9161 total / 748 in 2016

Looking at a 100 miler... PR 5k 22:02 PR 10k 52:06 (w/2 kids in stroller) PR Half 1:37:55 (2014/05/03) PR Marathon 3:44:58 (2015/04/12)

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  • 7 miles
  • 01:01 time
  • 801 calories
  • 2 workouts
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  1. RUN
    good Honda Pick Up run to Honda 3.74 mi 00:31 08:11 pace

    Blargh was it steamy tonight. I had to loiter about the lot for 15 minutes do stop dripping so I could go into the service area.

  2. RUN
    good Honda Drop Run To Work 3.73 mi 00:30 08:06 pace

    First time back since Sunday when I thought was over being sick but wasn't.

  3. RUN
    alright 11.76 mi 01:38 08:21 pace

    A failed attempt at the usual Sunday. Brian was still burned out from his race days early so he pulled off early. I had a cold and didn't fell like going the distance so Joe and I turned ba... read more

  4. RUN
    alright Leaper Perkins 13 mi 02:02 09:23 pace

    I took a rest day Monday, felt ill Tuesday AM and walked into this weekend with zero miles for the week. When I saw Ben K. post that he a Chris B. were doing 13 I figured that was a great chance t... read more

    • Dave P.
      Dave P.

      Great time with the guys. Glad you were able to join them.

      7 days ago Like

    • Ben K.
      Ben K.

      Nice finish line antics, brother. You've got a better sprint than the last time we did that!

      6 days ago Like1 person

    • Elliot W.
      Elliot W.

      nice miles, good to scrub that zero off for the week!

      6 days ago Like

  5. RUN
    Downtown Runaround 7.94 mi 01:10 08:49 pace

    After yesterday's 50K I joined my Sunday AM crew to shake out the sore. Since I missed it the first three races of this year I felt OK skipping my tradition of breaking in the race shirt the d... read more

    • Brian S.
      Brian S.

      Dude, you are a machine, you seemed fine.

      13 days ago Like

    • Dave P.
      Dave P.

      Can't believe you were back at it so soon. You earned a rest day or two. :)

      13 days ago Like

    • Elliot W.
      Elliot W.

      Cracking weekend - and I haven't read up your 50k report yet! Great running.

      13 days ago Like

  6. RUN
    good Playin' Possum 50k 2016 31.06 mi 05:36 10:49 pace

    I love this even (these people) so much and have shared so much on other social media venues that it's hard to capture it all here.
    Friends, mud, 50k, more mud, some wind, friends, cheering... read more

  7. RUN
    good run, home: 4.11 Roberts loop 4.11 mi 00:33 08:06 pace

    Tomorrow is race day. Playin' Possum 50K.
    Shakin' out the tight this morning. Let's do this.

  8. RUN
    great Military Range Master Roberts 4.86 mi 00:40 08:12 pace

    Raining when I started and it vacillated between gentle drops and vengeful purging. It was warm and I was slow and easy so it didn't matter.

  9. RUN
    good neighborhood four 4.08 mi 00:33 08:07 pace

    Maintenance for race week.

  10. RUN
    good neighborhood four 14.96 mi 02:04 08:17 pace

    A late recording of a wonderful Saturday sunrise run with Joe M. & Carrie J.

  11. RUN
    great Office: 4 Mile Africa Rd. 4 mi 00:35 08:44 pace

    First lunch outing with Bob H. in over a month. It needed to be done.

  12. RUN
    good Military Range Master Roberts 4.86 mi 00:38 07:47 pace

    I found a dime. Out on a rural road to boot.
    Oh yeah, this was also my first before-work run outside of the neighborhood since probably October. Yay, daylight.

    • Dave P.
      Dave P.

      Yay for daylight and good job on the dime. The folks in New Albany don't leave their cash laying around in the road. However, we do find a gift card from time to time. LOL

      25 days ago Like1 person

    • Jeff G.
      Jeff G.

      Nice profitable 4 miler!

      25 days ago Like

    • Reverend Run V.
      Reverend Run V.

      Lucky. I found another 5 ngwee on Saturday. I didn't pick it up, but I thought of you.

      25 days ago Like1 person

  13. RUN
    good Shirt Break In 4.08 mi 00:34 08:19 pace

    I'm 0-3 on my tradition of breaking in a race shirt the day after a race. I went from Cap City to camping with Cub Scouts and by the time I got home Sunday, got all the camp gear set up agai... read more

    • Dave P.
      Dave P.

      Maybe you've started a new tradition. You seem to be having a great year, so just keep it going. :) Glad you got to stretch out the calves.

      26 days ago Like1 person

    • Elliot W.
      Elliot W.

      Good tradition; some of mine have never seen the light of day since their race!!

      26 days ago Like

  14. RUN
    13.1 mi 01:38 07:29 pace

    The excuses:
    I’ve been training for 50Ks (two weeks before and two weeks after this race) and not putting in speed work at all.
    From 3PM to 8PM the day before the race I was on my feet as a greete... read more

  15. RUN
    alright run, home: 4.11 Roberts loop 4.11 mi 00:34 08:17 pace

    Training is done, next time out I run at the gun.
    Today was a great example of why I don't rest the day prior to a race. I was tight, slow and had shin splints most of the run. I learned a f... read more

  16. RUN
    good neighborhood four 4.08 mi 00:33 08:07 pace


  17. RUN
    great Dublin Starbucks Cardinal Loo... 6.18 mi 00:50 08:01 pace

    It's Cap City Half week, stop number three in my spring cycle. I felt strong and fleet today. A light show on the pre-sunrise horizon and big fat drops of rain for less than three minutes in ... read more

    • Dave P.
      Dave P.

      Nice run. Good luck on Saturday. Hope your legs are fresh for it with all the miles you've done in the last couple of days.

      about 1 month ago Like

  18. RUN
    great Cap City Practice Route 13.5 mi 01:49 08:06 pace

    With under a week to race time, today our regular Sunday group ran the Cap City Route (though we pick it up about mile two of the course run to the finish then do the first couple miles). Brian S... read more

  19. RUN
    good neighborhood four 4.08 mi 00:33 08:09 pace

    Regular training miles before heading out to do some Cub Scout community service.

  20. RUN
    good neighborhood four 4.08 mi 00:34 08:19 pace

    Yesterday was a bit more taxing than I expected so today the goal was comfortable and steady. I did that until the last quarter mile and then kicked it up a little. Still comfortable.