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Pj Martin did a fitness workout: A bit sore and tired ...

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good Mountainside fit 2 mi 02:00 60:00 pace

A bit sore and tired from yesterday's huge workout, but I still managed to have a good one today, just scaled it back a bit. On a brighter note, I tried some tricep pushups, hands at my side, down near the middle of my rib cage, (I could never do these before) and I popped out 8 in a row. Turned around and did another set, which made my day. It's the little things that make me happy and keep me working out.
Bench press close grip (I swear this is why I can now do the tricep push-ups) bench press 65-70 pounds.
Wide arm at 65 to 95 (10 in a row at 95). I'm feeling so much better on the bench press as I've been doing it everyday again in the gym.
Free weights.
Bicep curls.
Smith machine working glutes, hams, quads.
Leg extension.
Glute machine.
Tricep machine to 145 pounds. (5 strong ones at 145) :)
Lot's of stretching today, which I really needed.

  • Brenda H.
    Brenda H. Nice Job
    Nice Job:

    Killed it today! Those tricep pushups are hard! Great job! Do you have a great couple moves for the upper tricep up by your armpit? Having trouble activating that area much. I do overhead pulls, skull crushers, but don't know what else would target the upper tricep.

    24 days ago

  • Pj M.
    Pj M.

    I really think doing the very close grip bench press at 65 pounds has helped a lot. I try and do them every day at the gym, sets of 6-10. They're super hard till you build those muscles up, and once you do, add 2.5 pounds and go to 70 pounds. I also love using the pulley with the cone pull down. I stand on one foot, keep my body tall and my hand is about at my chest. I pull down with my elbow close to my side while balancing on one foot. First, it keeps me standing straight and not leaning.

    24 days ago Like2 people

  • Pj M.
    Pj M.

    It also keeps my core tight and makes me really work the tricep. I love love love doing these and I switch arms and feet. I also do the same move with one foot for my bicep curls just pulling up from the ground with the pulley. Wish I had the exact terminology for you though or a picture, but I made this one up and I have no idea of anyone else that's does it. But it works awesome for me.

    24 days ago Like2 people

  • Pj M.
    Pj M.

    I also use a 20-22.5 dumbbell and with one hand, put my arm straight up above my shoulder, but behind my head and take my hand with the dumbbell down to my back and back up. Ugh, I'm probably making you so confused. If I can get my hubby to take some pictures, I'll try and post them for you. That might help you more. :) . Happy Thanksgiving. follow me on instagram.. wildcactusazfit . I have pictures, (not of this move) but of some of my workouts and lot's of yummy food.. ha ha ha

    24 days ago Like3 people

  • Pj M.
    Pj M.

    I also take a 45 pound plate, lying on the bench, and take that behind my head like skull crushers. I do a bunch of those and those are killers. But, please start lighter, maybe a 25 plate, then work up to a 35 plate, then 45. Those have helped me a ton and really activate that area. Just be careful, maybe have a spotter to help you at first. :)

    24 days ago Like3 people

  • J J
    J J

    Pea Jayy!! Thxx so much for posting this!^^^^!!! Your motivating and giving me workout ideas while my body is catching up!!!

    23 days ago Like2 people

  • Pj M.
    Pj M.

    My pleasure .. bahahahahahahha

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  • Brenda H.
    Brenda H.

    Thanks! I think I do some of what you are explaining...may just take a while to build that area. I think I just need to add reps maybe. The laying down on bench one you explained is maybe a lat pull over. I do those about once a week...maybe need to add an additional day. Thanks for all the information

    22 days ago Like1 person