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Injury Free Running for lifetime ! Time Goals Sub 21 5k, Sub 43 10k, Sub 1:35 HM ,Sub 3:40 FM .Comrades 2016

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  • Hemant A.

    Hemant A.

    Greater Noida, IN, sub 100 HM

  • Subash


    Chennai, IN,

  • Ram


    Mumbai, IN, 2500

  • Ellen


    Santa Fe, NM, Hardrock 100, check. Boston, check. Next Up: Work on that official sub-20 5k, marathon PR, & do Hardrock the other direction and finish before the Golden Hour

  • Cathryn T.

    Cathryn T.

    Perth, AU,

  • Danny W.

    Danny W.

    Gloucester Courthouse, VA, Just trying to get healthy and stay that way! No more injuries!

  • Raghu P.

    Raghu P.

    Hyderabad, IN, Injury free running for life ! A Sub 2 HM (Achieved in 2015) and a 4:15 FM Finish (Achieved in 2016)

  • Collin



  • Sathyabalan


    Chennai, IN, Just run - No goals

  • Cyndi C.

    Cyndi C.

    Jacksonville, FL, not getting fat!

  • Sean R.

    Sean R.

    Orlando, FL, ran 3 marathons in 2015 best 3:44:11, I am now training for a sub 19 5K. All my PR's were in 1985-86. 5k - 14:52, 10K 32:12, Marathonn 2:32 did not run 93-06

  • Paul B.

    Paul B.

    Wolverhampton, GB, Sub 3:45 at London Marathon April 2016. Completed 14/04/16. Athens Authentic Marathon November 2017. Thirty year anniversary run. Completed 12/11/17. 3.24.12

  • Ritesh D.
  • Kiran H.

    Kiran H.

    Bangalore, IN, Reduce weight to 65kgs.

  • Glenn S.

    Glenn S.

    North Plainfield, NJ, 2016 Goals: Even BIGGER events this year. Going for Extremes again. Get my running back to what is was 2yrs ago.

  • Sudhir S.

    Sudhir S.

    Kharghar, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra, India, Running injury Free

  • Yogesh R.

    Yogesh R.

    Bangalore, IN, Happy and that order. Everything else is gravy!

  • Devesh J.

    Devesh J.

    Surat, IN, In 2018 : 4000 kms of cycling i.e. 333 kms per month. 720 kms of Running/Walking i.e.60 kms per month. Core : 100 days... At least five Suryanamaskars everyday

  • Suresh S.

    Suresh S.

    Chennai, IN, run happy and keep listening and learning

  • Mathew T.

    Mathew T.

    Chennai, IN, Maintain Wellness through Running ,Cycling and Swimming. Achieve BMI of 25 by December 2018.Improve on the 2017 Miles logged and fitness levels achieved.

  • Lisa P.

    Lisa P.

    Jacksonville, FL, become a 500 hour registered yoga teacher; Become an aquacize teacher

  • George A.

    George A.

    Chennai, IN, G1: Sub 4.5 hrs FM G2: Sub 7hrs 200km ride :-) G3: Sub 2.5hrs 3km swim

  • David P.

    David P.

    Radebeul, DE, 1) Prepare for running halfmarathon 2019, 2) Prepare for cycling race Krusnoton 2019 or Krakonosuv cyklomarathon 2019. 3) Get in a shape after surgery

  • Patrick P.

    Patrick P.

    Mumbai, IN, Enjoy running and be a running ambassador!

  • Shashin R.

    Shashin R.

    Mumbai, IN, Fitness.