Friends (13)

  • Danny W.

    Danny W.

    Gloucester Courthouse, VA, Just trying to get healthy and stay that way! No more injuries!

  • Kevin B.

    Kevin B.

    Chesapeake, VA, Continue to run happy and healthy, and break PRs: Sub 60-minute 10k; Sub 2:15 half marathon (Done!); Finish NYC Marathon in 4:40

  • Susan S.

    Susan S.

    Virginia Beach, VA, To pursue my passion for running through any and every avenue I believe progressive!

  • Steve R J.

    Steve R J.

    Suffolk, VA, I have completed multiple full and half marathons, triathlons, century rides and a couple ultra marathons. Trying to stay healthy and have fun with my friends!

  • Steve Shep

    Steve Shep

    Suffolk, VA, Set good example for my offspring.Be an uplifting friend.Eat Bacon & Ice Cream and tip a Suds(or three)w/out regret.Read a few new books.Defy the aging process.

  • Ashleigh W.

    Ashleigh W.

    Virginia Beach, VA, Sub 2:30 for my next half marathon!

  • Raphael A.

    Raphael A.

    Baltimore, MD, 2012-PRs on 5K (✓) (25:46), 10K, 21K (✓) (1:59:34), 42K (✓) (5:20) - Finish - a full marathon sub 5 hr, a sub 2 hr half (✓), an int'l run (✓) and my 1st tri

  • Neal T.

    Neal T.

    Virginia Beach, VA, First half (done), first full (done), first duo, first tri...

  • Mel Jones T.

    Mel Jones T.

    Virginia Beach, VA, Run my first full, Marine Corps Marathon 2012 (accomplished in 5:40!), and to be a healthy, happy runner! :)

  • Ken G.

    Ken G.

    Melbourne Vic, AU, To maintain Fitness and Health

  • Ken P.

    Ken P.

    Pascagoula, MS,

  • Adorkbl


    Tucson, AZ, To run the AZ Distance Classic 1/4 Marathon March 24, 2013!!

  • Amy