13497 total / 1126 in 2015

2015 rediscover my love of running. Train smart, race smarter, 3:00 Marathon, 7:30 at Speedgoat and realize my potential at Wasatch 100. Regular stuff :D

Friends (83)

  • Steve C.

    Steve C.

    Eagle, ID, Sub 2 hour 1/2

  • Josslyn M.

    Josslyn M.

    San Francisco, CA, #runeveryday

  • Karina M.

    Karina M.

    Boise, ID, 2014- To run a couple Half Marathon and get a Sub2 or less.

  • Shanda D.

    Shanda D.

    Boise, ID,

  • Aisling R.

    Aisling R.

    State College, PA,

  • Ed H.

    Ed H.

    Des Moines, IA, 2014 Goals: run two 50 mile races and complete my first 100k.

  • Nikki C.

    Nikki C.

    Meridian, ID, Short term:stay focused, stay connected, keep crossfitting, keep running, daily Prayer meditation, & Yoga. Long Term: ProgressToward 100miler.

  • Rishi G.

    Rishi G.

    Ahmadabad, IN,

  • Marcie B.

    Marcie B.

    Idaho City, ID, Sub 3 half marathon

  • Chris B.

    Chris B.

    Richmond, VA, To Ultra Run,Bike, Enjoy Life,& The Great Outdoors Of The Blue Ridge Mtns Of NC.

  • Linda W.

    Linda W.


  • Otto


    Meridian, ID, Balanced training and consistency.

  • Calvin


    Baker City, OR, 2013 - Lost Dutchman Marathon; Pickled Feet 24hr Run; Weiser River 50K; Lake Lowell Marathon; have fun on trails; avoid injury.

  • Rachel C.

    Rachel C.

    Boston, MA, 2013 Goals -- 1:50 in the half; sub 4 in the full; run 8 miles in close to an hour; remain injury free through smart cross training/ancillary work

  • Wayne


    Boise, ID, 5k a day my entire 39th year on Earth (assuming I don't somehow end up on a SpaceX test flight or something like that).

  • Randy


    Boise, ID, 40 mile Peterson Ridge Rumble in Sisters in April. Keep dreaming about an across the Grand Canyon run someday.

  • Stephanie N.

    Stephanie N.

    Woodland, CA, Run a half marathon in February 2013!

  • Runs4brains


    Chicago, IL, to catch fast runners; they have the tastiest brains! Run sub-2 Half? Done! Run full marathon??? Not even contemplating right now.

  • Christena K.

    Christena K.

    Boise, ID, Be able to run Robie Creek in under 2 hours 30 min in 2013.

  • Ben B.

    Ben B.

    Nampa, ID, Enjoy running to it's full extent. Finish the Plain 100. Run 200 miles non-stop. Sub 3 26.2 too.

  • Frank M.

    Frank M.

    Fort Worth, TX,

  • Steph


    Montreal, QC, // Feb 2013 Sub-27 5K // 2013 will be the year of the 5kms and short trail runs!

  • Jon K.

    Jon K.


  • Michael W.

    Michael W.

    Waco, TX, Stay healthy. Run a lot — in the least shoes I can possibly get away with "right now."

  • Dondi B.

    Dondi B.

    Boise, ID,