Friends (186)

  • James S.

    James S.

    Port St. Lucie, FL, 2018 Goal: 5K ready by March. Stay in shape.

  • Dionne G.

    Dionne G.

    Charleston, SC, Well, I accomplished my goal of running the Kiawah marathon. What's next?

  • The Hurricane

    The Hurricane

    Myrtle Beach, SC, To not become a shadow of my former self

  • Anita


    Hartsville, SC, to run

  • Djuanna B.

    Djuanna B.

    Charleston, SC, 500 miles

  • Karlo B.

    Karlo B.

    Bacoor, PH, Marathon 3:50

  • Jeff G.

    Jeff G.

    Florence, SC, Beat my old (2011) Half-Marathon Record (2hrs exactly) by end of 2018

  • Frank P.

    Frank P.

    Myrtle Beach, SC, Run as well as I can and share this gift with others!

  • Johnathan G.

    Johnathan G.

    Silver Spring, MD, 7 min/mile pace, complete a marathon, complete a triathlon

  • Grace T.

    Grace T.

    New Orleans, LA,

  • Kinge


    , 2015 within 43 minutes to complete the 10km run, running total of 2000km! !

  • Markus S.

    Markus S.

    Bramsche, DE, ... ;-)

  • Emilie L.

    Emilie L.

    New York, NY, Simply put, to just run for the sake of running for a while without worrying too much about it.

  • Audrey Z.

    Audrey Z.

    Boston, MA, Baystate Marathon 2017 (goal sub 3:15). Sub 20 5K on the roads. Survive Mt. Washington Road Race (DONE!). Hike the NH 48 (15/48) Run hard, and always have fun.

  • Marcia P.

    Marcia P.

    Dartmouth, MA, To heal my damaged heart with exercise and to keep on moving...

  • Rebecca Jo

    Rebecca Jo

    Louisville, KY, My goal? to NEVER GIVE UP... no matter what pace I'm at - no matter how many people pass me along the way... This is a race against myself :)

  • Bob


    Sumter, SC, Lose weight. Get stronger. Run injury-free (failed again lol). Several half marathons. One marathon.

  • Lynsey D.

    Lynsey D.

    Reno, NV, Sub 23:00 min 5k --- Sub 1:55:00 HM 1000 miles in 2016

  • Alison


    Ann Arbor, MI, Run lots of miles and don't get hurt.

  • Lindsey D.
  • Mary Allston G.

    Mary Allston G.

    Charleston, SC, Run a 5K

  • Rachel H.

    Rachel H.

    Florence, SC, have fun and don't break anything

  • Becky


    Tulsa, OK, Austin Cap10K - 2012 Route 66 Marathon - 2012 Route 66 Full - Tulsa - 2011 Austin IBM 10K Classic 2011 Route 66 half - 2012 Livestrong Challenge - 2012

  • Steve R J.

    Steve R J.

    Suffolk, VA, I have completed multiple full and half marathons, triathlons, century rides and a couple ultra marathons. Trying to stay healthy and have fun with my friends!

  • Doretha W.

    Doretha W.

    Savannah, GA, To run 1217 in 2017