8096 total / 947 in 2014

To stay healthy while running the miles of trials.

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  • Corey M.

    Corey M.

    Trinidad, Run 700 Miles in 2014 PR - 5K - 24:00 PR - 10K - 52:00 Run in a Relay Race Run a race that SCARES me

  • Jess M.

    Jess M.

    Somerville, MA, Give and get training advice and share the passion of running and yoga!

  • Pat


    Amherst, MA,

  • Scott S.

    Scott S.

    Austin, TX, To run an Ultra Marathon in 2016. Learning how to run with VCD!!

  • Daniel T.

    Daniel T.

    Los Angeles, CA,

  • Eric R.

    Eric R.

    Reno, NV, never stop running

  • Pete M.

    Pete M.


  • Austin C.

    Austin C.

    Albany, OR, This Season: PR in the 5k and half marathon Long Term: sub 16 5k, sub 34 10k, sub 1:15 half, sub 2:37 full Current PRs: 16:53 5k, 38:24 10k, 1:26:13 half

  • Kristie C.

    Kristie C.

    Las Vegas, NV, I have goals, they are personal. I compete against myself, not against another athlete.

  • Janice S.

    Janice S.

    Milton, ON, To qualify for the 2016 Boston Marathon and to complete a 1/2 Ironman triathlon in July 2015.

  • Caitlin


    Boston, MA, Currently training dor my firth marathon and trying my best to stay happy and healthy along the way.

  • Stephanie


    Baton Rouge, LA,

  • Dan R.

    Dan R.


  • John O.

    John O.

    Bettendorf, IA, to run as far and as long as I can...

  • Steph H.

    Steph H.

    Austin, TX, Sub 1:50 half and sub-4 marathon

  • Stephanie


    Arlington, VA, Complete 50K, PR in ten mile and Half Marathon Distance. Hopefully run Boston in 2014 for the first time, if I get in.

  • Pam


    CA, PR's 3:21 (full) // 1:34 (half). I'd love to run a 3:18 & 1:32 one day!! Phil 4:13

  • David


    Richmond, VA, just want to get back into running shape after falling off the wagon and gaining some weight.

  • Stevie M.

    Stevie M.

    Bridgwater Somerset United Kingdom, My goal is to run the London marathon to experience the buzz.. I achieved my first 35 severe ultra this year 8th Feb 2014 South Devon Coastal trail.

  • Brian J.

    Brian J.

    Indianapolis, IN, Complete my 1st 70.3 triathlon in September, run a 4:30 marathon and run my 1st ultra!

  • Olivier M.
  • Chris R.

    Chris R.

    Boston, MA, RunRunLive Podcast...

  • Marcelo C.

    Marcelo C.

    Montevideo, UY, Correr una Maraton :D Run a Marathon :D

  • Jamie D.

    Jamie D.

    , Wherever these legs take me....

  • Dominick S.

    Dominick S.

    Pasadena, CA, Run a trail half marathon in 2014