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  1. FIT
    good Mtside fit 2 mi 02:00 60:00 pace

    Back at today, after early church. I picked up a little head cold on Friday, ugh... Leaving at 5:00 am tomorrow morning for a week at the beach and a cold was not in my plans. Felt good though at t... read more

  2. walk
    great Hood with Gizmo 2.25 mi 00:50 22:13 pace

    Fun easy walk with Gizmo...

  3. FIT
    good Mountainside fitness 2.5 mi 02:30 60:00 pace

    Butt long workout today. Got to the gym earlier then usual and stayed longer then I should have, but I felt good and went for it.
    Lot's of dumbbell and plate work ..
    A little bench press to 11... read more

  4. FIT
    good MTside fitness 1.5 mi 01:45 70:00 pace

    Felt much better today, but I've been trying to cut back on the amount of time I'm spending lifting right now.
    Bench press close hand 65-75
    Bench press 65-100
    Ab work
    Booty and leg work ... read more

  5. FIT
    good MT.Side Fit 2 mi 02:00 60:00 pace

    A solid two hours today and I felt good.
    Bench press 65 to 115.
    Incline press 70
    Plates 45 working triceps
    Pulleys working biceps and triceps
    Leg press 310 to 110 single leg.
    Smith machine working ... read more

    • J J
      J J

      Wow!!! Impressive workout!!! Awesome 2hr lift! Pea Jay!!!

      4 days ago Like1 person

  6. FIT
    good Mountainside fitness 1.5 mi 01:35 63:20 pace

    Short but sweet today. Worked with lot's of dumbbells, focusing on biceps, shoulders and triceps.
    Lot's of booty work with the band.
    Leg press 320 to 120. Upped my weights by 20 pounds to... read more

    • J J
      J J

      Fab lift and Leg press!!! Wtg!!! :)

      5 days ago Like1 person

    • Feridun O.
      Feridun O. You're an Inspiration
      You're an Inspiration:


      5 days ago

    • Pj M.
      Pj M.

      Thanks guys, you're both great cheerleaders.. :)

      5 days ago Like1 person

    • J J
      J J

      Ha Ha! Yea right!!! DownUpDownUpDownnn!!! ... to slow start over!!! :)

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  7. FIT
    good Mountainside fitness 2 mi 02:15 67:30 pace

    Felt good to be back in the gym after a two day break. Still a little sore around the shoulder area, but I worked through it.
    Lot's of bench press
    Leg work
    Ab work
    Hanging core kick u... read more

  8. FIT
    good MTside fitness 2 mi 02:00 60:00 pace

    Day 6 in a row. I'm tired, but not as bad as usual, so that's good. Worked my butt off lifting this week in the gym, but looking forward to a few days off to recover soon.
    Bench press clo... read more

    • J J
      J J

      Fab day 6!!! Loveee it!!! :) Oh I'm just starting back lifting, and your taking a few days off!?! Sureee!! ...Enjoy your rest Pea Jay!!!! :)

      7 days ago Like1 person

    • Pj M.
      Pj M.

      Thanks JJayyyy. I took the last two days off to rest, my arms were screaming, but I feel great now. Hitting the gym hard today, hoping to bench 135 today. Yikes.. :)

      7 days ago Like1 person

    • J J
      J J

      Awesomeness!!! #HitItHard!!!! :)

      7 days ago Like1 person

  9. FIT
    good MTside fitness 1.5 mi 01:30 60:00 pace

    Short workout because the hubby was along. He lifts a little, then he runs. He leaves tonight again flying another red eye to the east coast, so we just had to leave a bit earlier then normal for m... read more

    • J J
      J J

      Burn Baby Burn!!! Fabulous lifting sesh!!! PJ!!! Great bench and Leg presses!!! Well done, my friend!!!! 👊🏻😊👊🏻

      10 days ago Like1 person

    • Pj M.
      Pj M.

      Thanks JJAYYYYY.... You rock too.

      10 days ago Like1 person

  10. FIT
    good Mountainside fitness 2 mi 02:00 60:00 pace

    Strong workout in the gym again today. Building that toned body, one day at a time.
    Bench press 65 to 120.
    Lot's of free weights..
    Reverse hack machine with band.
    Sit squat machine wi... read more

  11. FIT
    good Mountainside fitness 2 mi 02:00 60:00 pace

    My brain could of gone longer, but my body was hangry and said stop. Good two hours lifting today..
    Bench press to 105
    Reverse incline press to 75
    Incline press to 85
    Lot's of free weights and... read more

  12. FIT
    good Mountainside fitness 2.5 mi 02:20 56:00 pace

    Slow start, strong finish.
    Bench press 65 to 120 pounds.
    Reverse bench press to 75 pounds.
    Free weights and plates.
    Pulley machines.
    Smith machine working shoulders and arms.
    Lot's of leg work... read more

  13. FIT
    great 1.05 mi 01:30 85:42 pace

    Weightlifting 🏋!
    Felt a bit weak today, but finished strong.
    Bench press 65 to 115
    Free weights
    Pulley machines
    Standing squat machine
    Sit squat
    Leg press
    Booty and leg work
    Ab... read more

  14. FIT
    good Kayaking on the Salt River 5 mi 03:30 42:00 pace

    Great day kayaking on the river today. Way too crowded in some areas for us though, weekdays are so much better. Got my first sun burn of 2017 today, not a happy camper, but at least I'll have... read more

  15. FIT
    good MSF.. Pumped out 10 pull-ups ... 1.5 mi 01:40 66:40 pace

    Wasn't sure how I was feeling today, sore, but my workout was really good. Last thing I did was wide arm pull-ups on the straight bar and I pumped out 10 in a row. Wow, not sure where that cam... read more

  16. FIT
    good Phoenix Rock Gym 02:00

    Wow. I sure missed climbing and today was great. I climbed up walls I wasn't able to do before and reached new levels. I had so much fun and it felt great to see that I was stronger & fit... read more

  17. FIT
    good mountainside.. 1.5 mi 01:35 63:20 pace

    Shorter, but sweet. Saving up energy and muscle for Rockwall climbing in an hour.. Yeah, I sure miss climbing those walls, hopefully, I'll still make it to the top.
    Bench press 65-95
    Lot... read more

  18. FIT
    good Mountainside fitness 2 mi 02:00 60:00 pace

    Benched 135 pounds 1x2! Felt pretty good too. Cannot wait till I'm strong enough to do 2-3 reps at that weight.
    Bench press 65 pounds to 135.
    Reverse incline press to 85 pounds.
    Lot's of... read more

    • Fabio S.
      Fabio S.

      Wow Pj ... :)

      19 days ago Like1 person

    • David G.
      David G.

      Great work Pj!

      19 days ago Like1 person

    • Pj M.
      Pj M.

      Thanks.. I've done this weight quite a few times now, I just can't do 2 reps or more in a row yet. It's heavy, very heavy for me, but it's cool do be able to at least get one good rep, one at a time. :) Who knew a year ago that I'd be able to bench press my own body weight? Actually, last October was when I started bench pressing consistently. It's fun and makes me feel like wonder woman.. ha ha

      19 days ago Like

  19. RUN
    good Hood 2 mi 00:30 15:00 pace

    Very easy walk/run..... For someone reason, I was full of energy at 5 am this morning and decided to do an easy walk/run in the thunderstorm outside. Felt good to be out and up and I've gotten... read more

  20. FIT
    great Mountainside fitness~Bench pr... 2 mi 02:00 60:00 pace

    Took the weekend off after lifting 6 days in a row and it paid off.
    Benched 4x120 in a row, first time for that one. Felt really strong and good today.
    Bench press 65-120
    Reverse incline press to ... read more