Friends (49)

  • Shelly


    , 20 lbs and a 10k (ran my 5k 10/14/2012) 10K done xten... next goal 4/20/13 1/2 marathon...done 2:50 and sore calves . Next goals 5&10k personal records.

  • Patrick K.

    Patrick K.

    Kenya, KE,

  • Gwyn J.

    Gwyn J.

    Wolverhampton, GB, Enjoy running!

  • Peter H.

    Peter H.

    Yeovil, GB, 1400 miles in 2014

  • Annie Fitness F.

    Annie Fitness F.

    London, GB, Love, live life, no regrets! Smile! A lot

  • Erin


    US, Be as fit as I can be

  • Jgal


    Cranford, NJ,

  • Euan M.

    Euan M.

    Edinburgh, GB,

  • Danny P.

    Danny P.

    St. Helier, GB, I have no goal, I cycle for the fun and pleasure of it and occasionally walk.

  • Pattie M.

    Pattie M.

    , I am a minimalist runner. My goals are to run a Full Marathon and Ultra Marathon !!

  • Paul B.

    Paul B.

    Owasso, OK, Run injury free for life.

  • Colette F.

    Colette F.

    Devon, UK, To be happy, healthy and fit. Recover from knee surgery & loose some of the flab round the middle.

  • Cassie C.

    Cassie C.

    Dayton, OH, Focus on being thankful in all circumstances with God's help.

  • Kyle K.

    Kyle K.

    Rapid City, SD, Make the 2022 US 24 hour National Team

  • Alan B.

    Alan B.

    Bristol, GB, To run longer faster & more often !!! But just happy running !! 3 PB's 10k 48:00 Got 47:11 13.1m 1:44 Almost 1:46 5k 22:00 Got 21:00 Just the Half now!!! :)

  • Rebecca S.

    Rebecca S.

    Houston, TX, To be fit, strong and healthy! Enjoy and embrace it when things have to switch to a new direction!

  • Zoe Red Stripe F.

    Zoe Red Stripe F.

    Calne, GB, 2014 - I AM AN IRONMAN ;-) Albeit with 2 cracked ribs from chaos of swim !

  • Mike S.

    Mike S.

    Cardiff, GB, To run more in 2014.

  • Claire O.

    Claire O.

    Mansfield, GB, To do a half Marathon without do a under 50 mins 10k

  • Mat R.

    Mat R.

    Wolverhampton, GB, A sub 79 minute half marathon. A sub 3 hour marathon

  • Andy


    London, GB, This year I want to build on consistency, shoot for some PBs and go longer.

  • Carrie R.

    Carrie R.

    Racine, WI, Lakefront 50/50, 50-mile event, in November 2013, likely with some tune-up races along the way.

  • Karen


    United Kingdom, GB, London, Brighton, Edinburgh DONE. NYC 2014 after 3 yrs of trying to get in

  • Jeffrey J M.

    Jeffrey J M.

    La Crosse, WI, My goal is to use my 100 marathon that I completed in 100 days as a platform to motivate and inspire others and let my feet heal!!!!

  • Jason A C.

    Jason A C.

    Chippenham, GB, The mighty Ironman Wales 2011 (check), Ironman Lanzarote 2012 (check), what's next??