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Paul Rogers only runners will und...

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Only runners will understand this, but I just looked closely at my profile picture. Others would say "oh look a reminder of a run you had fun in or a really great time for". me? no. I say, holy crap I am swinging my arms across my body which is inefficient as hell. Now I will stress over that on every run i do over the next 3 weeks, until i am sure I have stopped. OCD?

  • Allison C.
    Allison C.

    There are some pictures of me running that I obsessed over like that. They made me change my foot strike. I used to heel strike really bad and it wasn't until I was looking through race pictures that I noticed it and remedied it.

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  • Paul R.
    Paul R.

    very true Paul very true......

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  • Dana S.
    Dana S.

    I always try to catch the ones where I'm heel striking. I'm a barefooter and every time I put running shoes on, I heel strike immediately. I totally understand your pain here, lol!

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  • Geri Lynn S
    Geri Lynn S

    pictures are a great way to improve our form! PS. I happen to love this picture of you! You look strong and focused..Your arms look just fine to me!

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  • Jay S.
    Jay S.

    When I see these pictures I never, ever check the form. I look for the enjoyment. I look for the expressions. I don't care how you look. Except you look in control and in good concentration mode. Good picture. Just passing by. Don't know you but cool picture.

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  • Corey M.
    Corey M.

    that is so true paul. In my very 1st 5k, I saw my photo and thought..."What is that extra flap of underarm skin flapping in the breeze" was a reality check that I had a LONG way to go to get fit! (that was 3 years ago) I'm MUCH happier w/my running pictures now! :-)

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  • Mel Z.
    Mel Z.

    I saw pics of myself, on a montage I made with me a Paula and Kara (motivational thing I did while procrastinating one night) and noticed the same thing, I put my arms across my frontman and they don't! So I promptly changed my stride, pulling my elbows back. It lead to shoulder knots and tension......moral of the story is, make the changes slowly, gradually, maybe on your short runs, not your long runs? Not sure. I do know the shoulders had some MIGHTY knots in them!

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  • Paul R.
    Paul R.

    @Melz - I have always been very good about my arm swing and constantly coach the newer runners in our group about arm position and swing. I had just gotten lazy and let it slip. I am back to proper form again. As to your shoulder tension, check out your hands. If you are keeping them rigid or clenched that can tighten your shoulders as well.

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