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For 2011: Pyrenees trip for training, L'Etape du Tour for training...Gruyere Classic, Chervaz Classic...oh, and a little 6-day Giro della Dolomites

Wall of Motivation (16)

  1. Fedunski

    Otherwise! Great job! on a workout

  2. Fedunski
      You're Funny read more

  3. Fedunski
      Great Performance

    You and your spaghetti legs can ride with me tomorrow. on a workout

  4. Fedunski
      You're Funny

    I don't believe you....When have you ever stopped at two? on a workout

  5. Fedunski
      You're an Inspiration

    Monday mornings are good for you. I'll pick up the wheels tomorrow hopefully. on a workout

  6. Goran
      Great Performance

    great stuff my friend, you will be hauling me up with the tube I think! on a workout

  7. Goran
      Great Performance

    wow, great workout mr otley! on a workout

  8. John
      You're Funny

    Mate, I haven't seen you post a session for a few days. What's going on? Don... read more

  9. Fedunski
      You're an Inspiration

    2 days in a row! on a workout

  10. Fedunski
      Post a workout!

    I miss following your training! BTW I am going to crush you up to Verbier ... read more

  11. A H.
      Nice Job

    You're a rockstar. Keep those miles coming! oh my goodness and in the heat too! on a workout

  12. Danny K.
      Nice Job

    You're a rockstar. Keep those miles coming! on a workout

  13. Biray S.
      Nice Job

    Spinning is always a great workout... rest up so you can go hard again! :) on a workout

  14. Will C.

    Hi For La Marmotte: I was new to big mountain cyclosportives, so t prepare... read more

  15. Will C.
      Nice Job

    I rode Marmotte in 2008, highlight of 2008 for me, best of luck training on a workout

  16. Goran
      Nice Job

    Well done Phil! on a workout