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  • 11 miles
  • 01:59 time
  • 1300 calories
  • 2 workouts
  • This Week time period


  1. RUN
    great Shooper Schweaty Lunch Run 3.32 mi 00:35 10:32 pace

    Damn that was fun! My same old "backyard" trail, Ernie Maxwell Trail, but all was perfect. Still a tad tired from last night's long run, but
    (1) no troubles from the blister, than... read more

    • Pierre M.
      Pierre M.

      I'm trying to figure out what was left to be crappy. All I can think of is your guts must not have been very cooperative today.

      about 1 hour ago Like1 person

    • Mel P.
      Mel P.

      Looks like the good outweighed the bad on this one, nice work!

      about 1 hour ago Like1 person

    • Ric M.
      Ric M.

      "crappy run" is strictly tongue in cheek way of saying exactly what you said in your 1st sentence , Pierre -- twas all fantastic. :)

      27 minutes ago Like

  2. RUN
    good Shortened run but long enough 8.14 mi 01:24 10:19 pace

    not sure why, but a blister formed between 2 of my toes. I've worn these sandals for trail running lots -- like 180 mile's worth -- and not had this issue before. Strange. So, though I&#... read more

  3. RUN
    Run 4.11 mi 00:41 09:52 pace

  4. walk
    good walk to/from Suzanne's 1.2 mi

    gps claimed "zero" miles when i got done. grrrrr.

  5. Shared Photo

    My running peeps: The Caribbean-based feature-length action/drama film I directed in 95 premieres online 1pm PT today, available all weekend. I even did a bit role, tho I defy you to find me in it.... read more

    • Ric M.
      Ric M.

      Though a super low-budget movie ($60k), we put some amazing production values into it (cast of 100+, explosions, big fight scenes & gun battles, helicopters, coast guard ships....), and it's developed an enormous following throughout the Caribbean as the first film to gain international distribution. But, so far, it hasn't gained an enormous following among runners. YOU CAN CHANGE THAT! :)

      4 days ago Like4 people

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    • Hazel R.
      Hazel R.

      It took 22 years to bring the movie to fruition?! Things move more slowly in the movie world than I thought.

      4 days ago Like1 person

    • Ric M.
      Ric M.

      LOL - no, hazel - it came to fruition in 1995 - it gets its *online* premier this weekend. :)

      4 days ago Like1 person

  6. FIT
    good More dance floor cross-training 01:30

    A Latin/Mexican kind o band made for some lively stepping with Suzanne at the Idyllwild Summer Concert Series @ the town park. We'd started dance lessons 2 days ago, but quickly abandoned thos... read more

  7. RUN
    good Ran thru the brambles & I ran... 8.06 mi 01:25 10:34 pace

    Can you name that song? :)

    While doing a mad scramble to dig out a mosquito net from my hydration pocket -- i was being swarmed by an impossible cloud of not-so-tasty gnats -- my mp3 player, ... read more

    • Mike K
      Mike K

      And ran through the bushes where a rabbit couldn't go. Nice running! Glad you found you're player.

      5 days ago Like1 person

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    • Hazel R.
      Hazel R.

      Aww - I knew this straight away - 'where the rabbits couldn't go - ran so fast the hounds couldn't catch 'em!' etc etc. On this side of the pond we know the Battle of New Orleans as sung by the great skiffle king, Lonnie Donegan - one of my late dad's favourites. :-)

      4 days ago Like1 person

    • Mel P.
      Mel P.

      Glad you found it! Being without your tunes would bra major bummer.

      4 days ago Like1 person

  8. Shared Photo

    Weak reception up here, so I ran this route in airplane mode. As you can see.

    Tj M. - this one's for you. :)

  9. RUN
    great Some w/Suzanne, some alone 5.34 mi 00:53 09:51 pace

    Happy to have gotten this in -- been crrrrrazy busy preparing a movie i directed in '95 for an online premiere this Friday. But it's finally uploading. Yay.

    Suzanne, still recovering ... read more

  10. RUN
    good High Desert Run 2.37 mi 00:24 10:19 pace

    Didn't really have time to run at all, so I just squeezed in this shorty on my way back up the mountain from appointments in the desert. This trail goes MUCH further than the 1.2 miles of it t... read more

    • Andrea S.
      Andrea S.

      Good job squeezing it in!

      8 days ago Like2 people

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    • Christie

      Way to squeeze in a quickie!!

      7 days ago Like1 person

    • Ric M.
      Ric M.

      TJ - it's main characteristic in this first mile is heavy rockage -- so in my Vibram FiveFingers, it took constant visual diligence. but then it turned into a dirt trail near where i stopped. if i go back to do more or all of it, I'd hope for more of the latter, less of the former

      7 days ago Like

  11. FIT
    good Hike with the gf 2.81 mi

    After going to a remote area to stare up at the sky at 3am to see the Perseid meteor shower (we saw several falling stars & got serenaded by an owl and roughly a million crickets), Suzanne and ... read more

  12. RUN
    good Walking County Park 2.11 mi

    Suzanne's still recouping from a mountain bike injury, so we made this a brisk walk instead of running. Fun being out a 7:30am at the county park on a weekend; the place is packed with (mostly... read more

  13. RUN
    great Post-Anesthesia walk-off 2.34 mi 00:36 15:29 pace

    Free dry sauna! i.e., a walk around the hospital to speed up my recovery from anesthesia after my colonoscopy in Palm Springs (110 degrees). I was in search of the nearest green space, and waiting ... read more

  14. RUN
    great Dawn With Attitude & Altitude 3.89 mi 00:39 09:59 pace

    Feeling good about this one because I nearly didn't do it -- just wasn't feeling it. But pushed out the door and found my groove and had a great time and a good start to the day. http:/... read more

  15. RUN
    good Crack-o-Dawn run on Ernie Max... 3.15 mi

    left my phone elsewhere last night, so no gps. a nice wakerupper with about 516 ft of elevation gain. Nearly the same as this route from a week ago with a bit extra: ... read more

  16. RUN
    good A rolloutofbedandhitthetrail ... 1.74 mi 00:22 12:32 pace

    Threw on the sandals and a shirt and got'er done. Day started.

    • Pierre M.
      Pierre M.

      I give up on thinking up goofy remarks since you are just buzzing along oblivious in airplane mode. Have a nice run, Ric.

      14 days ago Like2 people

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    • Mike D.
      Mike D.

      Way to rock and roll.

      14 days ago Like1 person

    • Ric M.
      Ric M.

      LOL, Mel. you (and the local wildlife) will be happy to know i put on run shorts too. A detail i skipped in my description. :) Although the way you envisioned it matches a dream i had once....

      13 days ago Like

  17. RUN
    good explore Simpson Park in Hemet 3.45 mi 00:33 09:39 pace

    It was gutsy of me to try this high-desert park without first looking at maps, but it was a last-min. decision based on advice fr. a friend I carpooled down to Hemet with. Not easy on one's fi... read more

    • Tj M.
      Tj M.

      Looks like I just missed you. Hope you had lots of fun out there.

      15 days ago Like2 people

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    • Andrea S.
      Andrea S.

      I keep reading that as "helmet" and wondering about your trails...

      14 days ago Like1 person

    • Ric M.
      Ric M.

      the city of hemet itself has become something of a cesspool -- druggies, gangs, violence... -- so a full suit of armor, helmet included, might be a good idea LOL but the outskirts area where the park and trails and foothills are is safe enough that i can go run without a helmet ;)

      14 days ago Like

  18. Shared Photo

    the view near the top today's trail on my trip to LA, looking down at the fire road I'd just run.

    • Mike D.
      Mike D.

      Very dry.

      18 days ago Like

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    • Bill H.

      You find the best running trails, Ric.

      17 days ago Like1 person

    • Ric M.
      Ric M.

      Yes, Mike -- the mountains around LA are dustbowls with light vegetation. I love running her though because (a) memories of where i got started in trail running (b) you get more views with fewer trees and (c) it makes sure that i don't take for granted the forests i get to run in daily in Idyllwild

      17 days ago Like

  19. Shared Photo

    Los Angeles viewed from about 2600' elev. on the trail this evening.

    • Mike D.
      Mike D.

      Amazing it was clear enough to see!

      18 days ago Like1 person

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    • Ric M.
      Ric M.

      Northridge - i lived there back when! are you a trail runner? If so, i can point out a few in that 'hood, or not too far, Dorothy.

      17 days ago Like

    • Ric M.
      Ric M.

      like even this Verdugo mountain thing -- like 20 or so min. from where you'll be, if you take a different trailhead up it

      17 days ago Like

  20. RUN
    great Run up to Verdugo Mtns peak a... 6.02 mi 01:01 10:12 pace

    After a very full day trip of business in LA - ~2.5 hours from home -- I found myself stuck in bumper2bumper traffic due to a fatality crash up ahead somewhere. So i took the next exit and went up ... read more