Friends (17)

  • Sandra E.

    Sandra E.

    Springfield, IL, Long Term--Run till I'm 100 2018 Goal—Spring marathon; RAGBRAI

  • Michael G.

    Michael G.

    North Plainfield, NJ, Continue to run for charity!

  • Bari F.

    Bari F.

    Grand Rapids, MI, In 2016 I just want to run healthy and maybe throw in some fun races with friends. First up - the Donna Breast Cancer (half) Marathon in Jacksonville, FL.

  • Rachel D.

    Rachel D.

    Raleigh, NC, 2016 - Joy and balance in my life (with some fabulous trail miles along the way). Umstead 100 and the Tahoe Rim Trail 50 to keep my running inspired.

  • Meg R.

    Meg R.

    Ringgold, TX, To have fun and be happy :)

  • Amy L.

    Amy L.

    Syracuse, NY,

  • Aimee M.

    Aimee M.

    Frisco, TX, To run at least 4x/week and maintain my base mileage at 15-20miles per week.

  • Run With Jess

    Run With Jess

    Peoria, IL, **2014** •Olympic Triathlon •Full Marathon under 4:10 •Stay healthy and happy!

  • Jill B.

    Jill B.

    Macungie, PA, to make good food and exercise choices and lose the weight that has been bothering me for two years.

  • Jill C.

    Jill C.

    Cincinnati, OH, Run a half, full, 50k and my first 50 miler and hold a 7 minute plank.

  • Alison P.

    Alison P.

    Morwell, AU, Shepparton half ironman November 2013

  • Rachel S.

    Rachel S.

    Yokohama Shi, JP, run.

  • Michele G.

    Michele G.

    , Marathon: Sub-3:10 (3:21:23), Half Marathon: Sub-1:30 (PR: 1:31:57), 10k: Sub-41 (42:54), Sub-11:30 (Ironman)

  • Stephen V.

    Stephen V.

    Birmingham, AL, Weight Loss

  • Cindi P.

    Cindi P.

    , Updated goal: To run in several 5K's, a 10K and a Half in the spring and the Rock & Roll Half in the fall.

  • Ann F.

    Ann F.

    St Paul, MN, Run my 1st Marathon in October '12!

  • Tatiana K.