2070 total / 860 in 2014

To become more fit, encourage my family to be more fit and within the next year beat my 5K of 28:55. Training for my 3rd half marathon (RW half) in Oct.

Wall of Motivation (953)

  1. Helene W.
      You're an Inspiration

    Well done, Patricia. I am sure your friend can feel the good vibes and love. on a workout

  2.   Hi-five

    Good miles and I'm sure your friend appreciates the support big-time! on a workout

  3. Brian H.
      You're an Inspiration

    You didn't have to beat me at a 5K ON MY BIRTHDAY! :/ on a workout

  4.   Great Performance

    Awesome job! on a workout

  5. Helene W.
      Great Performance

    So great to see you too, Patricia. I wish we lived just a little closer! You ... read more

  6. J J
      Great Performance

    Sweet Half Mary, Patricia! Beautiful job out there,Girl! on a workout

  7.   Great Performance

    Great race, Patricia! on a workout

  8. Carolyn B.
      You're an Inspiration

    So much good stuff here! Congratulations on a good solid race! You will PR ... read more

  9. Royce B.
      Great Performance

    that's just about the pace we need Sunday. on a workout

  10. Helene W.
      You're an Inspiration

    You are so going to rock that half, Patricia! Will call you tomorrow night fo... read more

  11. Trish S.
      Good Luck

    Excellent run! A PR would be an added bonus to your already great attitude go... read more

  12.   Nice Job

    Good job on a workout

  13. Helene W.
      Nice Job

    Nice Pi run this morning, Patricia! (Look at your mileage :-) on a workout

  14.   Nice Job

    Nice run on a workout

  15. Royce B.
      Nice Job

    the wind was ridiculous!! on a workout

  16.   You're an Inspiration

    Sweet run on a workout

  17. Helene W.
      Nice Job

    And that's it until BCS!!! Feels good to be done with long runs, doesn't it? on a workout

  18. Trish S.
      Nice Job

    Fueled by Pie could be the name of a running blog.:) Stretching is good stuff... read more

  19. J J
      Nice Job

    I love fueling with pie! Sweet 6 miler, Patricia! :)) on a workout

  20.   Hi-five

    Awesomeness!! on a workout

  21. J J
      Great Performance

    Beautiful training run and HM, Patricia! Love it! :D on a workout

  22.   You're an Inspiration

    Rock on on a workout

  23.   Great Performance

    Nice recovery on a workout

  24. Trish S.
      Great Performance

    That sounds like an ideal run. Not the dog bit, but there ya go. Still.. fant... read more

  25.   You Rock

    That .1 is the cherry on top! Awesome run Patricia! on a workout

  26. Helene W.
      Great Performance

    Can't wait to see you at the expo, Patricia! on a workout

  27. Helene W.
      Great Performance

    Way to go, Patricia, and push those heavy legs! on a workout

  28.   Great Performance

    Nice miles OMG on a workout

  29.   Great Performance

    Nice miles on a workout

  30. Helene W.
      Great Performance

    Insane? No, just having a great time running! on a workout

  31.   Hi-five

    The Life of Pie! Is good! : ) on a workout

  32. J J
      Nice Job

    Trains suck here on 7th St...always backs up again to!...errrr! Swee... read more

  33.   Great Performance

    Supper Miles on a workout

  34. Helene W.
      You're an Inspiration

    But happy you still managed to run a nice long run for the BCS half in 5 weeks! on a workout

  35. J J
      Good Luck

    Great training, Patricia! Rock that 10Miler! on a workout

  36. J J
      You're Funny

    Sweet 5'er, Patricia! Good vibes for Saturday! on a workout

  37. Helene W.
      You're an Inspiration

    Ah! The Runner's Blah! Seems it's going around ... on a workout

  38.   Nice Job

    Way to tough it out, Patricia! on a workout

  39. Helene W.
      You're an Inspiration

    Patricia is just that, Brian, a tough bad@$$ :-) on a workout

  40. Helene W.
      Nice Job

    Well done! on a workout

  41. Helene W.
      Great Performance

    It means you are getting faster, Patricia! on a workout

  42.   Nice Job

    Good job and nice miles on a workout

  43. J J
      Great Performance

    Thx for the add Patricia! Sweet Sunday Long Run, Girl! :) on a workout

  44. Brian H.
      You're an Inspiration

    You're so AWESOME!! on a workout

  45. David S.

    Congrats and job well done Patricia. In my simple little mind that is what ru... read more

  46.   You Rock

    Congrats on a great race Patricia!! on a workout

  47.   You're an Inspiration

    Nice rub on a workout

  48. David S.
      You're an Inspiration

    Nicely done Patricia. Good luck at the RW Festival. I expect some awesome pic... read more

  49. Helene W.
      Feel Better

    Flat Royce will help you next week (because you are taking him with you, right?) on a workout

  50.   Nice Job

    Nice job on a workout