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Rain logged 3223 miles.

Last workout 9 days ago. Help get them back on track!

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  1. FIT
    good Erin's workout 00:01:00

    Nice arm shaking workout!
    Wish I could join more often

    • Barbara S.
      Barbara S.

      Was a good workout. My arms were shaking on the last high plank. You can join us anytime you want to.

      9 days ago Like

  2. FIT
    good P90X yoga 00:45

    my back was hurting and I probably need a rest day, so yoga it was.

    • Nicole

      That's a great way to still get in a workout, yet relax and stretch out all the soreness.

      12 days ago Like1 person

  3. RUN
    good Gtown 4.2 mi 00:37 08:47 pace

    Nice run with Erin and mick

  4. FIT
    good Danes 00:45

    8 minute amrap
    (8 rounds)
    4 dl #55
    6 push ups
    100m jog
    #25 kb swings
    And to finish it off a 800m row

    • Nicole

      If I knew what half of your workout was and had your motivation, then my arms might look half as good as your arms do. Happy Monday!!

      13 days ago Like1 person

  5. RUN
    good Granite trail 4 mi 00:34 08:23 pace

    One loop with dogs
    One without and a quarter loop to make it 4
    Humid :/

  6. RUN
    good Happy hour 4.26 mi 00:38 08:55 pace

    Nice run w terravistians

  7. FIT
    alright Danes 00:45

    Geez the humidity, blinded by sweat.
    WU was a KB workout with rowing

    strength 25# kb
    8 floor press
    8 weighted lunges
    8 squats (I chose to do without weight)
    1 minute rowing

    metcon 4 rounds
    10 KB ... read more

    • Erin R.
      Erin R.

      This looks like a good one - I love using the KB. Yep humidity is back...summer weather must be around the corner!

      18 days ago Like

  8. FIT
    good Planks 00:10:00

    10 minutes of plank variations
    50secs on 10secs rest

  9. RUN
    good Car repairs 3.26 mi

    Dropped car off and ran home

  10. FIT
    good Danes 00:50

    Ass day
    Deadlifts #95 progressing reps up to that
    In between while partner lifts it was Dane Fonda time
    Variations on side leg lifts
    6 rounds
    40 double unders
    16 one arm kb swings #25
    Pvc ... read more

    • Nicole

      The name of your workout makes me giggle. I wouldn't be able to walk! Great and tough workout.

      20 days ago Like

    • Jimmy L.
      Jimmy L.

      Good ass workout.

      20 days ago Like

  11. RUN
    good Sunday group 4.37 mi

    Nice run with mick and jimmy

  12. RUN
    Shamrock Shuffle 5k 1.5 mi

    Ran one minute walked the next
    So I ran about half?

  13. FIT
    good Danes 00:50

    5 rounds
    10 25# kb one arm swings
    1 #15 Turkish get up each side

    6 min progression
    Made it to 8 each round
    2 rounds
    Box jumps
    #20 weighted sit ups

  14. RUN
    good treadmill 3.56 mi 00:32 08:59 pace

    Kept it at 7mph pace.
    Threw in 3 hill repeats .25 each with .25 recovery.
    I actually kind of liked hills on the treadmill because it made me keep my pace up the hills and not slow down.

  15. FIT
    good Dane's 00:50

    practicing cleans #55

    4 rounds
    10 med ball toss #8
    8 #35 KB swings
    8 burpees
    1 minute rowing

    • Nicole

      Looks like a great workout, especially the cleans. Have a great day!

      26 days ago Like

  16. RUN
    good Treadmill 3.5 mi

    Planned on Dane's got to Ikea area and realized I left something at home :( Ran treadmill at work.
    1 minute WU
    2.1 miles 1 minute hard 1 minute easy. Hard at 8mph and easy at 7mph
    Another... read more

  17. FIT
    good Danes 00:50

    Tough one today
    Wu tabata
    Flip switch/kb swings
    And then
    And something else I forget

    15 emom
    3 deadlifts
    3 hang cleans
    3 push jerks

    1-3 minutes
    6 sand bag slams
    6 push... read more

  18. RUN
    alright Treadmill 3.48 mi 00:30 08:37 pace

    Watched an episode of Cesar Milan, cheesy tv, but I do like his training techniques.

    • Nicole

      Excellent miles on the treadmill!! I need Cesar or you to help with Itzy. 😀

      about 1 month ago Like

  19. FIT
    good Danes 00:45

    Push press max
    12 minutes probably around 6 rounds
    In between one leg rows #15
    Maxed at #75

    14 emom
    6 box step ups
    2 cleans #25