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  • 2 miles
  • 00:24 time
  • 298 calories
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  1. RUN
    Afternoon Run on Ernie Maxwel... 1.9 mi 00:24 12:27 pace

  2. RUN
    great Sandal Run back on home turf 5.32 mi 01:07 12:31 pace

    Ernie Maxwell Trail behind the cabin for an easy run break. I enjoy a good adventure, but it's always nice to be back on Idyllwild trails.

  3. Shared Photo

    The view (~4000 ft. up) along the trail yesterday from the tiny pocket of shade we crouched under to take a breather in the low-90s temps on our way up. And up. And up.

  4. Shared Photo

    A fun view of the Palm Springs airport beyond the desert flora roughly 2000 ft. above the city. From yesterday's hike.

  5. Shared Photo

    Desert's first light of day on yesterday's trail (Skyline Tr. from Palm Spgs)

  6. walk
    good Hike Skyline Tr. to Tram Uppe... 10.24 mi 05:53

    Skyline Trail to the Palm Springs tram's upper station is not the longest, nor highest, but definitely the hardest and steepest trail I've ever hiked! HOT temps! (up to 90s). Over its 10-... read more

    • Pierre M.
      Pierre M.

      A solid bunch, as you said! tough and hot though.

      3 days ago Like2 people

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    • Ric M.
      Ric M.

      Christy: Right?? Why the heck is that? These guys want me to join them on Grand Canyon in late May and I'm thinking, no way; they'll not be ready and it'll be tortuously slow going, if not dangerous.

      2 days ago Like

    • Ric M.
      Ric M.

      Pierre/Andrea: Definitely, yes. Even the slowest dude - the one who'd never hiked before -- kept us in stitches. Funny as hell, but subtle. Like when one of us snapped his picture around 7500' and he smiled, mumbling "Thanks for documenting my final hours."

      2 days ago Like2 people

  7. RUN
    good Sutton's Run/South Ridge Loll... 5.9 mi 01:16 12:53 pace

    Really intended to go to the peak but just wasn't feeling it. Doing so would have added another 90 or more minutes. This was enjoyable though. Sunshine, 70s.

  8. Shared Photo

    one of the pix from yesterday's test of the new polarizing filter for my camera. The difference was negligible for this image. I need a better test - something with a highly reflective surfac... read more

  9. walk
    Sunset Hike to test new camer... 0.33 mi 00:06:39 20:09 pace

    • Pierre M.
      Pierre M.

      A toy! A new toy!

      5 days ago Like2 people

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    • Ric M.
      Ric M.

      it's tricky trying to figure out how to carry it securely on a run so it doesn't bounce but also is easy to get to. Most backpack solutions take too long to get to, but i haven't found a chest strap solution that's secure enough yet. I may be forced to go back to pocket digitals for the runs

      5 days ago Like

    • Daniela

      Well done! Looking forward to some footage!

      5 days ago Like1 person

  10. Shared Photo

    From today's run on South Ridge Trail, at ~8,100 ft., looking through Window Rock

  11. Shared Photo

    Anybody else see creature heads or just me? one looks like a shark... the bigger one: an ape maybe? This is from today's run on South Ridge Trail, at ~8,000 ft.

  12. RUN
    great Afternoon Sandal Run Almost t... 11.58 mi 02:47 14:25 pace

    I lied. That segment between miles 1.5 and 3.1 that I described as secret and mostly untraveled? I guess it's neither because I bumped into my next door neighbors out there! I shouldn't b... read more

  13. Shared Photo

    One of the more challenging mountain scrambles I did on the location scouting trip. The husband character in the movie needs to make his way to the peak of the nearby hill to ascertain the best dir... read more

  14. Actual vid footage of me running on the scouting trip! The production manager for the movie challenged me to run up this sand dune and go down as fast as i could. I be... read more

  15. Shared Photo

    Proof that I actually got in some good workouts on that movie location scouting trip earlier this week. :) This hillside -- formed from fossilized sand dunes! - could work for a chase scene seque... read more

  16. Shared Photo

    The local trails are abloom today with ... um... lilacs? I think that's what they are. And daises too.

  17. RUN
    great Sandal run of ~z~ trail & Nep... 8.05 mi 01:46 13:08 pace

    It's great to be back on my home turf, but it was still fresh and new; miles 4 through 6 are the newly completed ~Z~ Trail (yep, that's its name, with the tildes) in this ever-growing mat... read more

  18. Shared Photo

    i think we've found our cave -- the one the lost couple in the movie must use to take shelter from the heat of the desert where they are wandering. And it was another run-hike opportunity. :)

  19. Shared Photo

    There. Proof. :) Bucket item -- run a slot canyon -- checked off. Except I'm now thinking I need to go back and do a week's worth of this. We had time to check out just one of the hu... read more

  20. RUN
    great Final day locaton scouting 1.75 mi

    it just got better each day of this movie location scouting trip. On this, our final day in Utah, I got to cross an item off my bucket list -- to run through a slot canyon! It was every bit as muc... read more