Friends (140)

  • Noel


    Gauteng, South Africa, running the 42km

  • Tommy P.

    Tommy P.

    Everett, WA,

  • Yamil R.

    Yamil R.

    Clarksville, TN, Running is my peace

  • Yvonne


    Nowata, OK, Get toned, be strong, stay healthy

  • Cara V.

    Cara V.

    Pewaukee, WI, Lakefront Marathon - Done! 3:34:28 Someday Goal: sub 3:20 marathon

  • Heatherton B.

    Heatherton B.

    CA, My goal for 2015 is to walk daily. Even if it's just 30 minutes.I'm keeping it quite simple.

  • Phil S.

    Phil S.

    Orange, MA, Lost 50 lbs in 2010, ran multi 5ks, 10ks since. 1st 1/2 in 2013, 1st marathon 2014! Goal is to keep going and stay in shape and just to have fun!

  • Daniel N.

    Daniel N.

    Charlotte, NC, nonconformity

  • Troy A.

    Troy A.

    Morrisville, NC, Better Half Marathon Time, A Marathon, and overall Improvement!

  • Anna S.

    Anna S.

    J├╝bek, DE, myself

  • Peter L.

    Peter L.

    Concord, NH, To run in lots of shoes. Lots of shoes.

  • Sarah S.

    Sarah S.

    New York, NY, 2014 Race Schedule: LA Marathon, Cape Cod Ragnar Relay, Reach the Beach Relay, Chicago Marathon, JFK 50 miler

  • Cintia


    Houston, TX, I'm a wife & mother who wants to stay in shape through exercise and smart nutrition. My goal is to train well and complete many Marathons.

  • Titaniumrunner


    Manila, PH, PROJECT135.35.350.90 means hitting ideal weight of 135lbs in 90 days at age 35 years old with marathon time of 3 hours and 50 minutes for 2013

  • Ben W.

    Ben W.

    San Francisco, CA, Beating my Chicago time at the SF half! Oh, and enjoying new running routes :)

  • Martin P.

    Martin P.

    Cochrane, AB, To complete 10 Quests in 5 years and raise $1M for Right To Play to help 20,000 kids.

  • Penny N Eric H.

    Penny N Eric H.

    Edmonds, WA, To be healthy and fit. To walk-jog pain-free. To stretch out of my comfort zone. To stay inspired, to be more active.

  • Mike M.

    Mike M.

    York, PA, To run a 5K in under 30 minutes. To break the 1000 mile mark early this year. To keep up with my children at the 2014 Turkey Trot

  • Rnrgirl


    CA, Half marathon lover training for first full. Veggie lover. Myeloma hater.

  • Scouts H.

    Scouts H.

    Sammamish, WA, weight loss

  • Russell J.

    Russell J.

    Eatons Hill, AU, The world record 5k for 90 year age group. For the time in between that event, anything I can get to not injured thats fun

  • Niki J.

    Niki J.

    United Kingdom, To be fit and healthy. Walk an hour a day plus Pilates daily.

  • Barefootmichael


    Independence, MO,

  • Style Jewelry

    Style Jewelry

    Chillicothe, OH, To make friends, share my fitness achievements & promote

  • Dave S.

    Dave S.

    Windsor, ON, 6'3" 200 lb. Want to get cardio up to par to begin hardcore leg/butt ravaging biking.