Friends (36)

  • Brandon M.

    Brandon M.

    Seattle, WA,

  • Julie


    Birmingham, AL, A marathon one day but the kids need to start school so I can have more time to run!

  • Adam A.

    Adam A.

    Brunswick, GA, Stay healthy!

  • Lynn W.

    Lynn W.

    Pelham, AL, Run as many marathons as possible before I die while improving times along the way. Oh, and actually win a race :)

  • Mindy B.

    Mindy B.

    Daphne, AL, 14 Races in 2014!

  • Jeff N.

    Jeff N.

    Lewisville, NC, Become fit! Run some fun races in 2012 and try my hand at a CrossFit competition.

  • Tracy L W.

    Tracy L W.

    US, 2016 will be my best year ever! I plan to run/walk at least 1000 miles and exercise 100 days. I must - I already paid for the bling!!!

  • Katy P.

    Katy P.

    Columbus, MS,

  • Sarah


    Mobile, AL, Philadelphia Marathon 2012

  • Anch D.

    Anch D.

    Chicago, IL,

  • Bamarunner


    , Stay active and fit

  • Patrick S.

    Patrick S.

    Manhattan Beach, CA, Just some dumb sandal wearing beach bum running across the country one marathon at a time. More info here:

  • Sam F.

    Sam F.

    West Chester, PA, Using my running to fight autism is my hobby. It started w 61 marathons in 2010 and will never end.

  • Michael G.

    Michael G.

    Birmingham, AL, Indy Mini Mary 1:39:47 PR Fall Marathon BQ Attempt - TBD New York City Marathon - November 2nd

  • Thomas N.

    Thomas N.

    Baltimore, MD, Have fun. Stay Healthy.

  • Earla R.

    Earla R.

    Vancouver, BC, Get fit. Live a healthy lifestyle. Do more long distance running once 100% free-injury. Lots of marathon medals to collect:)

  • Heather


    Cedarburg, WI, I would like to run a 5k barefoot....

  • Calee C.

    Calee C.

    Pensacola, FL, Marathon #2...someday!

  • Running L.

    Running L.

    New York, NY, 1) Be a healthy and happy runner. 2) Run longer (thinking 60K) 3) Time goals (sub-5 mile, sub-18 5K, sub-38 10K, sub-1:23 half, sub-2:55 full)

  • Greg Y.

    Greg Y.

    Birmingham, AL, To take it to the unknown level. Running is simply the vehicle to get there.

  • Michael B.

    Michael B.

    Los Angeles, CA, Be fit and healthy. Encourage my kids to do the same. How? Run, bike, swim, lift, press, pull, sweat, repeat.

  • April S.

    April S.

    Toledo, OH, sub 3:25 marathon, sub 1 hr 35min half marathon, sub 19:30 min 5k

  • Gordon H.

    Gordon H.

    Jacksonville, AL, Run Strong, Run Happy, Run With Purpose, BQ Ⓥ

  • Stephen V.

    Stephen V.

    Birmingham, AL, Weight Loss

  • James P.

    James P.

    Lawrenceburg, TN, is to do a Triathlon this year improve on my half so I can be ready to do a full this year! Also to do a 100 mile on a bike, and do some trail race this year!