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  • 2 miles
  • 01:26 time
  • 305 calories
  • 2 workouts
  • This Week time period


  1. RUN
    great downtown 4 km 00:26 10:15 pace

    So difficult to pull myself out of bed this morning and get out there in the dark. But it was worth it. It always is. Smelled apples down at the end of the harbour. Have no idea why.

  2. FIT
    great school's training room. 01:00

    Not many people go to the gym directly from the hair dresser. This is commitment.
    Squeezed it in before Salsa tonight:

    2x12 and 2x10 squats with arm raises, 4K each arm
    2x12 and 2x10 bench pre... read more

  3. RUN
    Downtown 4 km 00:25 10:03 pace

    Got it in.

  4. FIT
    great home weights 01:00

    the whole series for the first time in ages
    2x12 10k, 2x10 squats
    3x10 each side calf raises
    bench press 5k each arm, 2x12, 2x10
    triceps 5k, 3x10
    low row 3x12 each side
    3x10 push ups
    3x10 ab rol... read more

  5. RUN
    good Sandved parken 4 km 00:26 10:27 pace

    Despite last night and being witness to a terrible beating, I am feeling somewhat balanced. Processing still the sounds of a body being hit. Had no idea a body could sound so soft... running, I kep... read more

  6. RUN
    great Sandved parken 6.03 km 00:40 10:40 pace

    Guessing at the time, but figure it is in the ballpark. MapMyRun and the gps were not doing well this morning... had me zig-zagging and racking up the kilometers in superhuman time. Turned it off. ... read more

  7. FIT
    alright home 00:25

    It has been farrrrr too long since I lifted weights. Been babying my shoulder - at least that's been the excuse.

    squats 4x10 with 5K each shoulder
    triceps 1x10, 1x6 (all I could manage)
    benc... read more

  8. RUN
    Mosvatnet 4.03 km 00:24 09:36 pace

    varied splits - set out way too fast at 5.20. Ran out of steam. Been another bad Monday.

  9. RUN
    alright 4.81 km 00:32 10:47 pace

    It was high tide, so what sand there was to run on was soft as a feather bed. And the wind in our faces a good deal of the time. So glad I have a running partner to motivate me through the autumn...

  10. RUN
    alright 5.04 km 00:31 10:01 pace

    Harder and harder to run as the earth turns away from the sun.

  11. RUN
    downtown 2 4 km 00:26 10:15 pace

    Eh... Did it. And yoga this norning

  12. FIT
    alright dvd 00:30

    Eh. Did it.

  13. FIT
    blah ripped in 30 00:30

    Okay. I am feeling really awful. The white noise in my ears last night so loud it kept me from sleeping. Looking at my dismally empty graph these past few weeks, it is clear what the problem is. I ... read more

  14. RUN
    good Sandtangen 4 km 00:25 09:58 pace

    Squeezed it in while my running partner was at the doctor.

  15. RUN
    good Mosvatnet 3.51 km 00:19 08:47 pace

    What stress will do to you... (short run in order to get back to the apartment before the realtor left): Negative splits and a PR!

  16. RUN
    great Sola beach 4.75 km 00:29 09:54 pace

    Negative splits without trying. 6.24, 6.15, 6.11, 5.59, 5.52 ON THE BEACH! Yep. Pretty happy with this run. It was also blue and beautiful. Sea and sky.

  17. RUN
    good blåmagazine and back 4.2 km 00:28 10:43 pace

    slow today, but got it done.

  18. RUN
    good almost badedammen 5 km 00:33 10:37 pace

    Ran while the realtor was showing my place. Holding my breath now, hoping and praying that their will be a bidding round tomorrow and I won't lose any money on this... not a relaxing run.

  19. RUN
    good Mosvatne 5 km 00:30 09:39 pace

    A rather late run. Still not got myself a proper routine, but getting there. Will start lifting again this week, once my apartment is sold and I can unpack all the stuff they made me hide.

  20. RUN
    great Saturn and back 5.81 km 00:37 10:12 pace

    The (almost) end of the workweek. A shower and a stroll in the park to watch my students perform. Then the well-earned weekend.