4161 total / 195 in 2014

This years Key goal is to complete The London Marathon Apocalypse 50 mile ultra Lakeland Marathon The UTLD 50 mile ultra and the Hardmoors 60 mile ultra

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Paul logged 4161 miles.

Last workout 22 days ago. Help get them back on track!

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  1. RUN
    The Wrekin Shropshire 7.9 mi 01:22 10:22 pace

    Another tough run up and around the the big hill, pace and distance doesn't do this justice, good running from Kees and miss and great to have Gwyn back with us, living the dream !

    • Paul B.
      Paul B.

      Great session Paul. When's the race/

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    • Christy M.
      Christy M.

      Sometime I gotta see a pic of this nightmare hill. Which race is next on your agenda?

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    • Tigra 2.
      Tigra 2.

      Paul & his gang rockin' the hill!!! Damn cool my friend!
      Keep living the wild dream!

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  2. RUN
    good Brewood run 9.2 mi 01:10 07:36 pace

    Steady run with Kees tonight around the green lanes of Brewood, still not recovered fully from the LL50 but enjoyed that one, living the dream !

    • Carrie B.
      Carrie B.

      Super pace, Paul!

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    • Paul B.
      Paul B.

      Great pace for a steady run Paul. Nice one..

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    • Christy M.
      Christy M.

      Well,I would be dreaming if i could post a run like this. You are awesome!

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    • Tigra 2.
      Tigra 2.

      No worries Paul. The passion in ur soul will get you back in the highest peaks.
      Lesson 1: enjoy. The essence of running.
      Lesson 2: step by step.
      Excellent (s)miles my friend!

      24 days ago Like

  3. RUN
    The Wrekin Shropshire 6.1 mi 00:56 09:10 pace

    Very tough session on the hill, new route up , wet muddy single track, ran better than Sunday, living the dream !

  4. RUN
    The Wrekin Shropshire 8.3 mi 01:26 10:21 pace

    Wet muddy single track with some tough climbs and technical downhills, struggled today worst run since we have been back on the hill and it was my turn to take a fall which knocked the stuffing ou... read more

    • Tigra 2.
      Tigra 2.

      LOL Paul!!!! You crack me up.
      Sorry 2 hear about the fall, but still sounds like you had mountains of fun!!!! :)
      Excellent trail run!

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  5. RUN
    Smestow trail 6.2 mi 00:49 07:54 pace

    Steady trail run with a couple of the lads, living the dream !

  6. Hello DMers, hope your all well

  7. FIT
    good Weights

    Good 90 min session at the gym

  8. RUN
    tired Club run - recovery run 7.25 mi 00:59 08:08 pace

    Used tonight's club run as a recovery run as still sore from Sunday. Tried to run on the mill at the gym last night but the legs where having none of it so stayed in the weights room ! Great g... read more

  9. RUN
    LSR 18.27 mi 02:51 09:21 pace

    Tough hilly off roader, all mud and guts, great running by the crew and a special mention to Hannah, what a a bastard of a route for your longest one yet ! Great day great friends , hope you all ha... read more

  10. RUN
    great Club run plus some 10.9 mi 01:28 08:04 pace

    Great club run tonight led by Gwyn, large group of good runners who completed a route of 7.4 miles, myself Kees Gwyn Owen and new girl Angela then pushed on to get some marathon miles in. Nice litt... read more

  11. RUN
    good Club run 8.3 mi 01:01 07:20 pace

    Tough club run tonight as I'm not feeling great at the moment. Good group on a undulating route. Spent the night chasing Kees as normal and we had a great blast up Sandy lane, which is a tough... read more

  12. RUN
    good HR training 4.3 mi 00:46 10:41 pace

    Well this HR training is proper weird, had to crawl round this run to try and stay between 130-150 bpm in zone three, in the last HR training run I was a min a mile faster in this zone ??? Anyway i... read more

    • Brian G.
      Brian G.

      One possibility is that your resting HR is still up following the 3+ hours run in the lakes At the weekend? Not really a hr expert or practitioner myself, solid enough after the weekend hills though!

      8 months ago Like1 person

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    • Christy M.
      Christy M.

      Good luck with the plan:)

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    • Tigra 2.
      Tigra 2.

      LOL!!!!!! Running fast is so hard, but running slow is equally hard & needs a lot of focus.
      Now you have the Rolls Royes of running shoes on I can imagine it's even harder 2 not kick it in2 the highest gear!!!!!
      Great miles Paul!

      8 months ago Like

  13. RUN
    Night run Lake District 15.1 mi 03:45 14:54 pace

    Tough night on some very wet tough single track. Climbing through rocky streams over boggy fells and down over crumbling single track, all in the pitch dark on head torches in wind and rain. I push... read more

    • Christy M.
      Christy M.

      Sounds sexy! Is this Garmin the new one u were talking about?

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    • Lindsay B.

      Super Awesome Run great miles!!

      8 months ago Like

    • Tigra 2.
      Tigra 2.

      Some climb on tables fill themselves with tequilla, dance & eventually end up under the table, then there are people who do this!!!!! LOL.
      Wild, crazy bouncing in2 the elements!
      Super awesome!!!! Keep living that dream out loud Paul!

      8 months ago Like

  14. RUN
    good club rub experiment 8.61 mi 01:16 08:49 pace

    First club run using a HR/GPS combo watch plus first run in my new ALTRA instinct 1.5's which are a big change from my normal ride of HOKA stinson B's. The new shoes are zero drop and my ... read more

    • Ric M.
      Ric M.

      i love the Lone Peak 1.5's and the Altra Torin, but the Instinct 1.5 didn't work for me. Good luck with the transition, Paul, and let us know how it goes.

      8 months ago Like

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    • Tigra 2.
      Tigra 2.

      Damn awesome run Paul!
      I also lowered the drop of my shoes last year & the guy who sold them, told them 2 be carefull & see how the body reacted.
      What I did was kinda dose it. Ran days with regular shoes, then days with the lower drop & slowely build it up. Worked great.
      Rock on warrior!

      8 months ago Like

    • Ad G.
      Ad G.

      135 hr is low and good over that distance. That said the annoying thing is that everyone's is different. Put it this way; If your Max HR is 190 then 135 is saying that yesterday was very easy and you are probably very fit. If your max HR is 160 then it was a hardish run. And is your max HR is 135 then you are in trouble lol.

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  15. Right question for my DM friends I have a new gps watch with HRM, do any of you use HRM as part of your training ? Is there any recommend books on the subject ? What % should I be running in ? I th... read more

    • Yann H.
      Yann H.

      An ultrarunner on DM recommended Philip Maffetone's big book of endurance training and racing. It shows you how to figure out the optimum hr for training (most examples are based on and applicable to runners). It recommends running at a comfortable hr and after some time the pace starts to improve again. I found this to be true and I rarely get injured anymore. Thought it was well worth the purchase. Hope this is helpful.

      8 months ago Like1 person

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    • Paul R.
      Paul R.

      I have used one for the past year and if done properly, will make a huge difference in your running. The key is to find the proper HR zones (especially the Aerobic zone which is where you will live for a while). Do not use the preset zones or anything that talks about using just your age. Everyone's zones will vary because everyone is different. There are resources on line. If you have questions reach out to my coach, Kristie Cranford @ No selling just info

      8 months ago Like1 person

    • Paul R.
      Paul R.

      Very informative DMers, I've downloaded the book on gonna email the coach and lucky for me ( not him) I can bend Ad's ear down the club!

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  16. Shared Photo

    After today's run with Kees !

  17. RUN
    great Long training run 16.5 mi 02:28 08:58 pace

    Tough hilly muddy off road training run chasing the terminator around the Staffordshire Countryside taking in Baggeridge, Himley and Penn Common, Pace off as I had to walk up and down a couple of h... read more

  18. RUN
    good club run 8.2 mi 01:03 07:40 pace

    Enjoyed tonights club run, good group of about 20 led out by Captain Bligh himself with me playing a good Fletcher Christian, need to wind my neck in or Ill be in trouble !
    All nice and steady on ... read more

  19. RUN
    tired Wednesday night club 7 mi 00:59 08:25 pace

    Very tired legs so controlled the pace to keep it nice and easy.Gonna nail tomorrow's club run then have a rest day ! Great to have Gwyn and Termy back, Wednesday Night Club rules !
    Hope you h... read more

    • Kate T.
      Kate T.

      Woot woot!! Enjoy that rest day!

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    • Gwyn J.
      Gwyn J.

      You didn't mention the sore nips! :-) Good run on tired legs after Tuesday's hill session.

      8 months ago Like1 person

    • Tigra 2.
      Tigra 2.

      4 years I ran almost all my k's as a lone wolf, but telling you now I realy enjoy being part of a flock.
      Enjoy ur rest day Paul. Ur legs will be extremely happy! :)
      Excellent miles!

      8 months ago Like

  20. RUN
    good hill session club run 7.1 mi 00:57 08:01 pace

    led the group on a tough hill session with a couple of fast-ish miles in between , had a couple of people step up from the group bellow and they fitted in just fine if a bit tired at the end ! Hop... read more

    • Mat R.
      Mat R.

      Terrific work on this arduous evening boyo

      8 months ago Like

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    • Tigra 2.
      Tigra 2.

      So freaking cool. Sounds like a flock of wolves running their souls out.
      Adoooore it! Super miles Paul! Rock on!

      8 months ago Like

    • Roy W G.
      Roy W G.

      looks like your getting the consistency together again Pau,l keep it up mate great for targets you've set yourself this year.

      8 months ago Like