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Same as any other runner.....Boston! Sub 19 5k Sub 40 10k 1:30 Half 3:10 Marathon

Wall of Motivation (32)

  1. Shannon J.
      Post a workout!

    Ok.....was that you winning the D-Day 5k this weekend???

  2. Bobbie
      You're an Inspiration

    Quit marathons for a while?!?! You're insane. You'll be back. You'll see me i... read more

  3. Heidi D.
      You're an Inspiration

    Amazing job!! on a workout

  4. Bobbie
      Great Performance

    Fast, fast, always fast. You'll get your sub 40! on a workout

  5. Tigra 2.
      Great Performance

    2 speed bunnies in 1 race? Dynamite!!!!!!! :) Awesome pace Mr Ralph!!!!!! on a workout

  6. Bobbie
      Great Performance

    Any good prizes today? on a workout

  7. Tigra 2.
      You're an Inspiration

    Congrats Mr Ralph!!!!!! 2 me that's 1 hell of a Marathon. Only a couple of ... read more

  8. Tigra 2.
      You're an Inspiration

    Worst case; jump on the plane & I will lend mine with no complains Mr Ralph!!... read more

  9. Tigra 2.
      Great Performance

    Very impressive 4 a stuffy boy!!!!!! Mindblowing pace Mr Ralph! on a workout

  10. Bobbie
      Great Performance

    Yay PR!! And yay celebrations!!! on a workout

  11. Jenny B.
      Great Performance

    Wow those are some speedy splits! on a workout

  12. Tigra 2.
      You're an Inspiration

    Breathtaking paces Mr Ralph!!!!!!! Guessing Busch Gardens is a race (& not th... read more

  13. Tigra 2.
      Great Performance

    Wish I could claim the same. Have been freaking in bed all day, sick as a pu... read more

  14. Tigra 2.

    wooooooooooow!!!!!!!!!!!! That's so impressive Mr Ralph!!!! Congrats on the P... read more

  15. Jenny B.
      Great Performance

    Congrats! on a workout

  16. Ed H.
      Nice Job

    That is smoking! on a workout

  17. Bobbie
      Great Performance

    Speedy, Mr. Ralph. Breaking 20 is my lifetime goal. Great work!!! on a workout

  18. Tigra 2.

    Wooooooow!!!!!!! Breathtaking, stunning, impressive!!!!!!!! Congrats on the m... read more

  19. Tigra 2.
      Great Performance

    Real warrior material!!!!!! Beach runs rock!!!!!!!! Realy rough but soooooooo... read more

  20. Tigra 2.
      Nice Job

    Damn great pace Mr Ralph. Excellent run!!!!! on a workout

  21. Tigra 2.
      Great Performance

    Stunning &.... pffff breathtaking!!!! Impressive. You don't throw in interva... read more

  22. Bobbie

    Totally impressed, Mr. Ralph! Great race! on a workout

  23. Meredith B.
      Great Performance

    I wanted to run in this race! I've been stuck at work all day! Smokin' pace! on a workout

  24. Sally G.
      Great Performance

    Great pace! on a workout

  25. David H.

    That's awesome. Sorry we didn't have time to catch up - my son was ready to g... read more

  26. Sally G.
      You're Funny

    Ha, I know. First time I did it, I felt so weird. It's good to do every now a... read more

  27. Bobbie
      Nice Job

    Trail races are hard, aren't they! Isn't it amazing what it does to your pace... read more

  28. Ed H.
      You're an Inspiration

    Great job. Just think sleeping and hydration are the easy parts! on a workout

  29. Tim D.
      Nice Job

    Contrats on your Marathon, even though you didn't feel great you still finish... read more

  30. Ed H.
      Nice Job

    Tha is one of the hardest part of running. on a workout

  31. Ed H.
      Great Performance

    Very nice distance. on a workout

  32. Wendy B.
      You're an Inspiration

    wow!! 20 mile run! on a workout