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Paula G ran: What the....!!!! Not ...

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tired Sunrise in San Pedro 6 mi

What the....!!!! Not sure of what was going on with me this morning but I had NO - let me repeat "NO" friggin energy, was achy and found it hard to breathe. This, after a rest day yesterday. I suspect the culprit of my misery was last nights crab cakes. I noticed they were a bit salty - not to mention that I'm slightly allergic. But who cares when they taste so good, right? WRONG! My left arch started hurting so I stopped and tightened my shoe lacing - then 15 minutes later had to untighten (retie) them because my toes were getting numb. CRAZY how foods can effect your running like that. I won't be doing THAT again anytime soon. Oh well.... I guess there's tomorrow... I hope everyone has a spectacular running week! Enjoy!

  • Karen K.

    Yikes! I hope you feel better and have a great run tomorrow!

    almost 3 years ago Like

  • Brianna

    I know how it is to love something that makes you sick. :-(. Hopefully tomorrow's run will be better!

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  • Jamese W.
    Jamese W.

    Lesson learned for you!!! You did a great job under the circumstances. I hope you have a better run tomorrow.

    almost 3 years ago Like

  • Carolyn M.

    Ok taste good but slightly allergic. Girl, not sure about that one. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day. Nice going gettign the 6!

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  • Melissa M.
    Melissa M.

    Yeah..I've been told to stay away from shellfish but I LOVE crabcakes too!!! At least you got something done!!!

    almost 3 years ago Like

  • Rundangerrun

    you got the miles in regardless, nice job paula! what's happening with the arch in your foot?

    almost 3 years ago Like

  • Deanna

    Ugh! Sorry it wasn't the best run but you got out there! Feel better!!!

    almost 3 years ago Like

  • Ric M.
    Ric M.

    How bizarre. Now, for anyone like me doing a low-carb diet, they actually advise you to dose up pre-run on a good, salty beef broth, because the diet changes how your body handles salt. But even before the diet, I've never had salt affect my run negatively that i can recall.

    Well, here's the thing; tho it was much harder for you to run, I see you still ran it -- still got in your usual morning six. So, maybe if it felt harder, then maybe it did you even more good than it normally would. Maybe?

    almost 3 years ago Like

  • Elizabeth

    Good job! If you're allergic .... No bueno!!

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  • Henrietta C.
    Henrietta C.

    No more crab cakes for you! I hear you on that Yummayness though! Oh goodness! Yes hopefully by tomorrow those toes won't numb! Great push!!

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  • Paula G.
    Paula G.

    Thanks Karen, Brianna, Jamese, Carolyn, Melissa, Danger, Deanna, Ric, Elizabeth and Henry. I believe the combination of salt (foot swelling) and shellfish (shortness of breath/joint swelling) did me in. I try to limit eating it, but frankly I'm allergic to so many things that sometimes I decide to throw caution to the wind and "live dangerously". LOL! But.... there's always a price when you do that I guess.....

    almost 3 years ago Like1 person

  • Talmedge M.
    Talmedge M.

    Yep. Gotta watch that fuel! Good job toughing it out!

    almost 3 years ago Like

  • Adrienne

    Way to push through!!!

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  • Mike D.
    Mike D.

    Well done, Paula! Tomorrow is another day!

    almost 3 years ago Like

  • Azaka R.
    Azaka R.

    Ouch! Sounds tough! Our body has its way of freaking out n getting pissed at us when we eat bad :-). But you survived it and will behave for a while...Nice job!

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  • Paula G.
    Paula G.

    Njou you are too funny!

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  • Kimberly W.
    Kimberly W. Nice Job
    Nice Job:


    almost 3 years ago