8563 total / 1110 in 2017

Have fun on the trails ... and maybe try a 50-miler this year.

Wall of Motivation (183)

  1. Barefoot R.
      Great Performance

    oops, the link did not show as one due to the uppercase aitch, i presume. nic... read more

  2. Barefoot R.
      Great Performance

    too bad i was nowhere close, or you would have seen me streaking.☻ on a workout

  3. Barefoot R.
      You're an Inspiration

    great pace! on a workout

  4. Barefoot R.
      Nice Job

    i second that. on a workout

  5. Barefoot R.
      Nice Job

    wow! what a mess! but you survived it, and made it a great workout. on a workout

  6. Barefoot R.
      Great Performance

    you should come here and feel the chill in the air!☻ on a workout

  7. Barefoot R.
      You're an Inspiration

    i always feel distressed when a child disappears because no one has any idea ... read more

  8. Barefoot R.
      You're an Inspiration

    extreme speed! on a workout

  9. Barefoot R.
      Great Performance

    yes, bare (bay) to breakers is in san fran. may 20 next year. and yes, i do i... read more

  10. Barefoot R.
      You're an Inspiration

    very nice run, and the meetups were a bonus! are you planning to run the bare... read more

  11. Helene W.

    Quite hilly, Ric! Great job! on a workout

  12. Lyle M.
      You're an Inspiration

    Well done! That elevation profile looks like a right triangle. You would have... read more

  13. Hazel R.

    Great running, Ric - 3/51 of AG is very impressive! Am I right is thinking t... read more

  14. Andrea S.
      Great Performance

    Well done! on a workout

  15. Mel P.
      Great Performance

    Way to go! Hard work pays off! on a workout

  16. Barefoot R.
      You're an Inspiration

    a most impressive accomplishment! on a workout

  17. Barefoot R.
      You're an Inspiration

    very well done in those hills! on a workout

  18. Barefoot R.
      You're an Inspiration

    nice pace! on a workout

  19. Barefoot R.
      You're an Inspiration

    almost a 10k. in an hour, that’s not bad. on a workout

  20. Mel P.
      Great Performance

    Nice miles before the sunset. on a workout

  21. Paul B.
      You're Funny

    Nice one. on a workout

  22. Barefoot R.
      Nice Job

    why throw on the sandals and shirt? just run in shorts! well done! on a workout

  23. Doosti K.
      Nice Job

    Great job ,,, on a workout

  24. Hazel R.

    Great running, Ric - 8 min/mile pace is very tasty - not surprised it is a PB... read more

  25. Preston
      Great Performance

    Great job, Ric! Congrats on your first ever Age Group win! I've found that ... read more

  26. Doosti K.
      Nice Job

    Great job ,,Ric on a workout

  27. Janice H.
      You're an Inspiration

    Great miles! on a workout

  28. Doosti K.
      Nice Job

    Interesting,,If your car took one week in workshop you will become regular wa... read more

  29.   Great Performance

    Ric, that is an awesome finish and a great pace - well done, especially so so... read more

  30. Preston
      Great Performance

    Nice job, Ric! on a workout

  31. Janice H.
      Great Performance

    Excellent race! on a workout

  32. Doosti K.
      Nice Job

    Great Job ,Have a nice day. on a workout

  33. Barefoot R.
      You're an Inspiration

    ours was gone in one day so i saw no reason to shovel it. good job! on a workout

  34. Janice H.
      Nice Job

    Sweet miles, cold tootsies! on a workout

  35. Barefoot R.
      You're an Inspiration

    yes, that combo is not to be messed with in any way. far too dangerous. on a workout

  36. Doosti K.
      Nice Job

    Nice work ,no matter how you do it, on a workout

  37. Doosti K.
      Great Performance

    Great Job on a workout

  38. Doosti K.
      Nice Job

    Great job on a workout

  39. Preston
      Get Better

    Glad to hear that you're up and moving again! I hope all is healing well and... read more

  40. Petite
      Post a workout!

    Just checking in. Hope you are well, Ric.

  41. Paul B.
      Nice Job

    Great thing to do Ric and I hope the ankles not too bad. on a workout

  42. Barefoot R.
      Nice Job

    always nice when the bad stuff stays away! on a workout

  43. Terri
      Nice Job

    You are brave . . . since I tweaked my knee there was no way I felt brave eno... read more

  44. Terri
      You're an Inspiration

    Blue Sky day but chilly . . . on a workout

  45. Scott C.
      Good Luck

    I ran three marathons last year... scaled way back this year... resuming runn... read more

  46. Terri R.
      Great Performance

    Easy pace - easy for you to say. :-P Nice job! on a workout

  47. Saqeb L.
      You're an Inspiration

    You gonna smash the miles. on a workout

  48. Saqeb L.
      Nice Job

    Awesome miles done on a workout

  49. Daniela
      You're Funny

    Congrats! :) on a workout

  50. Daniela
      You're Funny

    Well done, sounds like a nice group to run with ;)) on a workout