8613 total / 201 in 2016

Looking at a 100 miler... PR 5k 22:02 PR 10k 52:06 (w/2 kids in stroller) PR Half 1:37:55 (2014/05/03) PR Marathon 3:44:58 (2015/04/12)

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  • 28 miles
  • 03:53 time
  • 3051 calories
  • 4 workouts
  • This Week time period


  1. RUN
    alright Frozen Grandview 12.51 mi 01:44 08:19 pace

    The usual suspects, Brian S. & Joe M. with the addition of Mike S. got together for the usual fare. 'Cept it was 5°F/-15°C and breezy. Ouch.
    We set out with Brian and Mike setting the... read more

    • Brian S.
      Brian S.

      Breezy...that's oneway to put it. Windy as crap with a -10 windchill, that's another way.

      about 6 hours ago Like

    • Amy J.
      Amy J.

      That is crazy about the water vest. Great 13!

      about 6 hours ago Like

    • Brandon B.
      Brandon B.

      Ice inside your jacket!!! Props, man, for running out in that severe cold!

      about 3 hours ago Like

    • Mike S.
      Mike S.

      I also laughed a little when I took my jacket off and my pull over underneath was covered in ice. Well at first I was confused but then laughed. Thanks for letting me join today!

      about 2 hours ago Like

  2. RUN
    great Alum Creek Trail Out and Back... 5.33 mi 00:44 08:11 pace

    A co-worker needed a ride from the Honda dealer this morning and in my mind that's an excuse to run somewhere different. I parked next door to the dealer with 50 minutes to kill. I figured I... read more

  3. RUN
    good Dublin Starbucks Cardinal Loo... 6.18 mi 00:52 08:21 pace

    My finners was froze. The rest of me survived but I chose poorly on the gloves for a windy 15°F/-9.4°C. 26:02 on the first lap and 25:36 on the second slipping up the Cardinal hill both times.

    • Dave P.
      Dave P.

      Way to attack the hill!

      4 days ago Like

    • Jeff G.
      Jeff G.

      I am sure the pace was motivated by the pain in those, finners! Nice job!

      3 days ago Like1 person

    • Rosalinda

      Amazing!! At those temperatures I would be on the ski slopes, not heading out for a run. Well done. Hope you find the right gloves soon.

      3 days ago Like

    • Joan S.
      Joan S.

      Spring needs to come soon!

      3 days ago Like

  4. RUN
    great neighborhood four 4.08 mi 00:34 08:15 pace

    The plan was for a fast four. The snow had other ideas. I felt like Shaggy from Scooby-Doo. My torso was stable but my legs were a windmill...and I heard cartoonish bongos in the background.

  5. RUN
    Asphalt, Trail, Asphalt, Beer... 16.01 mi 02:34 09:38 pace

    There were some friends in that mix too. Brian S. held his inaugural pancake run and 400 people showed up! Ok, it was Joe M., John J., Chris B., Ben K. and Amy J.
    Amy knocked out some miles i... read more

  6. RUN
    injured Debilitating Shin Splints 7.74 mi 01:20 10:19 pace

    Worst run I've had in memory. I sometimes get shin splints in the first mile. Usually run them out in the next mile and I'm fine. I felt them just after the first mile and thought I coul... read more

    • Dave P.
      Dave P.

      Sounds awful! Hope it doesn't last long.

      7 days ago Like

    • Ken V.
      Ken V.

      Man, that really stinks! Hope you are able to run your 16.

      7 days ago Like

    • Cindy W.
      Cindy W.

      Geez. Sounds awful. Hope they are better for your group run!

      7 days ago Like

    • Elliot W.
      Elliot W.

      i find kneeling on a foam roller and rolling the shins back and forth helps quite a bit, the body weight helps get a good bit of pressure on them.

      7 days ago Like

  7. RUN
    alright neighborhood four 4.08 mi 00:32 07:56 pace

    Off the pace a bit as I just couldn't hold it in the midst of mile three. I rallied a bit by four but still finished forty seconds (overall) slower than target.

  8. RUN
    great Goodale, West Bank Scioto, Ma... 5.79 mi 00:48 08:14 pace

    Aside from threat of rain it was absolutely beautiful out there. Columbus is list up red (for heart disease?) so the riverfront was captivating. I was slow out of the gate but much faster on that... read more

  9. RUN
    great Office: 4 Mile Africa Rd. 4 mi 00:36 08:58 pace

    Double up day. Bob H. was running at lunch and I was able to join. Didn't push it and just enjoyed the day.

  10. RUN
    good neighborhood four 4.08 mi 00:34 08:26 pace

    Legs were still heavy after the weekend but I figured that would be the case. I shared a tenth of a mile with one of the neighborhood Moms Run This Town gals who was solo this morning. I also foun... read more

  11. RUN
    great Back half of Columbus Maratho... 16.05 mi 02:13 08:15 pace

    With Brian S. in the navigator role I joined Joe M. Carrie J. and John J. for a run in wonderfully comfortable shorts and t-shirt weather in January. We ran, save a couple late turns, the back hal... read more

  12. RUN
    great Nature Center, Cobshell, Terr... 8.54 mi 01:13 08:30 pace

    Shorts and a T shirt in Jan? The first and last miles were a muddy mess to boot. I guess those are dedicated trail shoes now.

    • Jeff G.
      Jeff G.

      Nice work! Great to be in shorts this time of the year!

      14 days ago Like

  13. RUN
    great Neighborhood Normal 6.78 6.78 mi 00:53 07:49 pace

    Warmer temps but a breeze that was sharp and cold.
    It's time I start looking at pace again. I had a little time left after my four so I made it my longer neighborhood route. It felt good.

  14. RUN
    great Dublin Starbucks Cardinal Loo... 6.18 mi 00:50 08:06 pace

    I hadn't run the Cardinal hill since before Christmas so I figured today was time to revisit. I under dressed a bit as I was cold with numb finger and cheeks most of the first lap. I ran 8:1... read more

  15. Shared Photo

    Columbus, Ohio, USA. Taken on the run from the Main St. Bridge. Looking north up the mighty Scioto River.

  16. RUN
    great Goodale, West Bank Scioto, Ma... 5.79 mi 00:48 08:18 pace

    On a whim I went for a run downtown on a work morning. It was warm enough that I could take my time to scout a route for future use and take in the lights, something I love doing. I just need to ... read more

  17. RUN
    alright Home, Darby Creek Drive, Pick... 7.95 mi 01:03 07:57 pace

    I had planned on going later in the day when it was warmer but I was restless with that obligation hanging over me so with 70 at my disposal I went out to enjoy that midwest mix of blinding sun and... read more

  18. RUN
    great O-Trail, Henderson, High Stre... 16.04 mi 02:13 08:19 pace

    The usual suspects ( Brian S. & Joe M.) for our regular weekend meeting. Even a light wind at 23°F is tough so we took to the relative shelter of the Olentangy Trail to head north so the wind ... read more

  19. RUN
    great Neighborhood Four + Squad Cad... 5.17 mi 00:43 08:17 pace

    I had plans to go fast today but the slick conditions mandated otherwise.
    About halfway through I felt something give in my shoe and started taking on snow at my big toe. The shoe is tearing awa... read more

    • Mandy

      Holy moly that is a lot of miles on a shoes, I suddenly feel inadequate. Nice well irrigated miles.

      24 days ago Like

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    • Elliot W.
      Elliot W.

      That's a lot of miles, most of mine only last 400 before I have to look at replacing hem. What make are they?

      22 days ago Like1 person

    • Rancidgoat

      Before I knew minimalist shoes were a thing I realized I hurt less as my shoes wore down. I got in habit of keeping shoes forever.
      These are Brooks PureFlow.
      The predacessor PureFlows have 1570 and 2006 (mostly just so I can say I hit 2000, they were done at 1700 or so).
      Still in rotation are PureFlow 2 at 947, PureFlow 3 at 196 and Pureflow 3 still new in the box. And a couple pair of Five Fingers each with 500+ miles.

      22 days ago Like

  20. RUN
    blah neighborhood four 4.08 mi 00:34 08:25 pace

    Woke up with a headache and after a brief revisit to bed, tried to out run it. I'm still not sure who's winning.