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Stay healthy and lower my current times at all distances. Complete first Half Ironman Tri in August.

Friends (27)

  • Ellen


    Santa Fe, NM, Hardrock 100, check. Boston, check. Next Up: Work on that official sub-20 5k, marathon PR, & do Hardrock the other direction and finish before the Golden Hour

  • Adam C.

    Adam C.

    Castle Rock, CO,

  • Nicholas S S.

    Nicholas S S.

    Hayward, CA,

  • John R.

    John R.

    Denver, CO, Travel and run as many races I possibly can before I die.

  • Beth B.

    Beth B.

    Arvada, CO, 3500 biking miles in 2013 and 3 Century rides.

  • Ty G.

    Ty G.

    Denver, CO, Run Boston in April. Break 20 min 5K, 1:29 half, and 3:20 marathon. Continue to try and improve my triathlon game...oh...and eternal happiness.

  • Kent


    Penticton, BC, Change how I've been doing things the past couple of years to see if I can drop the weight I need to and reclaim some speed. 2015 goals are forming in my mind.

  • Alyce M.

    Alyce M.

    Highlands Ranch, CO, Marathon, check! 50k, check! What's next? Bring it Calabrese, Liddell & Mininger! Seeking motivation for the next big adventure!

  • Kelly S.

    Kelly S.

    Highlands Ranch, CO, Continue to improve my running and fitness for the ultra marathon and other races in between.

  • Jared S.

    Jared S.

    Denver, CO, 1:19:00 (6:01) 1/2 Marathon 2:45:00 (6:17) Marathon

  • Kristin S.

    Kristin S.

    Peyton, CO, Return to Boston in 2014 to honor the victims.

  • Tara M.

    Tara M.

    Castle Rock, CO, FF 10 mile 1:17, FYBO 5k, TD 13.1 1:40, ROTG, PR 13.1, Colorado 26.2 3:35, GTIS, PP 26.2 7:30

  • David


    Boulder, CO, California International Marathon in December.

  • Jen B.

    Jen B.

    Boulder, CO, Run Smarter. Stay Healthy. Meet Friends. Have Fun! And if that's not enough find a way to run a sub3 marathon...

  • Karla


    Sioux Falls, SD, Lose Myself in Nature and Find Peace; Half Marathon in 1:50; Marathon (Sub 4 hours)

  • Jon


    Castle Rock, CO, Leadville Silver Rush 50M in July 2013; Boston 2014

  • Tamara G.

    Tamara G.

    Seattle, WA, to finish out the year averaging 7.5 miles per day or 2737.5 miles in 2011.

  • Daniel P.

    Daniel P.

    Lakewood, CO, Run a trail marathon this year!

  • John J.

    John J.

    Sioux Falls, SD, 2013 races - PR St. Cloud Half 1:26:57 again. Edmonton AB Marathon, complete first tri. Active in the community as a running mentor in our school programs.

  • Nico B.

    Nico B.

    Boulder, CO, I have never met a mountain I didn't like. Meet more.

  • Jen J.

    Jen J.

    Castle Rock, CO, Ok. Time to draw the line in the sand. And say it out loud. 3:15 marathon. AND my first ultra, the Silver Rush 50.

  • Bob B.

    Bob B.

    Odesa, UA, run the Beregszasz Wine Country Half Marathon in May - have fun and stay in shape.

  • Eric B.

    Eric B.

    Lafayette, CO,

  • Mark H.

    Mark H.

    Toronto, ON, Injury-free, smart, fun running! Beat 4:13 in the Niagara Falls marathon in October!

  • Mark R.

    Mark R.

    Denver, CO,