUN
    great 2017 Commute Run No.24 27.06 mi 02:27 05:25 pace

    2017 Commute Run No.24. Temp@start:+14C.
    Left home@5:14am under the shower.
    Less mileage yesterday perhaps gave me lots of energy.

  19. RUN
    good Morning & Afternoon run 15 km

    Morning jog & Afternoon build-up.
    No Commute Run as too many things to think about and couldn't focus on my running...

  20. RUN
    Afternoon jog@MST 7.1 km 00:44 09:58 pace

    Afternoon jog&Strength training@MST. Temp:+26C.
    Did some strengtth workout. It's been a while!